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Attention Deficit Disorder - whose is the benefit?

Attention Deficit Disorder - whose is the benefit?

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - a diagnosis now put every second, if not every first child.Who and when invented this disease?And most importantly why?In certain medical circles were gathered together all the symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity.And called all this clever scientific terms - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD for short.This is considered a childhood disease, but there are some symptoms in adults.Clear criteria illness and borderline states are not available, which makes it possible to manipulate diagnosed with impunity.

Those criteria, which approved the DSM-5, are vague and involve the installation of signs on the situation.No one can say, with respect to which the child is hyperactive, respect others, respect father and mother, or of the practitioner?And Mom, switching TV channels can determine the child's carelessness?The vision of a situation everyone is different.If the child does not fit the general criteria, then it is not so.Which one t

hen?What is the norm?Parents impose that the norm - a professional opinion and what are the criteria of - this is of little concern to the medical community.

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all juvenile organizations are struggling to ascribe their desire mouth of the child.Only they know what children need only state social and regulatory authorities, but psychologists, only teachers have the right to judge what should be the child.Strangeness is not it?

Farmakokorrektcija condition ADHD is surprising and skepticism, since drugs given to children, lead to addiction and produce another type of addiction.Research carried out for 20 years, shows a lack of treatment results syndrome stimulants.Committee on the Rights of the Child at the United Nations had shown concern over the facts of multiple misdiagnosis.The exact cause of the syndrome is not all refer to the environmental problems in the child-bearing, genetic factors.At the slightest non-compliance standards imposed by the posted label ADHD child recognize the sick and stuff with potent drugs, not paying attention to the following side effects.

Attention Deficit Disorder is the most dubious and questionable mental disorder, diagnosed only clinically and depends only on the competence of doctors.No objective analysis, not a single intelligent device for the diagnosis do not exist.Setting ADHD child bypasses the legal and ethical issues, the legitimacy of the diagnosis is in serious doubt.But the fact that he was well fed pharmaceutical companies and certain categories of medical personnel.

If you look into the details of the child's mental state, which fell under the label of ADHD detected many small tricks that allow the individual to transfer blame the parents in the absence of attention to her child in the mainstream of scientific terms.It may have attention deficit is a term to designate its original content?And do not speak directly about the lack of attention to the child, and the lack of attention - to the child.Why are we intrafamily problems left to the officials and candidates for a doctor?To deny the problem and withdraw into the family circle, of course, do not, care of family psychology is very effective.But they can help in the psychology of family relations, not tearing out of context facts and not hanging fashion labels and diagnoses trends in favor of society.

ADHD diagnosis public demand for the criteria he had mono dub every single member of this society.Under the diagnosis often get people who simply do not fit the requirements of modern civilization, can not assess the sausage heaven modern domestic middle class and an even recommended by the society existence.

Society wishes to impose the consumption of manufactured consumer goods society produces vast amounts of information to manipulate its individual members, who need to sell now.The number of people with the imposed label did not become more criteria changing society.

Progress is needed for the growth of friendly and purposeful man who knows how to turn a deaf ear all the trash and concentrate on the essentials.The Company also generates an early age of each child's ideal daily consumer information and virtual entertainment.This is it - a tradesman with hyperactivity and superficial attention, jumping from channel to channel on TV and from site to site on the Internet, listens to everything and anything.In other words push people.No one has yet voiced complaints that a child with ADHD is bad playing computer games or chat forums weary.Although, judging by the comments on the forums, for most of their adult participants with ADHD syndrome is quite suitable and without consulting psychologists.You can talk about that found an outlet for hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive?In the virtual world, they feel great.

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - is not a medical illness, and social, is a complication of the situation in the society.The label of ADHD is Attention Deficit parents to their children and wants the system to find another way to get into the family.What to do, everyone decides for himself, but a way out of the vicious system always have for those who want to find him.

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