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The child is often sick with angina

The child is often sick with angina

modern pediatric medicine are increasingly faced with this pathology as angina.Often, mom and dad can easily determine the presence of this disease in their child.Do not you want to be a luminary in the field of pediatrics, to make a diagnosis, we need only look at the enlarged and reddened tonsils child.However, many parents are not familiar with medical terminology and is often confused with other diseases angina - tonsillitis.

sore throat and tonsillitis - how to distinguish?

textbooks on medicine called "angina" is clearly defined infection caused by bacteria and affects the tonsils.However, in everyday life, people tend to call any sore throat redness in the throat.As a result of the exacerbation of chronic infection in the throat, or in a scientific way - tonsillitis, confused with a serious and dangerous disease.

Tonsillitis can occur at low immunity.The disease has a negative impact on the protective properties of the mucosa, causing the child is able to easily catch a respiratory virus.Doc

tors in this case, do not recommend to get involved in a variety of preventive means, such as rinsing, antiseptics, heat and dry air.All this leads to mucosal damage and its vulnerability.

What can be done so as not to hurt tonsillitis?As the saying goes - "like cures like."Increase local immunity of the child's tonsils through their hardening.Give your child more likely to eat ice cream and drink cold water.Especially this preventive measure is relevant for children with chronic tonsillitis!

angina, in turn, is a serious disease of the nasopharynx, which requires treatment under the supervision of a pediatrician.If your child has strep throat frequently, we recommend that parents take care and be tested for detection of pathogens harmful infections - adenovirus, streptococci, pneumococci and staphylococci.

child may be infected with angina food, airborne droplets, or internal germs are in the quiescent state until they provoke hypothermia or other factors.Sore throat can contribute to the emergence of a runny nose, enlarged adenoids or a typical dental caries.

How to recognize angina and to resist the disease?

If your child is frequently ill with angina, you should know that every time the baby gets a big hit and is a considerable loss.Tonsils are so weakened that they can not resist yourself to germs and protects against infection.As a result of the infection start to cling to, one after another.

child, often ill with angina can get a variety of complications.First of all, may be affected internal organs.The disease is rarely one spare and sometimes leads to the development of jade meningitis, rheumatism and infarction.How to recognize the insidious sore throat?

A sick child refuses to eat, he had high fever, there is a fever and headache, weakness throughout the body.Coughing while absent.Along the way, there is swelling of the lymph nodes and neck.

If you think that a child is often ill with angina (angina is instead tonsillitis), then you should pass a smear to detect pathogens.Only if the diagnosis is correct, it makes sense to start treatment.

Initially required to eliminate the source of infection.It is possible that they would be someone from your family or yourself.The tremendous effect in the treatment of angina bring antibiotics.Doctor prescribes antiseptic to relieve severe symptomatic manifestations.Besides appointed rinse (salt, baking soda, chamomile) and antipyretics.

Chronic tonsillitis can not fall back on the first try.To the disease is no longer touched your child, it is necessary to carry out preventive procedures.Immunity needs extra protection, only enhancing it, you help the child's body to resist pathogens and solve the problem.

Some doctors have resorted to Kvartsevanie throat in order to kill the germs, comfortably located in the larynx.With a few procedures you can forget about the child's sore throat.It must be remembered that if a child is ill with angina, the most important task - is to identify the pathogen and destroy it!

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