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Milk diet for weight loss

Milk diet for weight loss

Diet dairy products

Fans dairy products for weight loss can benefit from dairy diet.Milk is rich in vitamins, calcium and minerals.A liter of milk protein, the body fills in the amount of the daily requirement.The main components of the diet in addition to dairy products are cocoa and honey.This power supply system is applied only in the last three days of the week.In the remaining days allowed to eat any food, but in smaller amounts than usual.And, of course, forget about fat meat and rich pastries.

diet menu as follows. first four days a week for breakfast to eat: 250g cheese, 100g of lean yoghurt, 10 g of honey, honey drink (mineral water, dilute lemon juice and honey 5g).


  • After getting a drink ½ cup of hot water.

  • Breakfast: a glass of vegetable milk with honey and cocoa.

  • 2nd breakfast: orange and water (1 liter), drunk in small portions.

  • Lunch: boiled fish (meat) - 200g with a slice of lemon.

  • Lunch: lean yogurt, a teaspoon of honey.

  • Dinner: 500g of vegetable broth

    (no salt), drink at least 10 minutes, then eat boiled vegetables, 150g of three doses every 20 minutes.

  • Before going to bed: lean yogurt, a teaspoon of honey.


  • Breakfast: half a liter of water to drink for two hours.

  • 2nd breakfast: a lean yogurt with honey.

  • Lunch: grapefruit juice, 250g of milk with cocoa and honey (1 ch. L.)

  • Dinner: 200g baked fish, green vegetables, salad.

  • Before going to bed: lean yogurt with honey.


  • Breakfast: 500g of water, the juice of one grapefruit, a cup of vegetable milk with cocoa and honey.

  • 2nd breakfast: a liter of water (to drink one glass every half hour).

  • Dinner: 200g chicken breast boiled, vegetable salad with lemon juice.

  • Before going to bed: lean yogurt with honey.

There is another extreme version of the diet on milk for immediate weight loss with a score of three kilograms for three days.The principle of the diet - eliminating all products other than milk.On the day you will need half a liter of milk, which should drink one glass every 2.5-3 hours.In this method, you must use an additional intake of vitamins, since one milk does not cover all the vitamins the body needs.Before you start a diet critically evaluate the possibility of his body and consult a doctor.

milky vegetable diet

idea of ​​a diet based on plant foods and milk, is a useful combination of vegetable and dairy products.The protein in large quantities, are combined with carbohydrates and fiber, it is a reasonable option in the diet during weight loss.This diet gives another additional effect - cleansing the body from the accumulation of toxins.Even if you like the idea of ​​this diet before applying it get nutritional advice.

milky vegetable diet has several varieties.In the first embodiment, together with milk consumed vegetables and fruits and berries.Second - milk and vegetable.Third dairy fruit.For the latest version can also be attributed milky banana diet.They are all united by the exclusion from the diet of sugar, a minimum intake of salt, and vegetarian dietary patterns (name of each species speaks for itself).The recommended duration of the diet is not more than a week.

Milk-fruit diet

Milk-fruit diet may be safely attributed to the delicious weight loss method.This diet is easy portability, if one prefers fruit and milk in their usual diet.This diet is the most balanced and low-calorie weight-loss system.The diet consists of milk, milk products and fruits.And picking fruit component supply, guided by low-calorie fresh fruits are low in carbohydrates.

To achieve results do not include in the menu grapes, avocados, bananas, and dried fruit, and canned fruit.Ideal citrus, but the choice is yours.Dairy part of the diet consists of raw milk, fermented milk products (kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese) with a low fat content and the absence of sugar.The combination of protein and carbohydrates and fiber fruit is good nutrition for the body, eliminates the manifestation of a strong sense of hunger.

One of the menu options (powered with an interval of two or three hours, and strict adherence to the diet):

  • morning - a cup of tea (organic coffee) sugar is added;

  • Breakfast - 200g lean cottage cheese;

  • lunch - 200g fruit (fruit salad);

  • afternoon tea - 350ml every lean dairy drink;

  • dinner - 200g fruit.

During the day, allowed the use of non-carbonated mineral water and hot drinks with no added sugar.The result of the application of the weekly diet - weight loss of five kilos.If that's not enough, the diet can be extended up to three weeks, but be sure to take breaks on the weekends.Power scheme will be as follows: five-day diet two days of normal diet (without the fat and sweet), and so three weeks.Be sure to get medical advice before starting a diet.

