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Test strips for pregnancy

Test strips for pregnancy

meeting of sperm and egg to create a new body - for the formation and further development of the embryo.In the same period begins and the formation of the future placenta.From day one of the placenta begins to secrete hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) - a specific hormone, the content of which may be diagnosed in pregnancy is still in the early stages.

presence of this hormone leads to blocking the ovaries produce the egg next to exclude secondary pregnancy.In calculating the level of this hormone based work of all tests to determine pregnancy.Among the most affordable and simple means of determining pregnancy are called the strip (or strips), which can be purchased at any pharmacy.With their help it is possible to determine pregnancy in the first day of the alleged period.They are easy to use and relatively low price.

Features of test strips pregnancy

to perform such a test, the test strip is lowered for some time in the first portion of the morning urine and then placed on a horizontal surface.A

fter a certain time, the test instruction, and the result will be revealed.

one on the test strip indicates the absence of pregnancy (the first strip is the control, confirming the suitability test to work), but the presence of two (the other is the diagnosis of pregnancy) confirms successful conception.We will try to find out more, in principle, the work of modern pregnancy tests.

surface of the test strip containing a special substance that will react to the presence of gonadotropin, changing its color.Manufacturing pregnancy tests built on a fairly simple principle, which is confirmed by their low price.But in the works of modern gynecologists indicated that the accuracy of the results of such tests today is markedly reduced.There is a fairly high risk of error on the test strip - if you overdo the test in liquid or immerse the instructions above to the mark, there is a risk of false results.

It should be noted that the accuracy of test results using really depends on the following conditions of storage and use of technology in accordance with the instruction.You also need to understand - the tests are carried out on paper, which can not withstand the exact concentration required reagent.Accordingly, there is also the risk of error.In addition, the urine should be collected in a separate container, which must be clean and dry, otherwise there is a risk of error.

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Therefore, regardless of the test results, but there are certain signs of pregnancy, it is necessary to apply for inspection to the gynecologist.The modern market offers a wealth of choice of high-quality tests to determine pregnancy.Similar tests are available only at the disposal of the clinics, retail sales are not presented.Especially in pharmacies in many developed countries of the West test strips pregnancy is no longer available.

But it is worth considering that many women in our country still prefer to use the cheapest and simplest test strips.If you fall into this category, preferring to use the test strips, it is important to take into account the need to follow the exact instructions for the procedure.In fact, dealing with a pregnancy test is no big deal, because each of them is offered with detailed instructions to be executed.Also, to increase the accuracy you need to take into account other features of performance tests.The question we are considering in other articles on the site to increase the reliability of test results.

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Wealth choice of modern test strips pregnancy

Note that in the production of common strip test specialized set of modern manufacturing companies by offering really low prices for their products -about 10 rubles.Consider some of the most popular strip tests in the domestic market:

  • itest;

  • HomeTest;

  • Bee-Sure-S;

  • Pani;

  • BabyCheck;

  • Nouwelle;

  • Secret;

  • My secret;

  • Answer;

  • Bona;

  • Happy Test

  • Test for Vest;

  • Evitest and Evitest Plus;

  • Frautest and Frautest double-control and other common pregnancy tests.

should also be borne in mind that regardless of the results of the test, be sure to require a medical examination by a specialist.Regardless of the test and its results, in case of delay the onset of menstruation should consult a doctor.

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