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The child complains of ear

The child complains of ear

Young children often complain of pain in the ear.And ear disease in preschool children are far more common than in adults, because the structure of the ear of the child and an adult is different.

difference in the structure of the ear of the child and the adult

The adult ear Eustachian tube that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx, regulates the pressure drops and protects the middle ear from the penetration of harmful microorganisms.This tube adult long and thin and is disposed at an angle relative to the nasopharynx.

And in young children the Eustachian tube is almost on par with the nasopharynx.Being short and wide, she is unable to resist the penetration of harmful bacteria, and this feature of the child's body increases the likelihood of disease as a result of elemental otitis rhinitis, pharyngitis, and any colds.

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How would parents or Kuta her children, if the structure of the middle ear and Eustachian tube in the child contributes to disease otitis, the

baby will suffer from ear disease as long as the rise, and whilehis ear and nasopharynx will not form an adult.

If the baby does not sleep well and complains of pain in the ear, measure its temperature.At elevated temperatures, do not hesitate and immediately show the child LORu, because, most likely, the child develops an inflammation of the middle ear.This disease occurs because of infection from the nasopharynx to the middle ear.The nasopharynx is formed a liquid which falls out in the Eustachian tube.

mucosal edema in the ear tube contributes to its blockage, why create a favorable environment for bacteria and the liquid in the tube thickens, gradually turning into pus.Pus pressure on the eardrum responds to severe pain in the ear.The child is the pain does not go to sleep, prevents normal moving jaws.

In some cases, pus pressure on the eardrum is so large that it breaks under its pressure.The child feels a huge relief, but later recovered eardrum.

Separate treatment of the child is not allowed.It should show it to the doctor who examined the patient's ear, determine the extent of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Otitis media occurs in three forms: catarrhal otitis media, purulent otitis media and otitis media.

For each form of otitis media following treatment.For example, when a progressive inflammation of the ear doctor will recommend a hot compress, and if the child has purulent otitis, the ear warming is strictly prohibited.Usually disease otitis appointed a course of antibiotics, which extended in cases in purulent otitis transition stage.

duration of antibiotic treatment is determined by a physician and must never violated the parents of a sick child.Your child may feel good on the second day of treatment with antibiotics, but it does not mean that you can stop taking them, because the infection is completely destroyed only after the full course of antibiotics.

nedolechennaya otitis media can cause serious health complications of your child, such as meningitis or hearing loss.A child who is constantly sick or suffering from chronic pharyngitis form adenoiditis otitis probability of disease is very high.These children are harmful sharply sneeze, wash the nose it is not recommended.

waiting for a doctor, you can ease the painful condition in the ear, nose dripped child any vasoconstrictor drugs for children.These drops can help reduce swelling of the mucous.Take off the pain of otitis and reduce fever paracetamol and ibuprofen.If a child after suffering otitis become worse to hear this is a temporary phenomenon, which will take place in 1-3 months.

Inflammation of the outer ear is shown in children as boils on the shell of an ear, as well as dermatitis.This disease is caused by bacteria streptococci and staphylococci or fungi.Depending on what caused the inflammation, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Toddlers often put themselves in the ears of foreign objects.If the child has complained that he got something in your ear, show it to the ENT doctor who has experience in the extraction of foreign bodies from the children's ears.When injected into the ear of an insect it is that such a state is intolerable for the baby, and it is necessary to take urgent measures.Very effective in this case is the use of paraffin oil.A few drops of this oil in the ear to kill the insect baby, then you can take the child to the doctor for ear cleaning.

is not recommended to clean their own ears the child from the accumulated sulfur in them.They are usually self-cleaning, and too frequent penetration into the cavity of the ear sticks and matches can damage the eardrum or scratch the walls of the ear and bring back the infection.If the sulfur is collected in the ears of a child in large quantities, take the baby to the doctor on the procedure of washing the ears.For injuries of the ear it is recommended to treat ear brilliant green and show the child to the doctor immediately.Usually in such cases, doctors prescribed antibiotics to cartilage tissue is not inflamed and fester.

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