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Egg diet for 4 weeks (four-week)

Egg diet for 4 weeks (four-week)

essence of a four-week egg diet

Egg diet is becoming more and more new fans around the world.Eggs - quite a low-calorie product (one egg contains about 80-100 calories), but they give a feeling of satiety.Recent research scientists have shown that if a person has received the same amount of calories, such as sandwiches, the hunger to come much earlier.Eggs digested by 98%, therefore, virtually no different slags.For faster and better absorption should be boiled to cook.

is also worth noting that the eggs have a large set of useful elements, minerals and vitamins.They contain zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, E, D, C. The presence of niacin improves the nutrition of the brain.By cons egg diet include increasing the so-called "bad" cholesterol, while the egg cholesterol enters the human body, together with lecithin and is considered the least harmful.

Plus, this diet - fruit and vegetables containing natural plant fiber and antioxidants.Egg four-week diet is consi

dered very effective.During its compliance can lose 10 to 20 kilos - it depends on the amount of excess weight.This diet is based on the occurring chemical reactions within the body, and therefore it is very important to adhere to the regime.If you do not abide by the menu and have used any forbidden foods, the diet is better to stop.

Sample menu four-week egg diet

All breakfasts first week should consist of a grapefruit halves (you can substitute orange) and a couple of boiled eggs.

Lunches first week consist of the following: Monday - allowed the fruit in any quantity, Tuesday - cooked without salt chicken, Wednesday - a bit of cheese, 2 tbromata, toast bread (wholemeal).Thursday - not forbidden fruit (plenty), Friday - vegetable salad and two boiled eggs, Saturday - again, fruits, Sunday - a salad of fresh vegetables, boiled chicken.

Dinners in the first week following Monday - boiled lean meat, Tuesday - vegetable salad and two boiled eggs, Wednesday - meat (boiled), Thursday - vegetable salad and grilled meats.Dinner on Friday - two tomato, fish, steamed or grilled, in an hour you can eat a grapefruit, Saturday - vegetable salad (preferably from leafy vegetables) and grilled lean meat.Sunday dinner includes cooked vegetables (except potatoes).

Breakfasts similar to the second week of the first week of breakfasts.

Lunches : Mon - vegetable salad, two boiled eggs, Tuesday and Wednesday - lettuce and fish or meat on the grill, Thursday - slightly cooked vegetables, a small piece of cheese, two boiled eggs, Friday - seafood or fish (cooked oron the grill).Saturday - lettuce and low-fat meat, grilled grapefruit one hour, Sunday - a couple of fresh tomatoes, boiled chicken, grapefruit hour later.

Dinners in the second week : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - one grapefruit and two boiled eggs, Thursday and Friday - two boiled eggs, Saturday - fruit.Sunday dinner should consist of two tomato, boiled chicken and one grapefruit eaten in an hour.

third week of the diet is an extremely monodieticheskie days.On Monday you can eat only fruits, all day Tuesday should eat fresh vegetables, you need to eat on Wednesday or boiled vegetables or fruit (one of the two to choose from).Thursday diet of fish and vegetable salad (preferably leaf).On Friday, you can have only boiled chicken, Saturday and Sunday are allowed to eat one kind of fruit to choose from, such as the kiwi and apples.

the fourth week everyday diet provides a set of products that can be consumed at any time.

Monday - 200 g of cooked chicken, 1 grapefruit, orange, 200 g of fish (boiled), fresh vegetable salad.

Tuesday - 2 grain toast (whole grains), 4 fruit to choose from, a salad of cucumber and tomato.

Wednesday - 2 toast, 2 grapefruit and orange, low fat cottage cheese - 100g, boiled vegetables - 200g, 2 tomato.

Thursday - boiled chicken, salad with 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers, 1 grapefruit and orange.

Friday - salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and leafy vegetables, 2 boiled eggs, grapefruit.

Saturday - toast wholemeal bread, 100 grams of cheese or fat-free yogurt, 1 cucumber, 200 grams of boiled chicken fillet.

Sunday - 2 tomatoes, 1 grapefruit and orange vegetables - 200 g boiled fish - 150 grams, 1 toast bread (wholemeal).

for egg diet, there are several recommendations: the day should drink about 2 liters of water, eggs, if they are tired, you can substitute low-fat cottage cheese, begin a diet is required with a menu on Monday, in the event of constipation, you can increase the amount of fresh vegetables, can not be usedmango, grapes, bananas, dates.After exiting the diet should be limited in the diet food comprising refined sugar.

Egg diet is contraindicated in people who are allergic to eggs, as well as diseases of blood vessels, kidneys and heart.Before starting the diet need to consult a doctor.

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