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The best essential oils for hair

The best essential oils for hair

Essential Oils called extracts extracted from different parts of plants and all kinds of fact which are highly concentrated volatile aromatic compounds.Even in the ancient world, people have learned to make and use the essential oils.Among the discoverers of surprising source of healing properties of these extracts is Egyptian civilization.To have survived numerous medical prescriptions based on essential oils, including recipes for cosmetic hair care products.

Currently, there are several options for using EM Hair:

  • mask applied before washing the head;

  • addition of EM in shampoos;

  • addition of EM in the water for rinsing the hair;

  • combing the hair with the help of EM.

Hair masks based on essential oils have primarily curative effect.Thus EM never used in pure form, and diluted with a base oil.As a basis ideally suited olive oil, but it could use any other (unrefined sunflower, sesame, almond, burdock, etc.).

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Depending on the length of hair is taken 2-4 tablespoonsbase oil, to which is added 3-8 drops of essential oil.Before use, the mixture was gently heated on a steam bath, and then applied to the scalp and hair for at least 20 minutes.For best results, hiding his head with polyethylene and warm towel.After the procedure, the hair is thoroughly washed with a shampoo.Typically, a course of 10-15 masks used in a day.After some time, within 2 weeks of repeated prophylactic course.

In the process of mixing the shampoo with EM it is usually cloudy, so the mixture should be thoroughly stirred.Shelf life of such a mixture does not exceed 30 days.Shampoo recommended to pour into portions bottle and add it to the direct application of oil.Shampoo the hair EM hold no more than 7 minutes, during which the conduct fingertips scalp massage, then thoroughly washed locks.

in the water for rinsing can also add 2-3 drops of essential oil, preferably with apple cider vinegar.If you decide to add EM in hair conditioner, you must keep it for 15 minutes.

before combing the hair oil is applied directly to the ridge.This method allows you to improve your hair and make them stronger.Essential oils from plant differ that leave no oily film on the scalp and hair.

Whichever method of using essential oils for the hair you choose, remember that it should choose not only in terms of medicinal properties, but also based on your own perception.If EM aroma makes you negative feelings, it is better not to use such means.

lavender essential oil lavender

EM pleases fans with his enchanting aroma and incredible advantage for any type of hair.This essential oil - loyal assistant in the fight against dandruff and an unpleasant itchy scalp.It helps to restore damaged and brittle hair.The tool actively solve the problem of hair loss.To stimulate the renovation of hair follicles and hair growth is necessary every day to massage the head with EM lavender.This oil is perfectly combined with many other essential oils, especially EM tea tree and rosemary.

This cosmetic and therapeutic agent improves blood circulation and lymph circulation.As an effective mask can recommend to our readers the following recipe mask based on lavender oil: to 3 tablespoonsslightly warmed olive oil is added 3 drops of lavender EM and EM 2 drops of rosemary.If you wish, you can add to the weight 1 teaspoonhoney and 1 tspcognac, which further nourish and strengthen the hair, giving it vitality and a unique luster.In addition to the elimination of alopecia and dandruff, lavender oil helps restore damaged hair.

Rosemary essential oil

This extract is obtained from leaves and flowers of rosemary, widely used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.Rosemary acts as a major component in many cosmetic products.Application of EM rosemary gets rid of dandruff and hair loss and brittle hair.

Rosemary oil perfectly solves the problem of slow hair growth.Due to its beneficial properties of simulated hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp.This oil is characterized by a light texture and does not clog the pores of the scalp.

Rosemary oil is recommended for hair loss, for the reason that it stimulates the hair follicles and in the process prevents premature graying.In addition, the tool helps in perfectly brittle and dry hair, cleanses the strands from the remnants of everyday cosmetics.Rosemary oil quickly relieves itchy scalp and dandruff.

beware, experts recommend using EM rosemary epileptics, gipetornikam and pregnant, prone to cramps.

essential oil of lemon

main advantage of using EM lemon - giving strands special forces and luxurious appearance.This essential oil is the richest natural source of nutrients and vitamins, due to which hair noticeably improve their health, acquire an extraordinary brilliance and a more pronounced natural shade.With regular use of lemon oil helps to heal damaged scalp and small wounds.

EM lemon - an excellent preventive remedy for hair loss, as well as to stimulate their growth.This is one of the few oils used not only for the massage of the scalp, but also for the manufacture of face masks, designed to strengthen the hair over the entire length.EM lemon works well on hair paired with castor, burdock, EM ylang-ylang, juniper and geranium.As a base for masks with lemon butter remarkably suited almond and olive oil.

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oil has pronounced nutritive and antiseptic properties that effectively treats dandruff.For this purpose, scalp massage is performed in combination with the oil of lemon oil of rosemary, lavender or tea tree.The most effective result brings regular use of EM in the lemon brittle and weak hair.

When this oil it is imperative to test its effect on the elbow as lemon often causes allergic reactions.

essential oil of orange

Orange oil is a very pleasant and fragrant component in hair care.The oil leaves the hair nice fragrant notes and helps to strengthen them and eliminating dandruff.It perfectly restores dry hair.EM orange at regular application is ideal for oily hair, it helps regulate the sebaceous glands.

