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False croup in children

False croup in children

Children's throat is very narrow and if, for any reason, it mucous membrane swells, the child threatens suffocation due to the almost complete closure of the lumen of the larynx.The narrowing of the throat can be caused by a false croup - diseases that often are children up to 5-6 years.

The causes of false croup in children are allergies, and acute respiratory diseases, because of which the laryngeal mucosa becomes inflamed and swells, obstructing the flow of air.There is a false croup and measles, influenza.It happens that the child has not previously experienced an allergic reaction to something, suddenly showing signs of false croup.

Unlike false, true croup develops with diphtheria - a disease in which the children's throat tightened dense film.Today, diphtheria - a rare phenomenon that prevented effective vaccine DTP and Td.However, false croup still brings challenges to modern children, and their parents should be aware of how this manifests itself insidious disease, and what measures should

be taken at the first sign of it.

The false croup dangerous for the child?

Since false croup manifested through swelling of the larynx, inexperienced parents can take this state for a harmless laryngitis.A underestimation of impending danger threatens the loss of precious time. growing rapidly swelling closes the flow of air into the airways of the child, and the baby can suffocate in minutes, not having received timely help.

high risk of false croup is available for children from six months of age, and lasts until the child reaches 7 years.Premature babies often suffer from this dangerous disease, as well as children who do suffer from allergies or painful.

At the slightest sign of a false croup is an urgent need to call the doctor.Even if the first attack took place, the child should be hospitalized to determine the cause of the disease.While the child's condition has stabilized, it is necessary to hold in a stationary observation.

most common symptoms of false croup

main manifestation of false croup - a sudden attack, which develops a result of inflammation of the subglottic region of the larynx, and sometimes - the whole of the larynx and trachea.The attack of false croup usually occurs in the early morning time.

On the eve of the attack during the day the child is able to behave actively and cheerfully.By evening, they rapidly lose activity and looks tired.Sleep on the eve of the attack restless and interrupted by sudden cough, which begins with the attack of false croup.The child tries to gain a deep breath, he would not succeed, and he panics.

baby's breath quickens up to 50-60 times a minute.Dry and barking cough becomes more rough, face turns purple, the mucosa of the lips and fingernails turn blue.Adults should take urgent measures, if a child falls into such a state.First, we should call an ambulance emergency care.Do not expect that to cope on their own, and do not resort to the methods of traditional medicine.

What to do during an attack of false croup in a child?

While the ambulance on the way, parents need to alleviate the condition of the child, the following measures:

  • behave calmly, showing no signs of panic, that your child is not panicked even more and become a choking spasms even stronger.Try to calm the baby, repeating that the doctor will be here soon and help him, give your child a sedative;

  • provide fresh air into the room with the child;

  • urgently take the baby inhales through a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda.If there is an inhaler, use a pan with hot water;

  • give your child an antihistamine medication that will help relieve swelling;

  • poite baby warm milk with soda or mineral water.If there is no milk poite tea, juice or regular warm water;

  • not let dry in the room with the child.Moisten the air with steam, hang wet towels, turn on the hot water in the bathroom and open the door of her or login with your child to the bathroom.

How to avoid manifestations of false croup in children?

false croup most often occurs under the action of influenza virus and parainfluenza, and respiratory syncytial virus.Prevent the development of false croup a child when there is no possibility of these diseases.The only way out - preventing diseases themselves, ie,strengthening children's immunity.

Often children suffer colds without false croup.This happens in cases where they are not slimy prone to the swelling.However, it is the child at least once during the ARI began to suffocate, and repeating the attack may be expected with a high probability.This danger will continue until such time as the child grows up and his throat is sufficiently broad.