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Why pooping baby green, liquid, or foam

Why pooping baby green, liquid, or foam

Among one of the most important indicators of the health of the baby is his chair.A particular observation is subjected in the first months of life of the newborn, when every mother constantly monitors its performance such as texture, color and frequency.

the first few days is considered normal stools dark green color, no smell, which is called "original cal" or "meconium".It is part of the secret of the digestive glands, the remnants of the amniotic fluid and desquamated intestinal epithelium.Immediately after birth meconium has different sterile, and at the same time, the bacteria are beginning to inhabit the gut of the newborn, and then planted in his stool.

From about the third or fourth day of life, feces gradually becoming mustard, acquiring at the same pasty consistency and a slight odor, resembling the smell of sour milk.If the child is all right, then the chair, and must remain so, provided that the child is exclusively breastfed, without receiving any lures as mixtures.

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norm and deviation

If we talk about children who are bottle-fed, the normal frequency of bowel movements should not be less than 1-2 times a day.Children breastfed stools can occur even 1 time in 3-5 days, and it will be considered the norm if a child is nothing without pain, is not observed GAZ cars, and it feels good.

However, it may happen that - baby chair suddenly changes color or texture, while the child begins to torment diarrhea or constipation.These symptoms should worry mum, as they may arise as a result of infections, allergies and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.Most often young parents are faced with the phenomenon of the foam chair in the newborn.

frothy stools in infants - who is to blame and what to do?

1. Watery stools with foam dark color indicates that the child lacks power.If the child is breastfed, you'll have to make some changes in the mode of feeding, as it can depend on the amount of milk produced by the female breast.

newborn baby must be fed on demand, at the same time feeding should take place not less frequently than once every 2-2.5 hours.If it is a child who is bottle-fed, the rate of food for him - 1 time in 3-3,5 hours, as any mixture of digested longer than breast milk.It is necessary to observe the behavior of the child during feeding, the nipple must be properly captured, along with the areola, should also be heard as the baby swallows, no smacking of lips or chewing the nipple should not be.In the case where the number of feedings has been increased as well as the duration of each of them, but the child still eats not, you should consider the introduction of complementary feeding mixture.

2. Another cause foam chair, a child may be an imbalance of the front and rear of milk when feeding.It is possible that a child first receives the front milk, less nutritious and more watery digested much faster than the rear, more nutritious and fat that the child in this case simply loses.In this case there is a failure in the digestive system of the baby, and can cause colic and GAZ cars.

As a solution to this problem should also consider adjusting diet.Make sure that the child is completely emptied the first breast before starting the second.At each feeding the baby should be fed from the same breast for quite a long time, but in this case it will not only forward, but also back the milk.If the child at a feeding failed to empty one breast, then the next feeding he should offer it the same.

3. lactose deficiency is often seen as another reason foamy stool in infants, but in this case adds another characteristic symptom - sour smell.Lactose called milk sugar contained in human milk, and represents 99% of total carbohydrates in its composition.

Lactose is considered a very useful component for the body of the child, thanks to her improved forming microflora of the gastrointestinal tract baby, but it should take into account the fact that lactose is split by the enzyme lactase, which can be produced in insufficient quantities in some children.Thus, excess undigested lactose can cause newborn foamy liquid stools or diarrhea, pain and abdominal GAZ cars.

most common method of diagnosis is considered to be an analysis of fecal carbohydrates. cause of ailments, as well as its method of treatment is to identify an allergist or a gastroenterologist.Often child prescribed diet with minimal levels of lactose.If the baby is bottle-fed, it can translate into a low-lactose or lactose-free mixture.Mother of a child who is breastfed may be asked to express milk front, which is considered a rich lactose, and then add to your milk a special enzyme - lactase. each feeding will start from that milk, after which the child will get the chest in which the left rear milk, which contains lactose, a much smaller proportion.

4. Allergies to lure him or improper administration can also cause for the emergence of a child greenish foamy stool.Before the child reaches six months old, no food other than breast milk or adapted milk formula he is not required.It is the early introduction of complementary foods or the beginning of it with fruit juice, it can cause digestive disorders, and therefore - the emergence of a child's foam chair.If you solve this problem on its own does not work, consult an allergist, who will explain how best to build a power supply circuit for a newborn.