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Overweight in the child

Overweight in the child

Unfortunately, the problem of excess weight has recently touched a large portion of our population, both adults and children.Adults deal with this problem simply because they can, if desired, consciously refuse certain foods, or at least not to abuse the redundant portions.Kids do it much more difficult because of their psychology.

situation is exacerbated by the fact that since childhood and mothers and grandmothers trying to literally "push" in his golden child as much as possible food.In the course are persuasion ("spoon for mom, spoon for the pope ..."), bans ("do not get up from the table until the dish will not empty"), encouraging ("on a blank plate to put a delicious dessert"), etc..Such actions lead to the family that the child gets used to eat large quantities and can not discern when he eats to quench this hunger, and when it takes the food out of boredom.

Dear parents forget about the approval of experts that overeating and obesity have a negative impact on the health of the baby and can

cause the development of various pathologies and psychological discomfort.Sometimes children with the help of food trying to solve their problems in life, as it were, "seizing" their (parents' carelessness, unrequited love, betrayal of a friend, etc.).

doctors have long shown that children with overweight is a risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, etc.Usually, a child with excessive body weight and fewer moves with great difficulty involved in active games with their peers.As a result, the baby spends a lot of time at home in front of the TV or the computer.This way of life only adds to their difficult situation and promote further obesity.

order to prevent the development of such a situation, the parents of the child must demonstrate by example favor the use of healthy food and physical activity.Eat breakfast every day with the baby, how to spend time watching TV and the computer, in any sport, and spend more time outdoors.Healthcare will be provided to all members of your family!

main causes of obesity in children

The reasons for this phenomenon are many, but the main reason we have already identified - overeating.What other factors contribute to the emergence and development of obesity?

  • stressful situations;
  • a large number of sweets (including sweets, sugary juices, carbonated drinks, etc.);
  • low mobility;
  • lack of sleep;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • fast food.

You can make a wonderful substitute whole mass of products: instead of cake or sweets to offer the child a fruit dessert, instead of fries - a salad of fresh vegetables, instead of semolina - oatmeal, etc.It is not necessary during the meal violently forcing a child to eat something that he "does not climb into his mouth."Of course, the bad, and when almost all the food is on the plate, but we need to look around a middle ground.You can, for example, reduce portions, and if the child wants more - just report it supplements.

Try to television advertising did not reach the eyes and ears of your baby.Reduce the time spent watching TV child and increase spending time outdoors.Much can be gained from visiting any section - athletics, swimming, cycling and so on. Try to take your child's after-school lessons interesting that he did not have the desire to pass the time for a meal.

Teach your child to love your body and yourself, always by example, to all the words the child is carried away into the void.Otherwise, all your attempts are unsuccessful.

If your child is overweight, do not rush to put him on a diet.Be sure to consult a qualified physician who will help eliminate the hormonal failure in the body.

when you just think that a child has extra weight, but he is healthy, has a lot of friends, peers, and actively move, it seems, you are mistaken.In this case, a visit to the doctor will also benefit, since it would not torment the child's physical overload and unnecessary diets.

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