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Stitches in the abdomen during pregnancy

Stitches in the abdomen during pregnancy

During pregnancy, each woman faces new changes your body, pain and discomfort.Similar changes in the condition of the body are completely natural.Since the birth of a child leads to drastic changes in the female body - leading to swelling and sprains, stretching muscle fibers, "divergence" of the pelvic organs.Such changes are usually the cause of tingling or pulling pain in the lower abdomen, that often occur during the first trimester of pregnancy.Statistics show that usually with similar pain experienced by women who have had painful menstruation before pregnancy.

But sometimes situations when the appearance of stabbing pain in various places of the organism make a woman truly experience.But most of all to this cause panic woman stabbing pain localized in the abdominal area.

What to consider when a stabbing pain in the abdomen during pregnancy?

pregnant women should be taken into account that the child-bearing special attention should be paid not only on the nature of your pain, but mainly on th

e intensity.But in any case, when a certain feeling in the abdomen really alarming, recommended consulting a specialist.But certain feelings and their causes can be considered in this article.

In particular, the cause of the appearance of pointed (but usually pulling) pain becomes hypertonicity of the uterus.For minor pain enough to lie down, calm down and relax.With intense pain that has complemented and discharge, an urgent need to get medical help.

Keep in mind that during pregnancy may cause stabbing pain in other organs.In particular, a reduction in motility of the gastrointestinal tract during pregnancy.The consequence of these changes become stagnant stool, constipation, flatulence, occur as a result of stabbing pain in the gut.

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Potential causes stabbing pain in the abdomen during pregnancy

sometimes sharp stabbing pain is a sign of acute appendicitis.When stabbing cramping pain in the right upper quadrant, the reason may lie in the inflammation of the gallbladder - cholecystitis.In pregnancy, there may be some effects on the pancreas.In particular, inflammation of the pancreas, pancreatitis, manifested in the form of sharp pain in the upper abdomen.When pregnancy often arise nagging pains that during the filling of the bladder, acquire stinging character and great intensity.The emergence of a particularly strong pain characteristic of urination.This sign indicates inflammation of the bladder - cystitis.The emergence of "colic" often makes us think of infectious diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact.

appearance of pain in the coccyx during pregnancy

during pregnancy may cause pain and stabbing character in the coccyx.Pain may not only be stitching, but also stupid, they are localized, or given in the lower abdomen, crotch, thigh, buttocks.Such changes may actually be caused by a very large number of factors, from the emotional stress, hormonal changes to the threat of premature pregnancy termination.

cervical incompetence during pregnancy

deserves special attention cervical incompetence.The cause of this disease become injured cervical isthmus.Personal injury can often result in the birth of a large baby, abortion, the use of forceps.As a result, there is an opening of the cervix, without the ability to hold the ovum, which goes down.The woman will be felt stabbing pains in the vagina nature.Such a situation is dangerous threat of spontaneous abortion.Most often, this condition is characterized by a 16-week gestation baby.

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Stitches in the abdomen during pregnancy Right

emergence of such pain may indicate an ectopic pregnancy - where fetal development occurs outside the uterus.In this case, there is a need of urgent medical care.The development of the ovum in this case usually occurs in the fallopian tubes.Approximately 5-6 weeks duration of pregnancy there is a rupture of the pipe or tube abortion.With the defeat of the right fallopian tube is characterized by the appearance of severe pain stabbing character localized in the lower right abdomen.In acute, cramping occurs indication of tubal abortion.When you break the pipe pain is very high, which is why it differs from signs of acute appendicitis is extremely difficult.

should be understood, however, there are some differences: the pain during an ectopic pregnancy will give into the rectum, groin, external genitals.The diagnosis is made according to certain criteria: bleeding from the genital organs, delayed menstruation, low blood pressure, rapid pulse, dizziness (is enhanced when changing position), pale skin.At suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy, a woman needs to go immediately to the hospital for the purpose of the operation.If time does not take appropriate measures, a large blood loss can lead to a threat of death.

in character to the interrupted ectopic pregnancy is similar to ovarian apoplexy - heart attack, or rupture of the ovary, which is characterized by the violation of his integrity, manifestation of such changes is bleeding into the abdominal cavity.But keep in mind that this situation is considered extremely rare disease.However, there is a certain danger in this respect - because of the rarity of this disease is complicated by her diagnosis.Typically characterized by violation of the right ovary, often noted after surgery for an ectopic pregnancy or acute appendicitis.

Note complexity of differences apoplexy from an ectopic pregnancy.Since the picture is almost always the same: location, characteristics similar to the pain, profuse bleeding and so on. As the pregnancy involves a delay menstruation, there is a rupture of the ovary in the middle of the menstrual cycle - ovulation or after it.In such a situation there is an urgent need for professional assistance.In the absence of heavy blood loss, without increasing anemia suit and conservative methods of treatment.Otherwise, the need to resort to the urgent implementation of the operation.

not uncommon in young girls is a torsion leg cysts.It is a tumor of the ovary, possibly changing their size, the result of this process is a torsion.Among the possible reasons you can note the sharp increase in exercise, pregnancy, abdominal pressure change, an abrupt change in body weight and other factors.There is the appearance of a lower right abdomen stabbing, sharp and severe pain, the result of which may be loss of consciousness.The pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, pressure, heart palpitations, cold sweat on the appearance of the skin.Pain during movement increases.There is also the likelihood of bleeding.Torsion legs cyst becomes the basis to perform emergency surgery.

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Stitching pain in the abdomen on the left during pregnancy

case we are considering mainly give rise to pain in the abdomen on the right, in addition to an ectopic pregnancy (the side localization of pain in this case depends onfrom the site of implantation of a fertilized egg).However, inflammation of the appendages may also be the cause of pain on the right and the left.The emergence of unpleasant sensations in the initial stage is characterized by the abdomen, then it is moved toward the center of an inflammation.Leads to the development of inflammation may be getting an infection in the internal sex organs on the results of giteroskopii, curettage of the uterus or when complications after miscarriage.Pain in this case on the force inferior to the cases described above.

Among the characteristic signs of inflammation of the appendages it should be noted pus.Compared with torsion leg cysts, which may be the cause of physical activity leads to activation of inflammatory processes may hypothermia.Among the characteristic symptoms of marked fever, irritability, drowsiness, fatigue, lack of appetite, signs of intoxication - including cold sweat, sallow complexion, reduction in blood pressure.If you do not take timely measures to treat the problem, there is a threat of serious consequences, including sepsis, purulent fusion of appendages or peritonitis.

This list of potential abnormalities or diseases that lead to the sensation of pain in the abdomen, is not limited.We stopped its focus on women's diseases - problems to be aware of every woman.

Can you drink medicines for abdominal pain during pregnancy?

with abdominal pain before consulting with a specialist can be used antispasmodics - the action of these drugs is aimed at relaxation of smooth muscles of internal organs.Including can be used Nospanum or candles with papaverine.Also at this time it is highly recommended rest and relaxation.If pain persists for more than an hour, you can resort to reusable product.But with an increase, long-term preservation of the pain, in spite of the effect of muscle relaxants, with the appearance of other symptoms, you need to recourse to a specialist.

resort to self-medication with anti-inflammatory and pain medications is not recommended.Since the action of these drugs leads to changes in the clinical manifestations of the disease, hiding it lead to improved visibility.Also while accessing skilled certain features may be omitted as a result of painkillers.And in any case, do not self-medication with antimicrobials - many suggest a negative impact to the fetus, and distort the pattern of laboratory tests and disease manifestations.