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Why does a child is often a headache

Why does a child is often a headache

Adults are often not taken seriously headache as long as it does not go on their own children.It would seem that children should not be head ache, it's adults have a thousand reasons for this disease, but it is too early for children to suffer them.

However, in children is a painful condition occurs, and, for various reasons.Especially sorry for little children who have a headache, and they can not even tell her parents that feel.They complain of a headache by means of crying, fussing behavior, reluctance to eat.

Older children, suffering from headaches fall into drowsiness, especially at a time of day when they are supposed to behave actively.Or, on the contrary, usually the cool kids show increased nervousness and mobility.

main reasons for a headache in children

According to the medical statistics, in 4 out of 5 cases, the cause of headaches in children are the following factors:

1. viral colds, accompanied by a jump in temperature, flaccid stateand increased lacrimation;

2. inflammatory processes in the nasal and frontal sinuses and ears of children.Headache - a regular companion of diseases such as sinusitis and sinusitis.From her children suffer most, since the second half of the night, and before morning.During the day, the pain subside;

3. teething in young children is often accompanied by headaches, though not strong, but having a long and exhausting character;

4. emotional or physical overload, including eyestrain after prolonged reading in older children.In such cases, the headache can be quite strong;

5. during prolonged watching TV or video games a painful condition in children is accompanied by headaches, reddened eyelids, and dry whites of the eyes;

6. diet or famine, stay in a stuffy or noisy environment or high humidity cause throbbing headache that passes, will be eliminated if the reasons behind it.Medications to relieve headaches in this case are not required;

7. headache - a constant companion of increased intracranial pressure.This disease occurs both in adults and in young children.In infants this condition is accompanied by the following symptoms: poor appetite, regurgitation, non-drinking, fontanelle bulge.Kids older suffer from pain in the neck, which become stronger after sleep.

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disease in children who are accompanied by headaches

various diseases in children are accompanied by headaches.Among these diseases should be called in the first place:

1. traumatic brain injury that, in addition to headaches, accompanied by neurological disorders;

2. infectious diseases: meningitis, encephalitis, osteomyelitis of the cranial bones, extracerebral infectious diseases;

3. metabolic diseases - hypoxia, hypercapnia;

4. intracranial processes extravascular origin, provokes a rise in intracranial pressure - bruising, swelling, abscesses;

5. diseases of the cardiovascular system - hypotension, myocardial infarction, cerebral aneurysm, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hypertension, transient ischemic attack, arteritis, venous thrombi.

in infants headache may be caused by various external factors, such as loud noises, strong light, pungent odor, stuffiness, etc.Since the baby is still too small to explain, from which he was suffering, he just starts crying.Parents should try to determine what is causing the baby crying, and fix it.

For example, the baby may get nervous, closing his eyes and twirling restlessly from side to side, with the head like a pillow on the beats.In infants 1 to 3 months.may appear even convulsions.In such cases, the child's headache triggered by some irritant.If the child does not have a temperature, so parents need to pay attention to the environmental conditions and create a baby maximum calm and tranquil atmosphere.

small child not to be tormented by headaches to sleep in a well-ventilated room.Fresh air - one of the most potent healing factors when it comes to headache.Kid should surround the hotel.In the room where the child sleeps, the light should be soft, muted.

In periods when the heating system is working, it is important to regularly refresh the indoor air, regularly airing it, otherwise stuffy necessarily provoke a headache at the kid.Do not get carried away with aromatic compounds, such as essential oils and incense.If certain fragrances can calm down and relax the nervous system of an adult man, a child may act irritating way.

Trying to deal with the reasons causing pain your baby, consult a pediatrician, who will call you to the best ways of getting rid of children from headaches.Usually, if a headache - it is not the result of a congenital injury, it can be eliminated by setting up properly daily routine and diet of the child.