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Diet for weight loss men 30 and 40 years

Diet for weight loss men 30 and 40 years

Protein diet for men

Previously it was thought that the problem of overweight concern only the fair sex, but in recent years more and more men have resorted to different diets.A strong half of humanity suffers from exactly the same extra padding, so proper nutrition is also important for men, especially for constant physical exertion.Male diet should be nutritious and balanced and do not contain products that promote obesity.

For example, the protein diet is used for removing unnecessary kilograms, and for obtaining a good relief of muscles.It is shared by many bodybuilding athletes, considering protein diet for men is very efficient.Its operating principle is based on the fact that there are many protein diet while reducing the amount of carbohydrates and fats are eliminated.Proteins are the building blocks, so they are essential for the body to maintain and build muscle.

Fats and carbohydrates are a source of energy, and reduced their consumption of the body is forced to spend their own fat rese

rves, resulting in weight loss occurs.Men protein diet to eliminate excess weight is slightly different from the women's diet, it has a greater number of calories.It does not belong to the category of complex power systems.

Observe it should be about 4-8 weeks, during which you should observe certain rules:

  • completely eliminate from your daily menu fats.The body has to expend already accumulated fat reserves, rather than creating new ones.

  • carbohydrate intake should be kept to a minimum - a large amount of protein should make up for their shortage.

  • While compliance with this diet is recommended to increase motor activity.

  • best option is to supply the reception of small portions of food 4-5 times a day.

During the diet the body can receive less certain minerals or elements, so people with different diseases should consult a doctor before its beginning.If you have feelings of sickness or excessive fatigue diet is recommended to stop.

diet menu for men

exemplary diet for men is as follows:

  • Morning - dietary protein foods, berries, plums, pears, carrots, apples, buckwheat, oatmeal.

  • Day - are also the basis for food protein diet foods, fruit, yogurt, buckwheat, low-fat soups, vegetable salads.

  • evening - the evening menu in the diet protein diet made up entirely protein diet products.They can be supplemented with a salad of cucumber and cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, apples.

exemplary embodiment of a ten-men protein diet.

Approximate weight loss - 2 kg.






Yogurt natural (300 g)3 tomatoes, a couple of boiled eggs, unsweetened coffee


cucumber salad and oranges, a couple of peaches, beef with mushrooms and green peas


herbal tea,boiled potatoes, pea soup



Salad carrot with garlic, tomato juice, a few fried sausages


Chicken with prunes (stewed), eggplant with nuts (walnuts), tea without sugar, yogurt natural


Chicken liver salad (egg and herring), juice, vegetables



Eggplant with nuts and tomatoes, grapefruit juice, buckwheat with carrots and onions


half a grapefruit, salmon salad, bean soup


Stuffed olives eggs, juice or low-fat yogurt, beet salad



salad with crab sticks, unsweetened coffee, banana with oatmeal


Breast calf sauce (mustard), mushrooms, tomato juice, herbs


Wings chicken, cheese



Orange juice, kohlrabi, some eggs poached


Vegetable salad, half a melon, beef with cucumber


300 grams of cheese (45%),juice, herring with onions and vegetables



tea, porridge rice, salmon with spinach


Orange juice, vegetables, chickenavocado, 200g cheese


juice or yogurt low-fat, casserole with broccoli, a few tomato



Juice carrots, herringwith onion, egg


tea, boiled potatoes, bean salad


Risotto with spinach and herbs, herbal tea, vegetable salad with feta cheese



grapefruit juice, cereal with fruit salad apple carrot


few peaches, fried fish, grilled cheese


juice, vegetable salad and chicken



Orange juice, fresh herbs, a couple of eggs, sex grapefruit


tea, pasta with salmon, salad mushrooms with celery


Morse, flounder fillet, salad (herring with onions)



salad with chicken breast and corn, coffee, pita


few peaches, turkey sauce (sweet and sour), salad with squid


Herbal tea prepared from three eggs scrambled eggs, a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers

Diet men to press

ideal body would be not only women, but men.The representatives of the strong half of extra weight accumulates, usually in the abdomen, so that the whole figure becomes, where a less attractive.To resolve this issue some training may not be enough, so you should also adhere to a special diet.First, you need to eliminate from your daily menu all salty, fried and smoked foods.Place of alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee should take a non-carbonated water and juices.

Instead of sweets should be consumed fruits and nuts.Eating for a week in this way can be a little to clear your body of toxins and lose a little extra weight.The basis of the second week of the diet should be fresh and boiled vegetables, fruit, nuts and milk products.During the third week, it is recommended to use a sufficient number of non-carbonated mineral water and fresh fruit juices - it will contribute to the normalization of water-salt metabolism.

During this power system the body can receive less of some vitamins and other elements, so it is necessary to consult a nutritionist about how to make up for this lack.After the preliminary stage can proceed to sporting activities.

General rules for media diet for men:

  • It should limit the use of fat.It is recommended to give preference to fats are in foods of plant origin and seafood.

  • Eat small meals six times a day.

  • Consume a sufficient amount of still mineral water.

  • sure to mark your body's reaction to the use of various products.In the case of a negative reaction, remove the product from the diet, or consult a doctor.

  • Eat slowly - it will help to avoid overeating.

If during dieting you feel unwell, undue fatigue or other adverse symptoms should see a doctor.

Diet for a man 30 years

processes in the body start to slow down, so that men can quite quickly gain excess weight and get a fair bellies.Diet for men after thirty years should be built, taking into account individual characteristics of the body to a greater extent correspond to the exchange processes at this age.

consumption food must meet certain conditions:

  • not provoke the emergence of a variety of diseases.Many of today's semi-finished and finished products contribute to atherosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases.

  • menu should consist of foods, normally passing through the digestive tract and does not cause constipation, cramps, bloating.

  • Food should be delicious.Unpleasant food can lead to depression and weight gain.In addition, it is worse than digest.

  • Meals should include a full range of nutrients.Organism receiving all the nutrients in a small amount of food, usually does not require more food.

should also regulate the consumption of alcohol.It washes away the body of a large set of relevant trace elements.Proper nutrition in the use of high doses of alcohol will bring far fewer benefits.

Diet for a man 40 years

Men after forty mainly lead and measured way of life, without exposing themselves to a particular physical activity, which, in the end, leads to accumulation of excess kilos.Calories after forty is not spent as before and the weight increases.Consequently, the food must comply.Diet after 40 years should include a little carbohydrate, and fat (animal).It is better to give preference to food and plant protein - fruit, meat, vegetables.

volume of consumption is recommended to reduce food and meals to increase.To maintain bone should eat dairy products - cheese durum, cabbage and other calcium-rich foods.You should also eat more potassium, they are rich in apricots and bananas.But the semi-finished products and fatty meat varieties should eliminate from their menu.Also in the diet does not flatly should include foods from fast food outlets.To keep the digestive system better to give up fried foods.Products need to bake, braise or cook.

reviews about diet for men

Svetlana: my husband initially very poorly tolerated gastronomic limitations, but then a little used, especially when I sat on a diet for women alone after all much easier.

Nikolai: thing for a man not so much to lose weight, how to regain a sporty look.I try a system of power, I hope the results will be positive.

Leonid: sat on a diet for five days, has not achieved significant results, although expected for this time to remove a couple of extra kilos.

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