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Sample menu Kremlin diet for a week and a month

Sample menu Kremlin diet for a week and a month

Kremlin diet has gained great popularity around the world.No wonder it can help get rid of excess weight a large number of well-known stars of show business and politics.Also, the system for weight loss is great lovers of meat and fish, as it allows to use them in any quantity.That's just too oversaturate the diet protein is not recommended - in this case will have a big load on the kidneys and excess protein will not be fully absorbed.

Kremlin diet menu can be yourself.For this is useful to specially designed carbohydrate table points.According to it, you can come up with a variety of dishes, making your individual diet.Important to stick to one rule - for those wishing to lose weight the maximum number of points a day - up to 40 a minute (depending on the characteristics of the organism), and to maintain weight should not exceed 60 conventional units a day.

Meals recommended to divide into three or four times, and not to use all of the daily diet at a time.The constant flow of food will relieve yo

u of hunger and promote weight loss by stimulating metabolism.Carbohydrate-containing foods is also better to stretch the whole day.Single dose throughout RDA carbohydrates lead to increased blood glucose levels, which considerably slows weight reduction.

Menu for the week of the Kremlin diet

As already mentioned, a weekly menu of the Kremlin diet should not contain more than 40-points on the table of carbohydrate per day.Some quite 30 points, and some need to further reduce this figure - all a matter of individual characteristics of the organism.The correct diet will lose about 5 kilograms overweight.In drawing up the menu, open the points table, choose your favorite products and assess their carbohydrate index.Sample menu looks like this:


  • breakfast - cheese - 100g cooked fried eggs from two eggs with ham, unsweetened coffee or tea;

  • lunch - vegetable salad with mushrooms - 150g, soup of celery - 250g, unsweetened tea and steak.

  • Snack - walnuts - 50g;

  • dinner - tomatoes, boiled chicken - 200g.


  • breakfast - cheese - 150g couple of stuffed mushrooms boiled eggs, unsweetened tea;

  • lunch - vegetable salad with oil - 100g, cabbage soup with sour cream and meat - 250g, barbecue - 100g, unsweetened coffee.

  • Snack - Cheese - 200g;

  • dinner - boiled cauliflower - 100g, roasted chicken breast, unsweetened tea.


  • breakfast - three boiled sausage, fried eggplant - 100g, unsweetened tea;

  • lunch - cabbage salad with oil - 100g vegetable soup - 250g, chop the pig lean meat - 100g, unsweetened tea.

  • Snack - black olives - ten pieces;

  • dinner - a small tomato, yogurt - 200ml, boiled fish - 200g.


  • breakfast - salad with cauliflower - 100g, four cooked sausages, unsweetened tea;

  • lunch - vegetable salad with mushrooms - 150g, chicken soup - 250g, kebab lamb - 100g, unsweetened coffee.

  • Snack - 200g cheese;

  • dinner - lettuce - 200g, fried fish - 200g, unsweetened tea.


  • breakfast - scrambled eggs with cheese and four eggs, unsweetened tea;

  • dinner - salad of grated carrots - 100g, soup of celery - 250g.

  • Afternoon snack - peanuts - 30g;

  • dinner - dry red wine - 200ml, cheese - 100g, boiled fish - 200g, lettuce - 200g.


  • breakfast - fried eggs from a couple of eggs and ham, 100g of cheese, unsweetened green tea;

  • dinner - salad of cabbage, beet and sunflower oil - 100g, ear - 250g, 250g roast chicken.

  • Snack - pumpkin seeds - 50g;

  • dinner - lettuce - 100g, boiled fish - 200g, yogurt with no sugar - 200ml.


  • breakfast - four cooked sausage, caviar squash - 100g.

  • Lunch - cucumber salad - 100g, halophyte meat - 250g, grilled chicken - 200g, unsweetened tea.

  • Snack - walnuts - 30g;

  • dinner - a small tomato, boiled meat - 200g, yogurt with no sugar - 200ml.

This is about the Kremlin diet menu for the week.After the first seven days should be visible early results.If you wish, you can extend a diet for a month or longer.You can make almost any everyday menu of options authorized products, the main requirement is the fact that the daily diet of no more than forty units of the carbohydrate table of points.

Breakfast can be as follows: one hundred grams of cheese, fried eggs from three to four eggs with ham, unsweetened coffee or tea.Suitable such an option: one hundred and fifty grams of yogurt, unsweetened tea, a couple of boiled eggs.Not excluded, and this breakfast: one hundred grams of fried onions, 50 grams of cheese, scrambled eggs from the pair, unsweetened tea.Keep in mind that tea or coffee without sugar used.Sugar in the Kremlin diet is not welcome, as one piece may contain virtually all the daily norm of carbohydrates.

Examples of meals are as follows: 100 grams of salad kalmarovogo with olives, one hundred and fifty grams of cooked fish fillet with mushrooms, tea without sugar.Another option dinner: one hundred grams of cabbage salad with oil, two hundred grams of grilled chicken breast.Possible and this meal hundred and fifty grams of boiled cauliflower, vegetable soup, a hundred grams of steak.If you allow the planned carbohydrate scores, you can popoldnichat green apple or something else.

Dinner might consist of: a tomato, two hundred grams of yogurt with no added sugar, two hundred grams of boiled chicken.Another example: one hundred and fifty grams of cabbage salad, baked fish, a hundred and fifty grams of peas, unsweetened tea.Bread in the Kremlin diet drink is not recommended.It contains a sufficiently large amount of carbohydrates.

menu for the month of the Kremlin diet

Kremlin diet you can stick to a few weeks and can stretch like diet food for a month or more.Long version contains three stages.The first of these is called the "input" and its duration is two weeks.During this time, it is recommended to eliminate from their daily menu of sweet, starchy vegetables, flour and sweet fruits.But cheese, fish, eggs and meat can be eaten in any form.

duration of the first phase also depends on your state of health.If you reach the satisfying rate of weight loss, then you can move on to the second stage.The number of points by Kremlin table in the first stage should not exceed 40-conventional units per day.The second step is to gradually introduce into your diet vegetables, seeds, berries and nuts.The amount of carbohydrate points at this stage is slightly enlarged and is approximately forty conventional units.A more accurate figure is calculated individually for each.

Eat regularly - do not gorge themselves to death or starve for six hours or more.The third stage is called the "exit".It consists in a gradual increase in the amount of carbohydrates in the food to 60 arbitrary units per day.It is possible to add approximately 10 points per week.60 points - this is the average to maintain weight, the exact figure again depends on the body.Before embarking on a long-term course of the Kremlin diet is recommended to consult a doctor and pass the necessary tests.