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The temperature of a child without symptoms

The temperature of a child without symptoms

Every parent is closely monitoring the health of your child almost throughout his life, especially in infancy.The worst thing for any parent - to know that their child is sick, but do not know in this case than it can help.

Such a common symptom, like fever in the child for most parents is perhaps the most troubling.Especially, when you call a doctor, the first thing he asked - this is the temperature.Concerns about doctors immediately transferred to an elevated temperature and parents, so for sure you must know what can be caused by a change in temperature of the body of the child, and what is the reaction of the parents should ensue.

What can cause increased body temperature in children?

First of all, we must remember that the one temperature that is worrying the majority of parents, 37 degrees is not yet considered to be dangerous, especially if it is a child.37 degrees or slightly above - often a normal body temperature for the baby.Also standard is a change in the child's body temperature thro

ughout the day.For example, in the evening it can be increased, compared with the morning temperature, therefore, if you are watching with your child's temperature increase in the second half of the day, worry ahead of time in any case, should not be, because it is quite normal forgiven time of day.

Increased body temperature in a child may be associated with the food, which he took, especially if it was hard or too abundant.Also, the high temperature is a kind of reaction to the reception of prescription drugs.

case of a teenage girl, the cause of the increased body temperature may be ovulating during puberty.

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also such a reaction of the organism may be one of the symptoms of poisoning by any substance or heatstroke.If you are even a little suspect like that - immediately call an ambulance, and then immediately begin to do gastric lavage.If you're holding has a package of drugs, which allegedly took your child, be sure to take it with you to the hospital or send emergency doctors.The main thing - in any case not to delay in the event of such a situation.

If a child's behavior seems suspicious to you, or he suddenly for no reason, no reason begins to lose consciousness, immediately contact your doctor.

With a sharp increase in body temperature in a child, it should not rush to shoot down.To get started, watch the baby and his behavior, measure temperature, track its changes.Only newborns in this case is an exception, because if they have a fever, it is grounds for immediate treatment to the doctor, who will help find out what happened to the child.

fervescence the youngest can sometimes be easy to explain the excessive maternal care, which manifests itself in excessive wrapping child.At the same time the parents did not think that the child still can not rid yourself of excess clothing, if he suddenly becomes too hot.Thus, the parents themselves may unwittingly provoke a newborn heatstroke.If you notice the heat from your child, first check if there are too many clothes to put on him, and if he is not wrapped in a warm blanket over.Modern doctors do recommend that parents and for the child to wear as many layers of clothing as wearing at the moment to themselves.

Fever, a child may be a reaction to the penetration into it of any organism infections, in which case the temperature may exceed 40 degrees.The reason for undue concern as it should be, the main thing in this situation - to provide the child plenty of fluids, which he must constantly consume - just so the infection will bring the body.If a child refuses to drink - let him only what he likes, but do not make it too big portions that can cause vomiting.It is better to drink small amounts as often as possible.

Also, parents should keep in mind that the temperature at the asymptomatic child is no more than a small reaction of the organism, and if you start to shoot down her ahead of time, it will be considered as interference in the protective function of the body.It is best to begin with a little cold water to wipe the child's temperature is not a knock, but the child a little easier.The main thing - not only to observe the child, but did not show at the same time its concern, which can be passed to him.