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Should I write most of the first guy

Should I write most of the first guy

Modern boys and girls for the most part already on the first date exchange contacts (mobile number and email address), or information on availability of accounts in social networks.And often women, feeling the nascent sympathy for the young man, and not having enough patience to wait to take the initiative with his hand, ready to make the first step toward a new relationship.So, some of the female first to write SMSes and e-mails, and even the most enterprising do not hesitate to call the guy and talk about their feelings.But, fortunately, these little girls.Most of them intuitively understand that we should not rush things.

Why girls should not take the initiative?

unconscious maiden careful not due modesty, or, in any case, not just her.Girls, considering that operate according to generally accepted standards, in fact, subject to the law of nature - the first steps towards the creation of a pair of male always does, in our case - a man.Overcoming the feeling of discomfort and tightness in the best

case leads to the short-lived happiness, at worst - the destruction has not even established couples.

Why is this happening?The fact that a harmonious relationship in the pair are possible only in the case where a woman, despite the gradual convergence with the man remains a mystery to him.Such relations can be likened to the slow and beautiful dance in which the man strongly committed to his beloved, and she, at first glance, closer to him, slipping smoothly, leaving only its flavor and inspiration to continue to dance.

What is important for males?

Put bluntly, the man has to seek in every way feminine location.For him, the whole point of the relationship is to achieve victory.When a man sees a goal - women interested him, but it is inaccessible - it will mobilize all its forces to its conquest.

If the woman is completely subordinated to the man if he had studied and knew all its secrets (as is sometimes the case with married couples), the relationship sooner or later cease to exist.

Although undoubtedly, the first time a reckless approach and knowledge of one another will bring joy to both.However, this happy period will last for long, and soon the man begins to realize that his endeavor is, in principle, there is nothing and no one to pursue.And it threatens the loss of interest in the woman, and the relationship with her.

Article topic: Should I kiss the guy first?Why

first step is to make the man?

Some female representatives ignore convention, arguing that there is no difference as to whose feed will start a relationship.But by writing or calling the man first, the woman literally stamps have that subconscious that at the very beginning of dialogue initiative showed it, but he is not.Sooner or later this item recall and lead to the emergence of dissatisfaction man himself and his role in the pair.In such a situation, and a woman is unlikely to feel happy.That is why, no matter how likely want to continue the acquaintance, it would be better to take the position of the observer, allowing the young man to start winning a girl's heart on its own initiative.However, if you hold back no longer work, and relations were tied up at the initiative of the fairer sex, do not panic and despair.A wise woman is able to correct the behavior of the seemingly hopeless situation, at any stage of relations.

Should I write the first ex-boyfriend?

happens and such that the relationship is already in full swing, but after a quarrel man disappears without explanation.The girl seems to be forgiven him or herself ready to ask for forgiveness, but he vanished into thin air.It all depends on the situation.If you really blame a woman, there is nothing wrong in the fact that it was the first call or write, wanting to apologize.If the guilty man, you should not take the first step towards reconciliation.After all, doing so again, she will be forced to do so permanently.The man in this case is not even given a chance to learn to admit their mistakes.

Should I call the guy (former) first?

Should I write to former boyfriend pervoy.jpg call, unlike SMS or letter, the thing is not designed and is largely dependent on the skill of a negotiator.If you write a letter, you have it well thought out from the beginning to the end, and then again subtracted and corrected, the call - is not predictable.Although there is in this, and its advantages - in the course of the conversation, you will learn everything that interests you at once, asking precise questions, although it has a chance to upset you comment.As for calls ex-boyfriend, then, in my opinion, to do so in any case it is impossible - it is the former.Of course, if you do not want to dot the "i" once and make sure there is nothing between you.Select, write or call the guy is on the basis of what you have character, and are you ready to learn everything at once, or wait and do not know at all.

However, be prepared in advance and that is simply not possible to achieve a guy no answers or the answer will be vague and will not help solve your problem.In any case, before the call in advance think over what and how to ask, can mentally beat a little situation, and maybe it will tell you how to proceed.

Thus, it can be summed up - no matter whether you are at the very beginning of the relationship, or they last for years, it should be remembered that the pride and dignity is much more valuable than any of the men, and to ignore them is unacceptable.