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Exfoliate nails baby

Exfoliate nails baby

for adult bundle nail plate is a problem mainly of aesthetic character, even though many of us realize that the problems with the nails do not occur by themselves, but are the result of abnormalities in the internal organs.

nails exfoliate If a small child, too suspicious and caring mom can fall into a panic, drawing himself terrible pictures diseases that occur in the body of the baby.Is it any way to respond to changes in the structure of children's nails, and whether or not the layer of nails indicate problems with the health of the child?

In some cases, the child may exfoliate nails?

reasons for which the baby began to exfoliate nails, there may be several, for example:

1. nail on the finger of the baby could undergo routine physical injury.In this case, the nail can either peel off or completely blacken and fall off.In place of the old nail the baby will soon grow a new one;

2. if the mother is confident that the child is not injured nail, it should show the baby mycologist (fungal diseases

specialist).Treatment of nail fungus on the alleged traditional medicines is undesirable, especially in the case of infants;

3. If the child's nails peeling occurred at all, without exception, fingers, baby's pediatrician should be shown.Most likely, the child has disorders in digestion, and it is necessary to correct children's diet to improve the digestive system of the baby;

4. possible causes of the bundle nail the baby are insufficient flow in his body the required amount of trace elements and vitamins.Frequently bundle nail becomes a consequence of lack of calcium in the child's body, and zinc, magnesium and phosphorus.Nails and exfoliate with a lack of natural gelatin.

How to treat a bundle of nails in a child?

If the cause is a bundle of nail fungus, a doctor-mycologist send the baby for tests, determine the type of fungus, its sensitivity to drugs and prescribe appropriate medications.Parents require scrupulous observance of the doctor's recommendations, as the fungus - a disease resistant and capricious, which lends itself well to what was spoken only in the case of a serial of medication and medical procedures.

If nails exfoliate the child because of a defective diet, which lacks any vitamins or minerals, a pediatrician child receiving child appoint multivitamin complex, for example, such as Multitabs, peaks or Pregnavit.In addition to pharmaceutical drugs, the doctor will recommend to increase the number of relevant foods in children's diets.

If nails exfoliate the child due to the lack of natural gelatin, often need to include baby food jelly, marmalade jelly and other products.Calcium kid can get out of cheese and broccoli.Iron rich dried apricots, raisins, almonds and cereal.Is saturated with various microelements dishes such as oatmeal and buckwheat porridge with oil (preferably linseed).Children should diversify the diet of nuts and dried fruits, liver and fish.

useful to organize children's hands bath with the addition of vitamin A products, such as retinol, olive oil.Adding a few drops of iodine can also solve the problem with a bundle of children's nails.After a series of baths baby nails grow stronger.However, the use of iodine is permissible only if the child is not allergic to it.

sometimes cause separation of nails is a nail-biting.Notice how often your child puts a hand to her mouth.This habit is not only unsightly and prevents nails grow normally.Hands of the child, especially when he begins to interact with their peers, accumulate huge amount of bacteria that are sent directly to the baby's mouth, if he has a habit of biting his nails.

If your baby constantly bites his nails, then he developed psychological problems.Rebuke, scolding a child or slap his hands does not make sense - it will only aggravate the problem.Attentive and caring parents will be able to deliver my child from this addiction, only to eliminate the cause of anxiety baby.If it is impossible to independently solve the problem, in this case it will help a child psychologist, who will find out not only the reasons for the child's psychological discomfort, but also give tips to improve the situation in the family.

Independent attempts to determine the cause of the separation nail the baby is unlikely to lead to a positive result.A neglect of the problem can result in unfortunate consequences when the disease, because of which exfoliate nails a child already goes to an advanced stage, and its elimination will require much more time, effort and nerves.

Be attentive to the health of their children.In time it reacts to the slightest change, then either your child or you do not have to suffer because of the developed complications.