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Stuffy nose newborn

Stuffy nose newborn

If a stuffy nose gives adults some inconvenience for a newborn baby scored spout - it is a problem with which the child is unable to cope.Scarce have to constantly breathe through the mouth.And what kid when it's feeding time?And such a child to keep a pacifier in his mouth can not.

often spout of a newborn baby in the first days after birth clogged mucous substance, exemption from which it takes some time.In the narrow nasal passages daily can get baby milk residues, lint from blankets and just dust.

origin of the common cold may be infectious in nature.Throat infections can pass any child of the family.Any contact with the child's family members ill with a cold, and have a runny nose, are not allowed.If you are ill, approach the child, donning a gauze bandage.

How dangerous a runny nose for a newborn baby?

If the baby in the first weeks of his life developed a runny nose, then the child can very easily buy a runny nose associated complications, such as:

  • rapid weight loss;

  • disease ear-nose-throat, which can go into pneumonia;

  • chronic rhinitis;

  • ulceration of the nasal mucosa.

himself runny nose - is a natural reaction of the body cleansing, liberating the nasal mucosa from pathogenic microbes.And if the baby during a cold feels normal, no cause for concern.If the child has a runny nose from an infectious or allergic in nature, the child should see a doctor immediately.

signs of infectious rhinitis:
  • high temperature;

  • red neck and shortness of breath,

  • spout baby laid more than 2 weeks;

  • baby is restless, whines and looks like he has a headache;

  • from the spout baby pus or blood.

What should parents do if a newborn runny nose?

Many children until they reach 2 months of age mucous system of the body is still developing.To make it work at full capacity, it takes time.Usually at 10 weeks of age children nasopharynx fully adapted to the environment and the problem of stuffy nose disappears.If the child first 2 months after birth, except for the common cold, there are no other symptoms, so no reason to worry.

Article topic: How to clean the nose newborn

Most of suffering gives the child the mucus, which has dried up in the nose.Kid falls in such cases, mouth breathing, and begins to dry up the mucus in the bronchi themselves, and there is already close to bronchitis or pneumonia.To prevent drying of the mucus, it is necessary in the room where the child is to prevent excessive dryness of the air, airing the room and even hanging out in her wet diaper.Toddler often need to drink.

to nasal plugs in the children's nose broke, you can open the bathroom door and turn on the hot shower.When condensation cover bathroom walls, log in with your child and Stay there for a while.Special humidifiers may be used only if they have no flavor features.Include air conditioning during the child a cold you can not, becauseair conditioners much desiccate.

Young parents should stock up on children's health pear ekteritsidom (oily liquid) and a children's saline solution based on sea water.Physiological saline solution is recommended to bury the child in each nostril 2-3 drops every hour.It is also good to bury the nostrils kid 1-2 drops of breast milk.

oily liquid in which to dip a cotton swab to clean her nose, and the child will prevent mucous from drying out.A small child can be pumped pear accumulated mucus in the nose of the child by introducing a pear to a depth of no more than 4-5 mm.After the completion of these procedures can be lubricated sole baby balm "asterisk" and put on warm socks legs.After a few days the baby will recover.

runny nose If the child does not pass

during prolonged nasal congestion in a child, seek help from the ENT doctor.The doctor will examine your baby using special equipment and find out the cause of rhinitis.

In cases where the disease has not yet started, your babies will be appointed sparing medication.If your child will be prescribed allergy antihistamine medications.If necessary, the doctor will prescribe your child warm procedures, ultrasound and others.

prevention of rhinitis in young children

to your baby is not bothered by the cold and the accompanying runny nose, from the first weeks of a baby born to start its hardening.Starting from the second week of life, can be once a day to keep the child for a few minutes to undress completely, day after day, gradually increasing the time.

To start tempering procedures need when the baby is healthy.Bathing your baby, lower the temperature of water by 1 degree every day.Very useful for the health of the baby swimming pool.More often walk with the baby in the open air, engaged him in gymnastics, and your child will never suffer from cold.

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