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Feng Shui Waterfall

Feng Shui Waterfall

impact of the five basic elements in the life of a person is very important in Feng Shui, because they can determine his fate.Water is one of the main elements that could harmonize and structure the environment.In addition, it is an inexhaustible source of life-giving energy of chi.Water - one of the most important and strongest natural elements and its presence in the house draws it wealth, financial stability, happiness and good fortune.

small waterfall will serve as a perfect symbol of this element in your home.The sounds of flowing water have a calming effect on the mind and nervous system, allow to distract from the accumulated problems and relax after a hard day's work.Feng Shui recommends the purchase of a waterfall especially those who live in the apartment.They very often is a violation of the energy balance, and falls just restores the balance between yin and yang.

Nowadays, there are many waterfalls, differing in size, color, shape.If your living area allows, it's wise to think about the

construction of a large waterfall.He will not only perform their function in feng shui, but also perfectly fit almost any decor.In addition, it is a great place to relax, which is so important nowadays.If the space is not enough, then it will fit a small decorative waterfall - it also has the necessary properties.

After installing a waterfall, followed by good care.Water in it should never stagnate, otherwise the life of the inhabitants of the house can become boring and dull.The water should be changed regularly, then the home will be filled with the appropriate amount of positive chi.Also worth a watch that has not flowed to the waterfall - in this case all the wealth and well-being, too, will emerge from the house.The waterfall will serve as a reliable talisman and amulet only if it is to exercise due diligence.

Since Falls refers to the element of water, it is strictly forbidden to stir in the south - is a zone of reputation and glory, and there prevails the fire.Otherwise, it may be a strong disturbance energy that can lead to very serious consequences.The best location for this mascot will be a dining room - then the life-giving energy will feed the whole house full, flowing freely from room to room.It is also advisable to put a waterfall on the left of the entrance - this will increase the flow of chi coming in through the door.

Among other things, the element of water can have a huge impact on the financial well-being.Proper placement of the symbols of the elements, in general, and in particular the waterfall will connect with an endless stream, bringing abundance, good luck and prosperity.By setting at home like a talisman, you will not only change and beautify your interior, but also feel the positive changes in life.

picture waterfall on Feng Shui

In the teachings of feng shui symbolism is given great importance.That's different symbols can positively or negatively affect our destiny, as well as to communicate with one of the main natural elements.Picture a waterfall in feng shui has the same value as a real waterfall.It refers to the element of water and energy imbues his room, and the image in the picture bubbling stream contribute to the accumulation in the building of wealth and abundance.The flow of water has always been considered one of the most significant symbols.

A painting of a waterfall is best to place directly in front of his desk.Dating back to the element of water, it will encourage you to vigorous activity, and to harmonize the space around them.But never hang such a picture behind him, in which case it may be a feeling of discomfort.It is also a good place for her to be a children's room, but only if the child's mischievous nature.

undesirable place for a picture with a waterfall is a bedroom - the energy of the moving water is not posodeystvuet restful sleep, a person can feel the inner stress and will toss and turn from side to side throughout the night.Not enough sleep, people become very irritable, experiencing negative emotions and, therefore, bad work.

energy water wonderful harmony with the area of ​​wealth, so the placement of the picture there is a waterfall will give an additional impetus to the activation of the sector.Financial flows like water swirling flow will tend to your house, bringing prosperity and wealth.

Feng Shui provides a variety of tools to maintain energy balance in the house and filling it with life-giving qi.Proper placement of the picture with a waterfall can facilitate a person's life and give him courage.

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