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Why is the child grinding his teeth?

Why is the child grinding his teeth?

If parents notice that their baby is grinding his teeth in his sleep, they should observe the child and check how often repeated this phenomenon.Most likely, this will not be a single creak, and will be repeated on a regular basis in one night and the next day.

gritting his teeth found not only in children but in adults, and occurs due to the reduction of masticatory muscles during sleep, which is why the jaw tightly compressed and distributed well audible rasp.Such creaking (grinding) teeth in medicine called bruxism.

Why do children develop bruxism?

Despite the fact that this phenomenon is quite common, its causes in science have not been identified to date.Bruxism often occurs in people who have defects in the structure of the skull.Some believe that bruxism is caused by neurological causes.The people there is also the view that if a child is grinding his teeth in his sleep, so he had worms.

views of experts in elucidating the causes of bruxism are divided into two main areas, which we consider

below.Most doctors believe that the basis of the causes of bruxism are either psychological or dental disorders.

Psychological problems as the cause of bruxism in children

According to psychologists, the gnashing of teeth can be caused by the fact that the child is experiencing mental overload, stress.It does not matter how old the child is, in fact the state of nervous strain and may experience a tiny baby, and a schoolboy.

example, watching a scary movie can frighten the child and sow into his soul in constant fear that will eventually grow into an obsession and even phobia.Toddler can result in stress state meeting with a stranger or alien scary situation, such as a hospital, jostling in a public place, a visit to the circus or the zoo.

Perhaps the eve of the upcoming event, which is expected of a child, he can watch out the next day, mentally draw a frightening picture of themselves and because of this fall into a depressed state.

And maybe your child is experiencing a constant lack of parental love and family warmth.Parents might offend him and not notice the strong grieving child.And he continued to silently worry about getting hurt and falling asleep at night with tears.

impossible not to notice a direct link between negative experience psychological and clenching of teeth.So a person physiologically compensated test their psychological discomfort.Habit child grits his teeth when he was something like, saved and night.A child can dream of unpleasant dreams, and he grits his teeth, uttering at the same gnashing.

Dental factors appearance of bruxism in children

If the child does not look depressed, on the contrary, calm and cheerful, no hysterics and no sulking in the corner, but the night is still grinding his teeth, perhaps the baby should be kept to the dentist.Most likely, the child has abnormalities in the structure of the skull, or malocclusion.The cause of bruxism can be used to be set by the seal that age has moved beyond the tooth, causing a rattle at the closing jaws.

In any case, bruxism adversely affects the child's teeth, as during closure of the jaws and dentition erased friction top layer on the teeth.Over time, can develop inflammation of the gums, jaw joints may be painful to respond to the movement of the jaw, neck muscles can stiffen.

How to save the child from the habit of teeth grinding?

Watching your child, parents will be able to make their own conclusions about the causes of bruxism have their baby.

If parents believe that their child is grinding his teeth for psychological reasons, they need to change their treatment of the baby, to eliminate all the possible causes of childhood anxiety.The kid has to feel protected and loved in his family.

If the cause of bruxism is in the structure of the skull and jaws of the baby, you can try to strengthen its masticatory muscles.Let your child before bedtime fresh carrot.Let the kid often crunches fresh fruits and vegetables.However, it imposed certain products should not be, so as not to cause aversion to them.

is possible, starting with the child for a walk, take a fruit that a child begins to nibble with pleasure instead of candy.After regular follow the advice listed, after a few weeks notice if your child continues to grind their teeth at night.If bruxism is repeated, show the kid dentist.

In cases of child bruxism it is important not to run, and to react to this phenomenon, trying to determine its true causes.Be attentive to your baby, even if the child grows up in a comfortable and friendly family atmosphere.In loving and caring parents baby soon forget the tormented his problems and will grow healthy and cheerful.