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Acne in newborns

Acne in newborns

Crumb is born, and every mother wants her baby looked healthy, flourishing and well-groomed.And if the baby skin undergoes any changes, mothers are scared because each new spot or pimple on the body of their little treasure.

However, in cases of skin changes in the newborn, the excitement of the parents is not always justified, as is usually the skin of babies just goes to adapt to her new environment.So if your baby pimples on the skin spilled, it should not become a cause for immediate concern.Although it is impossible not to recognize that changes in the skin in infants may be not only a natural character but also be a sign of an illness.

considered normal is a skin condition in infants, which lasts until the fifth week of life grudnichka.Normally, skin changes in the newborn during this period due to the occurrence of sexual crisis and manifest themselves in the form of small pustules or pimples.Treatment in these cases is not required, just have to wait until these minor blemishes disappear.

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When acne in newborns require treatment?

If the skin of your baby covered with acne, which is hard to come down, and if you watch other manifestations of hyperandrogenism with your child, it's time to see a doctor.After analyzing the doctor determine the cause of skin rashes and prescribe appropriate treatment to your baby.Consider the main violations of the state of children's skin, that require medical influence.

Miliaria in infants

appearance of prickly heat in the newborn due to the lack of effective activity of the sweat glands.Due to the fact that these glands fail in their function when the baby is overheating and sweating, the skin ducts clogged.Sudamen is of two types - white and red.Treatment for prickly heat is to provide optimal comfort for the child and his skin.Provide normal temperature in the room where the child is not his over Kuta, do not allow him to sweat.Ventilate the room regularly, and bathe the baby.Also useful walking outdoors.

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allergic rash in infants

baby rash on the skin can have an allergic origin and look different, depending on the mother ingested a product that is an allergen for her baby.It does not cause allergy infant milk products, bread, cereals, boiled meat.These products are a nursing mother can eat without fear.Sometimes the baby's skin may react allergic rashes on diapers or cosmetics, which enjoys a mother.

Intertrigo in newborns

diaper rash or diaper dermatitis - a common phenomenon for infant skin.The delicate skin of the newborn is easily irritated by constant contact with urine, feces and wet tissues, and because of this the child's sexual organs become inflamed and irritated.Parents need to carefully monitor the state of the baby's skin in places that are often in contact with the secretions in urine and feces, and contain the baby's skin clean and dry.If this is not done, then the constant diaper rash will cause suffering baby.

Note the detergent you use in child care.Modern detergent compositions contain ingredients that can cause a rash appears on the skin of the child or its degradation.Purchase for these purposes only special funds earmarked for the delicate baby skin and does not irritate it.Thoroughly rinse after bathing their baby.Removing food debris from the face of the child, be careful.Baby acne is not recommended to pluck or squeeze sinceyou risk leaving scars after them.

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The best way to protect your baby's skin - it's not fight against acne has appeared, and their prevention.Maintain a constant state of cleanliness of the skin on the face and on the body of your baby.Do not try to lubricate the baby acne cosmetics that use themselves.They not only help, but rather further harm infant skin.Prevention of diaper rash should be done by smearing baby skin creams that contain pantothenic acid, zinc oxide and epithelizing components.Well help to deal with diaper rash baths with the addition of broth oak bark.

best acne prevention in children - an elementary hygiene.Make sure that your child is growing up clean.Regularly wash and change his clothes and bed linen.If pimples on the skin of a newborn small, then be patient and wait for a while, because, most likely, they will go without assistance.If the rash does not look like small pimples, then show the child specialist.