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How to help your child lose weight

How to help your child lose weight

When it comes to the total children, all currently just paint the picture before his eyes, sighing over him thirsty grandmother with the regular portion of pies, which tries to feed the precious child in store for all occasions.Another picture - mother, who spoon for spoon trying to cram porridge in the mouth of their offspring, saying spoon for the pope, spoon for his grandfather, a spoon for a woman, spoon for ... older children a different story - they are forced to eat up the entire contents of the dishes in exchange for sweetsor chips.

child who had to pass through all the tortures of parental love, gradually gets used over and over to eat and stop to realize that the food is not for fun, to stave off hunger.Children are often a consequence of the fullness of psychological discomfort in ways that only multiplies.Children like adults elephants "jam" the lack of attention and love from mom and dad, their fears.Then comes the turn of worries about its own complete and far from normal body shape.

Article topic: Overweight in the child

What danger carries the extra weight of the child

Children's experts believe that obesity causes increased morbidity in children, including cardiovascular disease and lung inflammation.Everything happens because children are full of little exercise, because they seriously run and jump with their peers.Instead, they prefer to sit within the four walls in front of computer or TV.Parents that, as a rule, do not resist, because the child remains at home under supervision.As a result, the child falls into a vicious circle in which it expects to obesity.

If such a child smiling luck, the doctors raised the alarm time, and smart responsible parents do everything possible to prevent obesity in their child.However, even in this scenario are the fat cells, which appear in childhood, the girl in the future will play a crucial role in the emergence of excess weight in a young woman after she will lead a family, and care for a change to the care of children and spouse.In the worst case, a teenager girl decides to lose weight on their own, no matter what it cost, and bring your body to the anorexic and the nervous system to the need for treatment in a psychiatric clinic.

At first glance it is difficult to see the guilt of parents who simply do not attach importance to this issue, and therefore can not help your child to solve this problem.The cult of consumption in modern society is widely promoted among the masses through advertising and other powerful tools of mental effects that only aggravates the situation with childhood obesity and helps to grow fat people.

Unfortunately, few have an understanding of such things as healthy food, mandatory quality breakfast, exercise in the fresh air, limiting gatherings at the computer and TV.Parents should show by example to their children the importance, necessity and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.If parents set themselves the task to raise healthy children, they are likely to have to sacrifice their own comfort and go on a healthy diet, spending free time with their children on the street or in the park.

Experience shows that children are gaining extra weight not only because of low physical activity and overeating, but also because of the use of chemicals in the process of storing and cooking foods and bad environment.

Article topic: How to lose weight without dieting?

causes leading to the emergence of overweight

  • excess in nutrient diet of sugary juices and foods, carbonated beverages;

  • overfeeding the child;

  • if the child has any problems, stress, and while he did not feel support from the parents, it begins to "jam" their fears and sadness empty carbohydrates (sweets, cakes, cookies, etc.);

  • low physical activity, sedentary lifestyle;

  • sleep deprivation (shown at the scientific level);

  • genetic predisposition;

  • impact of advertising of hamburgers, chips, soda, and other energy-dense food and useless;

  • malfunction of the endocrine system.

practical advice to parents

moms and dads who have noticed that their child is clearly gaining weight, and it affects his mobility, well-being and progress, experts recommend to carry out a series of recommendations to help prevent this disastrous process.

  • How to help your child lose weight Offer your child fruit instead of dessert of sweet juice, cookies or candy.

  • Instead semolina porridge cook as often as possible put on the table vegetable salad.

  • not teach a child, in whatever was to eat up everything that is on your plate.If the contents of the dish remains intact, in any case, do not let your child sweets.

  • child ideally should not see advertising on television or at least watch her as little as possible.

  • Take baby interesting things after school, or pull it out of boredom in the kitchen.

  • as much as possible to walk around in the fresh air and do not spare money on sports activities in sections, in the pool, on the purchase of a bicycle or roller.In general, keep everything connected with the movement.

  • child must learn to love yourself and your own body.

  • No heartfelt words will not lead to the desired result as long as you own example does not convince the child in their validity.

If you think that the child appeared overweight, be sure to consult your doctor in order to avoid problems with the hormone system.It is very important to feel the line beyond which you can start worrying for the health of the younger members of the family.When the baby is healthy and alert when he has many friends among peers when it's busy interesting things, it is quite possible that there is no reason to panic.It makes no sense to go to extremes and put the child on a diet without consulting a specialist and confirm the diagnosis.