Dairy-vegetable diet

Dairy-vegetable diet sufficiently effective form of food for losing excess weight.It helps to lose excess kilos and provides health benefits to the stomach (adjusted work the gastrointestinal tract, are cleaned of toxins).The diet is based on milk products, a large volume of vegetables, fruit food supplement is used to add bran to food, it is permissible 50g of black bread per day.In this menu, the body is not exposed to starvation, but lose weight with the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

menu has four meals a day.Completely excluded sugar, salt is used in minimal quantities.In the event of hunger between meals, it is permissible to eat an apple, peach, orange and carrot.

menu as follows:

  • Breakfast: 200g low fat cottage cheese, a cup of tea with herbs or 200g porridge oats and bran with the addition of a cup of organic coffee;

  • Lunch: vegetable soup, 200g, 10 pcs.lazy dumplings, glass compote of dried fruits, 100g apple or orange;

  • Dinner: 200g boiled vegetables (salad) or apple-carrot salad, which add walnuts;

  • overnight: 200g of fruit juice.

milk diet with green tea

milk diet with green tea, belongs to the category of unloading diets.This mono-diet, its duration is one day.Losing weight using this technique to one kilogram.The power supply system with this diet is quite simple - there are no foods in the diet, drink only drink with an interesting name molokochay.Besides this, the use of mineral or purified water, up to two liters.This is due to the need to fill the shortage of body fluids - molokochay acts as a diuretic and choleretic agent.

Recipe molokochaya accessible and simple:

  • boil half a liter of milk,

  • cool down to 70 degrees;

  • fill it green tea (four teaspoons);

  • drink insist 20 minutes and strain.

Eat throughout the day.The temperature of the drink does not matter.You can use black tea.Choose milk, low fat content.This will prevent the load on the liver.It is strictly forbidden to use this diet for more than two days.

milk diet for 3 days

One option milk diet - banana-milk diet, designed for three days.She has a very strict menu, so small and limited period of application.It can not be applied to pregnant women, people with diseases of the stomach and intestines, small children and teenagers.An obstacle to the use of this diet is the idiosyncrasy of basic products - milk and bananas.

Everyone knows the increased calorie banana, but a reasonable approach they can be used to lose weight.Bananas are rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.The presence of a significant amount of soft tissue and facilitates the rapid purification of the body.Milk - a storehouse of minerals, vitamins and protein.A large amount of calcium in it, served as an assistant with the activation of the process of burning fat.

Day diet of this diet consists of two bananas, milk 500ml vegetable, herbal teas and carbonated mineral water.Products should be distributed on five receptions.Eat bananas and milk may be singly or as a banana milkshake.Water and tea are drunk without restrictions and without the addition of sugar is allowed to supplement tea with a slice of lemon.If you bring the number up to three pieces of bananas and milk - up to 750ml, get a version of the diet, which is used as an amplifier or a fixer any other method of losing weight.

milk diet for 5 days

The benefits of dairy products has been known since ancient times.They nourish the body with useful substances, accelerate metabolism.Their use results in the appearance of the nails, hair and skin in perfect condition.Therefore, no one doubts the positive result of a diet with dairy products as the basis of nutrition.One of the known variants of this method - the cottage cheese diet for five days.Expected weight loss of three to five kilograms.

Championship cottage on the amount of protein include dairy products is undeniable.The presence of vitamins, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients, in addition to easy digestibility and rapid saturation, forcing many to stop the choice on cottage cheese, as a staple diet.Should choose low fat cottage cheese content.On each day required for 400g of cheese.The daily rate divide into five parts.These portions will be the basis supply.

daily menu you can add the following products:

  • glass lean yogurt;

  • low-calorie fiber and complex carbohydrates 200g a day - oranges, peaches, kiwi, pears, apples and other (to eat fresh cottage cheese and separately as a snack);

  • slow carbohydrates - vegetables to 500 g per day (eat in any form, but do not fry);

  • dried fruit, oatmeal, bran in small quantities.

diet requires a complete rejection of coffee, alcohol, salty, sweet, spicy.

milk diet for 7 days

constant use of diets, the use of fasting days in combination with physical activity, help to achieve weight loss, but may deplete the body and lead to health problems.Milk diet, in this respect, is a radical contrast to other methods for weight loss.The rich composition of milk gives the body the missing substances improves the functioning of the digestive tract and thus speeds up the metabolism.

milk diet involves the gradual introduction in the diet of milk and dairy products and their combination with products having low calorie.The week of such a diet can easily rid the body of extra 4-5 kilos.There is a tough one - dairy mono diet.It suits resolute and purposeful.The effect of seven days of this diet 6 kilograms or more.Meals are served in a specific pattern from eight in the morning until eight at night.The diet consists of milk.

power scheme by day as follows:

  • 1st day - 200 g of milk every two hours;

  • 2nd day - 200g milk every half hour;

  • 3rd day - 200g of milk every hour;

  • 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th days milk -200g every 30 minutes.

Exit diet performed gradually.In the first two days after the end of weight loss before lunch you should drink a glass of milk with an interval of two hours and in the afternoon settled vegetable salads.In the future, go to a regular diet.This method successfully removes fat in the abdominal area.Adding a little exercise in the form of simple exercises will make your figure perfect finale to the diet.This weight loss method is not suitable for allergic to dairy products and the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

reviews milk diet for weight loss

Hope. milk diet is simply gorgeous.The truth is I have not tried this extreme seven days on one's milk, but milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, plus vegetables and fruits, it is very acceptable for me.Week Diet passed without much effort, and on the way to lose the extra 5kg.I recommend.

Antonina. Ladies, my advice is to not strain looking for a diet, choose for themselves a certain power supply system, and stick with that for a long time, gradually returning to normal weight, and milk diet can be regarded as a fasting day after banquets.

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