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Harm Kremlin diet for weight loss, and the results of reviews

Harm Kremlin diet for weight loss, and the results of reviews

essence of the Kremlin diet for weight loss

Nowadays overweight is a problem for quite a large number of people.The modern pace of life does not allow quality feed, forcing us to snack on the go and did not keep track of what exactly we eat.Whence are extra kilos?In the process of energy the human body uses primarily glucose.Carbohydrates that fall within the food our body in the gastro-intestinal tract cleaved to glucose and enter the bloodstream.

If energy costs are insignificant person, the glucose is not fully utilized.One part of it is deposited in the form of glycogen - carbohydrate complex, and the other is stored as body fat, which in turn leads to excess weight.The faster flow in blood glucose, the more it will be delayed as stocks.This often occurs when a person's diet is dominated by flour and sweet foods such as cakes or pies.

But if in your everyday menu, there is a moderate amount of foods containing simple carbohydrates, the glucose enters the bloodstream more slowly and has time sp

ent without leading to excessive weight gain.The essence of the Kremlin diet is the tight control of the amount of food entering carbohydrates that allows to keep normal weight.It is a protein-plant power supply system.

of its origin, there are many different versions and speculation, but the undeniable fact is one - with her help lost more than a dozen well-known politicians and pop stars.The Kremlin diet is focused on limiting carbohydrate intake, thereby causing the body to use back-up energy reserves.Settle these same stocks, it is not difficult to guess in body fat.Due to the fact that adhering to the Kremlin diet, you can eat a variety of protein foods and meat, it is considered a relatively easy way to lose weight.

Quite a varied diet, which does not violate the rules of this diet is also a significant advantage.Each product in the Kremlin diet carbohydrate assigned code or standard unit - brief moment.e. The value of y.e. expressed in content of carbohydrate per 100 grams of product.Buying any product, you can always read all the information on the package and decide whether to include it in your diet.Those wishing to lose weight should eat in a way that the number y.e. not greater than 40 units per day.

Observing the Kremlin diet, in unlimited quantities can eat cheese, eggs, meat and fish.But this does not mean that these products should be consumed kilograms.Eat as much as your body dictates.But all kinds of sweets, potatoes, pasta and bakery products need to dramatically reduce or completely eliminate from the diet.The same applies to sweet dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.According to the carbohydrate table of values ​​many points and sweet fruit: pineapple, bananas.

During compliance Kremlin diet is better to give preference for savory type: currant, apple, tangerine.Adhere to the system power supply can be from a few weeks to several months.Long-term program includes three stages.The initial phase of two weeks, during which the amount of carbohydrates in the diet should be less than 40 at.e. per day.In the second step the amount of carbohydrate increases somewhat.The exact figure is calculated for each individual, but it is about 40 at.e. per day.

The final phase - out.It involves a gradual increase in the amount of carbohydrates in the daily diet - 60 y.e. It lasts a few weeks.Use Kremlin diet permanently impossible.It is built on the severe restriction of carbohydrates, and they are essential for the full nutrition.

Carbohydrates in the Kremlin diet

Particular attention is paid to the Kremlin diet carbohydrates.It was on their reduction and builds the system for weight loss.The body is not getting enough from the diet of carbohydrates, is forced to break down body fat - they are redundant power supplies.With this burn excess weight.

The Kremlin diet, a special table of conventional units, which is denoted carbohydrate index for all basic foodstuffs.Through it is more convenient to make your daily diet.

The Kremlin diet reduced carbohydrates are replaced with an additional consumption of fats and proteins.In this case, you will be provided with a sufficient amount of calories, and will not experience hunger.In order to increase the omega-3 fatty acids is recommended to eat more seafood and fish.You should also increase your intake of vegetables.Technically, they are also considered a carbohydrate diet, but they contain mineral substances, vitamins and dietary fiber that promotes fat burning.

the day, it is desirable to eat five servings of vegetables a dark suit lettuce, carrots, red peppers, spinach.But from corn, green peas, yams and potatoes will have to give.More preferably raw vegetables, but fit and steamed.These can be added to the sauce (low-carb) and a little olive oil or butter.

