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When the stomach is seen in pregnancy

When the stomach is seen in pregnancy

Pregnancy is always accompanied by a variety of issues and concerns every woman, especially in the child-bearing for the first time.Quite common among pregnant women is a question - why other future mothers for the same period is already quite a big belly, and I can hardly see.In his article, we will try to respond to such a topical issue - to understand when the stomach starts to grow, what factors can affect its size during pregnancy.

When the stomach starts to grow during pregnancy?

Immediately it should be noted personality to increase the woman's abdomen during pregnancy.For some there is little stomach for the third month of pregnancy, although quite often the reason for such an early manifestation may be to overeating.Others have pregnant women for the same period of gestation baby belly is not seen - and this situation persists until the start of fetal movements.In the third stomach it is not visible up to seven months of pregnancy.

times until the birth itself gets the impression that she

is not pregnant, but only in proportion recovered - the reason why overweight.After all, it is not noticeable protruding belly.The first pregnancy in women with wide hips is usually visible belly on term 4-5 months.During her second pregnancy it will have to grow much earlier.When women enthusiasm for sports or professional sports, it leads to development of the abdominal muscles, notably the appearance of the abdomen will be much less.A similar statement is also typical for larger women.

According to gynecologists, the size of the uterus in physiological pregnancy start to increase for the period from the 16th week after the 20th week will be clearly visible to others and pregnant belly.If in doubt, and feelings about the size of the stomach, a woman can consult her gynecologist - to avoid unnecessary and futile unrest.

Article topic: volume of the abdomen during pregnancy

dimensions of the fetus at various stages of pregnancy

Quite common is the question about the average size of the fetus at various stages of pregnancy.Stop attention to the relevant statistics:

  • for a period of 12 weeks of pregnancy, fetal weight is 20-25 g.with a length of about 7 centimeters.

  • By the 16th week of pregnancy the baby's weight has increased to 100 gr., The length is increased to 12 cm.

  • for a period of 20 weeks, the baby's weight is about 300g.increasing the length to 26 cm.

  • Weight of the child for 28 weeks increased to 1200 g., length is already 35 cm.

  • term of 32 weeks of pregnancy - the baby weighs about 1.7 kg., the length is already up to 42 cm.

  • weight baby at 36 weeks is 2500 grams.when the length of its body 48 cm.

  • For term child is considered weighs 2.6-5 the time of delivery.

When visible belly pregnant with twins

Article topic: little belly during pregnancy

When gestation of twins to consider a slightly different situation.Indeed, in this case for quite natural reasons deadlines will increase belly differ materially.When multiple pregnancy belly rounded within the first trimester of pregnancy.Growing uterus begins before four weeks.Of course, increases and overall weight gain.However, the experience for this reason, because of the strong increase in pregnant woman's belly, not hatched twins, it should not be.The reason for these changes in personality.It is likely that the reason for a very large stomach bug began with the definition of the exact timing of pregnancy.Practice suggests that such cases are actually quite common.But the difference in the last month suggests a significant difference in the roundness of the belly.

What determines the growth of the abdomen during pregnancy?

What could be the reasons for differences in the size of the abdomen of pregnant women in different?In fact, the increase in the abdomen during pregnancy depends on many factors, including:

  • Heredity. To do this, ask his mother when his stomach began to grow.

  • anatomical features. affects the increase in the abdomen during pregnancy may increase, complexion and weight of women.Notable among the stomach becomes used to petite women, but not obese.

  • pregnancy What the bill. muscles in women during the second or subsequent pregnancy will be more stretched, making a noticeable belly before.

  • total weight gain. It is likely that the cause of the rapid increase in the belly gets too large intake of food.

  • size and growth rate of the fetus. Naturally, when large amounts of the child before and it will be a noticeable increase in the tummy.

  • View previa. When the location of the fetus closer to the spine, the size of the stomach is smaller compared with the cases where the child is closer to the front wall of the uterus.

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