This oil is widely used for aromaraschesyvaniya.In principle, the essential oils of citrus oils most often included in the home recipes, and used for enrichment of finished masks shampoos and balsams.Orange oil can restore hair damaged by the sun, salt water or chemicals.It eliminates dandruff and stimulates hair growth.

worth noting that sometimes EM orange causes an allergic reaction, especially in people with allergies to citrus.In this case, the use of oil should be abandoned.One should not abuse this oil because of its high concentration in the means of hair care products can cause severe burning.The norm is considered a slight burning for 1-2 minutes, otherwise you must immediately wash your scalp with running water.

essential oil

EM mint nice way for its cleansing and refreshing properties for dull and brittle hair, in the presence of dandruff and oily scalp.Shampoo enriched with peppermint oil improves blood circulation of the upper layers of the scalp, thereby activates hair growth.Peppermint oil relieves inflammation of the scalp, relieves unpleasant itching, with excellent disinfectant.All this is conducive to its successful use in the irritated skin.

This tool has an amazing ability to warm in cold weather and cool when it is hot outside.For this reason, mint mask gained so much popularity.However, it should be with him on his guard, as the excessive use of toning product may cause irritation of the skin.

In aromatherapy peppermint EM has established itself as a relaxing and sedative.Aroma mints on a strand of hair helps to get rid of nervous tension and efficiently restore a favorable emotional background.

essential oil of cinnamon

essential oil extracted from cinnamon, is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, tannins, organic acids, and other equally important natural elements.Cinnamon oil increases blood flow to the scalp, accelerates the growth of hair and perfectly warm.Masks based on cinnamon oil significantly improve the condition of the strands and help deal with the increased fat content, whereby the hair becomes thicker.EM cinnamon works well in tandem with other essential oils, such as jojoba oil, clove, juniper and rosemary.

to give effect to the hair and strengthen it is recommended to use oil of cinnamon for regular massage the scalp before washing hair.Warming feature of this tool helps to stimulate the necessary processes in the root zone.When applying this natural oils on the skin perfusion rate is enhanced cutaneous, the consequence of which it becomes active supply of nutrients and minerals that are vital for the normal development of hair follicles as well as health, strength and elasticity of hair.

Essential Oil Bay

constant use of EM Bey serves to strengthen the structure of the hair and prevention of hair loss, compaction of each hair growth and revitalization.The oil brings amazing results to those who wish to grow long, thick and elastic strands.The tool has a direct effect on the bulbs, and thus provides additional power over the entire length of the hair.

The oil contains essential substances, soothing the scalp and prevents fungal diseases.It has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, but for sensitive skin oil Bey should be used with extreme caution.Also at risk are high blood pressure and pregnant women.Before using EM Bey recommended to test the sensitivity of the skin to this product.

Grapefruit essential oil

The oil extracted from the peel of grapefruit tree, which contains a huge amount of vitamins, nutrients and essential components.The undeniable properties of grapefruit include antiseptic, anti-infective, anti-stress, relaxing and other activities of natural character.

tool widely used for hair loss.It returns the hair its strength and thickness.Regular massage of the head, held on the basis of vegetable oils with the addition of EM grapefruit, gives an excellent stimulating effect and helps to enhance blood flow to the head and increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the hair for their favorable development and increased growth.Strands before our eyes are healthy and strong.

Grapefruit oil acts on the hair in the same way when added to the rinse balms and shampoos.It should be appreciated that this method of hair care is not suitable for women with sensitive scalp.

restoring mask for hair with grapefruit oil with honey, egg yolk and olive oil works wonders!Hair transformed in a matter of days or a few weeks, they just do not know!

Patchouli essential oil

This oil is suitable for all hair types and equally successfully strengthens them through a scalp massage with extracts of patchouli, a bouquet of essential oils with the addition of this natural component.Such procedures help reduce oiliness of the hair by reducing the production of sebum and regulate the function of the sebaceous glands.EM patchouli perfectly moisturizes weak and dry hair, gives them a very powerful food.As a result, the strands become more sturdy and strong, healthy and resilient.

patchouli oil extract is the most effective natural products that help in the fight against dandruff.Regular scalp massage using it helps to create a more favorable environment for the health and development of hair follicles, prevent infectious symptoms, improve the condition of the skin of the head and protect him from fungal and bacterial diseases.As a result of accelerated growth of hair, improves their development, as well as the problem disappears with the fallout, which is especially important in the postpartum period, as well as the age of 50-55 years.

Effect of EM patchouli to strengthen the hair, usually manifests itself very quickly and powerfully.Just a few months of regular treatments with essential oils significantly improves the structure and quality of hair.If you stop your choice on the patchouli oil, the result will be seen earlier!Your curls will exude radiance and splendor!It's worth noting that the product is contraindicated for use for pregnant women and people with individual intolerance to the patchouli oil, which is easily identified by means of the test for skin sensitivity.

We very much hope that our tips and tricks will help you find your perfect oil which will work effectively it on your hair and bring you joy as the results obtained, as well as its bewitching fragrance.Plunge headlong into the world of aromatherapy for hair!

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