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Cheese Diet

Cheese Diet

Cheese diet for weight loss prefer to use the people who are afraid of the thought of hunger.This technique is a kind of food carbohydrate-free protein diet.Cheese diet is based on respect for the balance of protein and fat at every meal.A special food plan is designed for 10 days, during which takes about 10 kg of excess weight.Due to the presence in the menu of cheese, the body easily tolerate the lack of heavy meat without damage to health.We cheese diet has only one drawback - the lack of fruits and vegetables as sources of vitamins.For this reason, this diet can be used for a limited period of time.

Benefits cheese diet

This protein carbohydrate-free diet is just as popular as the Kremlin.Carrying cheese diet in contrast to the Kremlin does not require scoring, but it offers a more meager diet.

unique composition makes an excellent dietary product cheese.100 g of this product contains about 400-700 mg of mineral salts of calcium and phosphorus, a maximum of 50% fat (of dry matter) and a maxim

um of 30% of the protein that serves as a source of essential amino acids - the main "building blocks" for the cells.Cheese occupies a leading position among the foods with the highest protein content.Sitting on a diet of cheese can be no more than 10 days, competent approach to business allows, even in such a short period of 7-10 fold excess kilogram.

The main advantage of this diet is a feeling of fullness in the transition from the traditional diet regime on cheese.On the plus side, you can also safely be ranked ease of preparation included in the diet menu of dishes.All products used are rich in protein and minerals, which are in high demand in the spring, when the body, nails, hair and skin in need of enhanced recharge.

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Contraindications for cheese diet

This diet is prohibited to carry out those people who have diseases of the digestive system.Weakened stomach can get a serious blow as a result of the abundance of protein and dairy products.In addition, diet cheese excludes the use of fruits and vegetables - important source of vitamins.For this reason, the transition to a dietary table requires additional intake of multivitamin supplements.

options cheese diet

Cheese dieta.jpg kind of elegant wine and cheese diet is aristocratic sample cheese diet, which is incredibly tasty.Anyway, more than ten days on this diet is not recommended to sit.Wine and cheese diet - great for fasting days, brings a lot of positive emotions and gives a positive attitude.However, if a long time to stick to the diet menu, you can cause irreparable harm to their health.

Classic version offers cheese diet 5-6 tirazovye fractional meals.Its maximum length is also ten days, during which daily supports the following menu:

  • At 8:00 breakfast of a cup of green tea or coffee without sugar.

  • At 10:00 lunch consisting of a boiled egg.

  • At 12:00 lunch consisting of 200 grams of cooked meat.

  • At 14:00 lunch consisting of 100 grams of low-fat cheese to 10-12%.

  • At 16:00 a second lunch, consisting of 250 g fat-free yogurt with no added sugar, cream or sour cream.

  • At 18:00 dinner consisting of one cup of low-fat yogurt.

During the classic cheese diet should drink per day for at least 1.5-2 liters of clean water.If you decide to repeat the diet, this should be done not earlier than two months, so that the body had time to replenishment of carbohydrates.

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Interesting facts

All those wishing to lose weight in a short period of time, nutritionists recommend the use of a very simple diet.Scientists conducted an entertaining experiment in which subjects in the amount of 160 people divided into several groups.All of these people were overweight.Each group of people was chosen accordingly to one of the types of diets.For the experiment, participants were regularly held training sessions, through which they received detailed information on all the nuances of the selected systems of losing weight.At the same time we recorded the interim results of each group.

After 365 days were announced the results of research: in each group about 25% of the subjects were classified as "advanced workers", who managed to lose more than 5% of its original weight.The experiments showed that achieved the most outstanding results of those people who rigorously observe the diet.The rest of the subjects allowed themselves to relax and occasionally allowed freedom, so were far behind and could not reach the desired goal.

On the basis of the results of research, scientists have concluded that there is no point with enviable frequency to use all sorts of diets.It is not necessary to try everything and spend time on each diet alone.The best option for weight loss - select a single diet that is closer to you just like it seems most appropriate for you specifically and strictly follow all the rules and instructions of the supply system.

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