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When to register for pregnancy

When to register for pregnancy

Pregnancy involves not only the dramatic changes of the female body, but also causes a lot of information to learn.Therefore, we can say with confidence - childbearing is quite serious, the whole science.After all, women will necessarily take into account the various nuances, which is easy to get confused, missed quite important points.Among them should be noted the need to register.It is well known that pregnant women should seek the advice of your doctor standing on the account.But there is no single opinion about the timing on which is better to register for pregnancy.After all, some women do not wish to seek the help of doctors until approaching childbirth, while others immediately rush to a gynecologist to confirm the advance and the normal development of the child.In his article, we will help women decide on the best one, so as not to rush to extremes.

Why do I need to register with the pregnancy?

main argument, to register with the pregnancy, it is the guarantee of health of pregnant women an

d children during their development.Just during the first trimester of pregnancy laid almost all the internal organs and systems of the child.Under certain deviations in the health of women, this can have a negative impact on the further development of the child in utero.To avoid problems often allows timely detection of certain diseases or disorders - to urgently take the necessary measures and to avoid possible trouble.

Already during the first inspection for the earliest periods the doctor can determine the best course of pregnancy.From the very beginning of pregnancy the importance given to the completion of the survey.

  • Complete blood count.

  • Blood group, Rh factor.

  • Bacterial urine culture.

  • Urinalysis.

  • for syphilis and HIV.

  • to smear cytology.

  • diagnosis of viral hepatitis B.

  • first ultrasound.

doctor will also determine the blood pressure of a pregnant woman, the size of the pelvis, the weight of the patient.After analyzing all the information specialist will be able to refute or confirm certain risk groups, set the current term of the pregnancy and the expected date of delivery.Also, when the registration will be instituted exchange card and birth certificate - the documents necessary for admission to hospital.In exchange map the entire period of pregnancy will be recorded information on its course, with the data of surveys and analyzes.Individual cards will place women providing personal data, details of history.

When you need to register with the pregnancy?

To register for the period of pregnancy is considered to be the optimal range of 7-12 weeks.Previously, to get registered experts do not advise even when confirming pregnancy.The reason is due to the high probability of voluntary abortions for up to 8 weeks of pregnancy.The practice confirms that a pregnant woman tries to keep her baby from the first weeks of pregnancy, but it is better to trust in this respect nature.

for a period after 8 weeks of pregnancy, you can begin to take the necessary tests to pass appropriate examinations by specialist doctors.Appointed first ultrasound at 11 weeks - and the woman put on record.

should also add that, in accordance with Russian law, when registering for pregnancy for up to 12 weeks a woman is paid a lump sum.The size of the benefits from the 1st of January of 2012 is equal to 465.20 rubles.

How can I register with the pregnancy?

In fact, any difficulties with registration in the registration of pregnancy does not occur.It's enough to appeal to any woman's advice, taking with him a passport and a policy of compulsory medical insurance written statement addressed to the head.Absolutely no value will not have a residence permit.Under current law, a woman has the possibility of observing in any chosen medical institution in our country.To register with the antenatal clinic is not at the place of residence, you will need to provide an extract from the patient card, and a certificate of deregistration in the antenatal clinic in the community.Also, a woman has the possibility of observing in any private clinics - it should be at 20-22 weeks of gestation period required to provide a card exchange with which the woman will give birth.

Where better to register with the pregnancy?

The first and most common form of monitoring pregnant women - treatment in public antenatal clinics in the community.The main advantage in this case - the location of the clinic close to home.When the registration will need to provide a number of specific documents - passport and health insurance.Valid policy can expect to receive free medical care.Without policy women are able to obtain only emergency care.However, surveillance, additional inspection and delivery of the necessary analyzes can only be paid for.

pregnant woman is usually observed obstetrician-gynecologist in charge of her district.But if you want to have the opportunity to change your doctor.

Many believe that it is better seen in the antenatal clinic, in which a woman has previously been observed and treated.This approach saved the continuity of medical supervision (already recorded and entered into the database data on diseases, tests, etc.).

If a woman is planning to register in another place, you will need an excerpt from the women's clinic, which had previously been observed.If a woman is registered in one area of ​​the city but live elsewhere, can be monitored in consultation residence.

observation and pregnancy can be offered private medical center.After selecting a suitable clinic woman will have to decide with your doctor and contract, which will have a legal basis.The cost of the contract can vary greatly, depending on the level of the center, a complex of offered services and skills.It should ask the clinic have a license to issue exchange cards (by listing the data flow of pregnancy), and the provision of generic certificate.

If the commercial medical center is not right to give birth certificate, it is necessary to receive state consultation.Birth Certificate allows the woman to get some medicines for free - including calcium supplements, iodine, multivitamins and others.

If you wish to register for the pregnancy to your doctor

Many women think about the choice of a particular doctor who is trustworthy, but takesan expert on another site or in any other clinic.At the legislative level, the possibility of free choice of a suitable doctor for prenatal care.When registering in the registry in such a case should be informed to what expert woman plans to appeal.

In the reception there is no right of refusal on the basis of utilization, employment of a doctor.The CHI system from 2011, the year included a number of private obstetric clinics, so the choice of a specialist will call the clinic, adding it possible to observe it from a physician selected by the policy.Monitored by a doctor from the time of delivery on the record before admission to the hospital.

There are other situations - when a woman needs to change doctors because of personal conflicts or misunderstandings, distrust or other life circumstances (changing the situation in the family, moving to another place, and so on.).Under the current legislation can be changed observing and attending specialist through written request to the head.It is not necessary to celebrate the reasons, although you can tell them in person.

In case of refusal on the basis of para. 2, Art.30 "Fundamentals of Legislation on health care" should write a statement about choosing a doctor to the head, the head of the organization.But it is important to understand - the right of withdrawal from the labor of the patient, personal or professional reasons and is the treating physician.In this case, to choose among the remaining professionals including doctors or with a suitable schedule.