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When it lowered the stomach before delivery

When it lowered the stomach before delivery

Every woman wants to meet as soon as possible with your child.This desire increases during the last term of carrying a child.It is in this period of increased attention to women to change their appearance and body.They seek to control virtually everything, including watching his belly - he too may indicate the imminent onset of labor activity.

has long been taken to control the sensations of his stomach, observe the changes taking place with 36-37 weeks of pregnancy (at first birth).If you find a woman tummy below the normal level, it is possible to judge about the imminent appearance of a child into the world - will be sufficient to two to four weeks.Repeated childbirth belly omission often occurs just before the forthcoming birth.

How to - belly down or not?

To understand reality, need some time to look at yourself in the mirror.When lowering the abdomen will be some changes of its shape - is it seems as though he was smaller.There will also be celebrated and his drooping below the ribs.To monito

r such changes need to understand at what level the abdomen was recently.

Along with this will be greatly facilitated by the process of respiration.Now you will be much easier to breathe, it becomes the cause of lowering the fetal presenting part, leading to the end of the "occupation" of female stomach, diaphragm and lungs.As a result, you can finally breathe comfortably without encountering the problem of breathlessness.Including possible to avoid pain in the ribs, the child ceases to beat Mom to the liver, fetal movements will not provoke the typical discomfort.

But it should be understood - this process involves not only the considerable relief of breathing, but can be accompanied by various unpleasant events.

In particular, the normal birth before becoming a characteristic disagreeable:

  • increased pain in the area of ​​the pubic bone.

  • omit the fruit will lead to pressure on the pelvis.The result is a pain pulling character (it seems like the odds pelvis).

  • emergence of strong pain when walking.

  • may appear pain in the bladder and in the crotch.

  • Women often face the problem of the emergence or strengthening of constipation.

  • become quite common urinary incontinence or frequent urination.

But the main feature of the omission of the abdomen during pregnancy - the results of regular measurements of the gynecologist.They must confirm the uterus prolapse by 5 centimeters compared to the normal level, with the abdominal circumference of 100 cm. But if you want to such measurements can resort yourself - you just put the palm above the uterus on your stomach.If the entire hand was able to freely fit between the uterus breast, we can talk about the omission of the stomach.

Why is the omission of the abdomen before birth?

reason for the omission of the abdomen at this time becomes the promotion of a baby in the pelvis female head forward.However, there are cases where the promotion of the child's legs going forward.The child will move into the pelvis of women, where will "cuddle" to his bones.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the individual characteristics of each organism.Not everyone takes the omission of the stomach in the same time.In each case, the process occurs individually, depending on various factors.Including the passage of this process is directly related to the state of the abdominal muscles (in their lack of development the child will not fall until the onset of labor) and the physique of women.Because of the narrow pelvis of pregnant women may appear an obstacle to the omission of the stomach.The reason in this case is quite simple - from the uterus is not possible to identify a sufficiently reliable to support the pelvis.

But it should be understood - even if the actual omission of the stomach of a pregnant woman, it is impossible to accurately determine the timing upcoming birth without other symptoms.In particular, the deletion of the abdomen and discharge of traffic jams - before birth is just a few days.If, however, the only sign of becoming only the omission of the stomach without other related concerns, it is practically impossible to determine the date of future delivery.

But in any case, remain calm, and setting yourself up for positive emotions in anticipation of a happy meeting with the long-awaited baby.