Subject to the Kremlin diet is extremely important to control the amount entering the body of carbohydrates.Such innocuous at first glance, products such as salad dressing, tomato sauce or ketchup can contain a lot of carbohydrates, so before their purchase be sure to read part of the package.Keep in mind that this diet does not exclude carbohydrates completely, and controls their number.

Calories in the Kremlin diet

undeniable advantage of the Kremlin diet is that there is no need to count calories, and this distinguishes it from other systems for weight loss.You can eat fish or meat in almost any reasonable amount that will allow you to not feel hunger.According to this diet, the rate of fat burning or metabolism depends not on the number of calories and other factors.But we must remember that permitted products should not be consumed in excessive amounts - it can negatively affect health.

points Kremlin diet

specially designed table of points - a unique feature of the Kremlin diet, which does not need to count calories and grams.These points are assigned to each individual product of carbohydrate, depending on the content of carbohydrates per hundred grams.With the points table it is very simple and convenient to make your daily diet.Wanting to lose weight, you must not exceed the bar at 40 points on the day.If you are overweight does not go away, you can reduce their number to 30.

And if the desired result has been achieved, and you do not want to lose it, the number of points in everyday products, must not exceed 60 units.Estimated daily menu might look like this:

  • Breakfast - cottage cheese 150g (5 points), sausage with fried egg (2 points), unsweetened tea or coffee (0 points).

  • Lunch - vegetable salad with vegetable oil 100g (4 points), baked fish with mushrooms 150g (1 point), unsweetened tea (0 points).

  • Snack - 50g of walnuts (6 points), apple (18 points).

  • Dinner - lettuce 200g (4 points), chicken broth (0 points), boiled chicken 200g (0 points).Thus, the daily intake is not exceeded laid forty points.The menu can be using culinary fantasy and imagination.

harm Kremlin diet

Despite the rather significant advantages, the Kremlin diet has a number of contraindications.In particular, it is forbidden for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver.Also, it is not suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and adolescents.Everyone else before starting this diet is recommended to undergo a medical consultation and pass the necessary tests.

Among other things, the Kremlin diet dramatically reduces the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, which can lead to a sharp decline in the body of essential minerals and trace elements.For too long, dieting is fraught with decrease in muscle tone, excessive fatigue, poor sleep, increased cholesterol in the blood.

addition, excess animal protein (on which rests and Kremlevskaya diet) leads to an increase in blood ammonia (ammonia is inevitable metabolites produced by cleavage of the meat of the animal protein), which leads to toxicity and the poisoning organism.

ammonia excreted from the body in different ways, but the main (80%) is its relationship with uric acid.The excess uric acid is also not a good does not, for example uric acid - the main cause of gout.

reviews and results on the Kremlin diet lost weight

Vladislav: viewing points in the table of the Kremlin diet, I have paid close attention to the cottage.I just love it and score it a little, which allowed me to make the present cottage cheese menu.The truth is not for a week, but only for three days, but during that time dropped kilograms of excess weight.

Larisa: my friend lost weight on this diet is quite noticeable, but I did not last a week.The thing is that I just love the sweet.But here everything sweet is prohibited.After these few days for the next week eating your favorite candies.I recommend to everyone to try the Kremlin diet first to solve this problem, otherwise you will not last long.

Svetlana: drawing attention to forbidden foods, I immediately asked myself, and where I will get the necessary elements.Lose weight on this diet, of course you can, but I think at the same time damage to health will suffer too much.Comparing the pros and cons, I decided not to use this system for weight loss.

Victoria: two weeks lost weight for about six kilograms.True, the products themselves are very limited, try to gain points as little as possible.

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