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At some point, the woman feels ready for pregnancy and childbirth.It is a natural desire to become pregnant, to create favorable conditions for the development of the child.It is hardly necessary to remind the complexity of the gestation period, during which the female body has to mobilize all their resources, leading to its drastic restructuring, characterized by major changes.In this woman's body will undergo these changes throughout the 9 months, during which the threat of certain failures under the influence of many factors and reasons.The result of some disruption to the reproductive system may be miscarriage - the tragedy in which losing your child.

Nature and factors miscarriage

Miscarriage - its spontaneous abortion, regardless of the term (before 37 weeks).During the early stages, before the 22th week of pregnancy, miscarriage is called a miscarriage, with 22 weeks - premature birth.In the first case there is no possibility to save the newborn at a later date - due to modern achievements o

f medicine a chance there.

Anyway miscarriage becomes a real tragedy for couples.But an even greater threat is the diagnosis of "habitual miscarriage" - if a woman is faced with two or a large number of cases of premature termination of pregnancy.

miscarriage, according to doctors, is one of the most urgent problems in the field of obstetrics.According to current statistics, faced with the problem of miscarriage for various reasons, 10-25% of women, 80% of these cases the problem occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy.This pregnancy often end in miscarriage before the time when the woman will be able to define the conception of the child held by the delay menstruation or other characteristic features.

In this case, when there is a rejection of a fertilized egg the female body, which is displayed outside bleeding, a woman may not even be aware of the occurrence of pregnancy.Indeed, in this case her bleeding regarded as the beginning of menstruation.

Article topic: habitual miscarriage

Possible causes miscarriage

Miscarriage can be for various reasons.Among the most common causes of miscarriage are called genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

Such pathology and anomalies often formed even during the early timing of childbearing - when laid end systems and the principal organs of the child.If in the process for some reason there is a "failure" cases of the principle of natural selection - the female body will be forced to detach a defective fetus.

Among others, a common cause of miscarriage of the child should be noted anatomical or pathological condition of the female body itself.In this case, attention should be genital diseases whose development is possibly under the influence of infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, abortion, resulting in abnormal labor.There are cases of miscarriage, with the loss of their child, may cause certain anatomical changes in reproductive organs (isthmic tserkvilnaya failure, uterine hypoplasia, malformations of the uterus), inflammatory diseases of the vagina and cervix.Lead to miscarriage and may other diseases, including heart diseases, diabetes, disorders in the functioning of the kidneys.

Among the risk factors noteworthy disturbance to the functioning of the thyroid gland, hormonal abnormalities.There is a fairly high risk of miscarriage on the background of the development of certain immunological problems, including antiphospholipid syndrome, Rhesus-conflict.

Be sure to pay attention to the life of a woman who plans to become a mother - the risk is greatly increased due to the toxic effects of alcohol, nicotine, certain medications, radiation, in cases of malnutrition.

How to identify yourself miscarriage

Determine miscarriage, followed by miscarriage (or premature birth) may be of some characteristic symptoms.For urgent medical assistance to women need to apply in the case of spasms or pain in the abdomen, with the appearance of vomiting, weakness, back pain, bleeding and its strengthening.

signs of high risk of miscarriage may be fever and vomiting occurrence.Another danger of heat becomes the fact that fever is not necessarily provoke a miscarriage visible.Often long preservation of high temperature causes fading pregnancy - stops the development and life of the child.

way to diagnose miscarriage

fact miscarriage diagnosed as a result of receiving your doctor - to go through a gynecological examination, and ultrasound.There may be cases save the remnants of the fetus or placenta in the uterus after a miscarriage.In this situation, there is a need for additional cleaning.This may be used scraping (mechanical approach) or some medicated preparations (their action is directed at the cervix of the uterus, leading to rejection of the fetus residues).Women after miscarriage necessarily need a comprehensive medical examination of the state of the organism.

best option - when the woman has undergone extensive medical examination even when planning pregnancy.In particular, this approach can dramatically reduce the risk of miscarriage.If necessary, the doctor will recommend an appropriate course of treatment a woman to get rid of the existing conditions, which could cause miscarriage.

starts next pregnancy of a woman with the consent of a doctor - but must occur at least six months after a spontaneous abortion childbearing.After all, the female body needs sufficient recovery, with normalization of emotional background and the necessary resources.

Prevention and treatment of miscarriage

To prevent miscarriage go through extensive medical examination to identify possible causes of the problem.Also, women need rehabilitation therapy in preparation for the next conception.To survey in a women's therapy need to consult a therapist to identify possible extragenital diseases becoming contraindications to pregnancy.Also, a woman will be appointed metrosalpingography and / or hysteroscopy to verify the absence of intrauterine adhesions, uterine malformation, cervical incompetence.

survey will include the necessary tests of functional diagnostics, which allow to evaluate the hormonal balance of the body.Complemented prevention of bacteriological research contents of the cervical canal.You will also need screening for cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis and other infections.Doctors need to set a woman's blood group and Rh factor.

survey of the female body after a miscarriage history will necessarily include an assessment of the state of health of the spouse - including semen analysis.

If, after the first phase of the survey have not been established possible causes of miscarriage, a woman visiting appoint specialized rooms or clinics for prenatal medical genetic, hormonal studies.

In the case and then you can not understand the causes of miscarriage, a woman will undergo a more thorough study of the immune system, the endocrine system and other surveys in institutions or in the hospital.

prevention of miscarriage is based on the identification of the causes of this problem.In particular, it may be necessary in the case of hormonal correction of hormonal disorders, readjustment of foci of chronic infection if they are available.In each case, the approach chosen individually depending on the established physician problem.

In determining the rate of prevention and treatment is required to take into account the timing and reasons for termination of pregnancy before.In the case of recurrent miscarriage a woman to be hospitalized in the early stages - not later than two weeks before the date on which interrupted the previous pregnancy.

Therapeutic activities will include therapy, bed rest, some sedatives (motherwort, valerian), antispasmodic drugs (papaverine, no-spa, magnesium sulfate, metacin etc.).During the first trimester of pregnancy, hormone therapy is performed on the testimony of (human chorionic gonadotropin preparations luteum, dexamethasone, mikrofollin etc.).With the threat of termination of pregnancy in the second trimester is appointed receiving tocolytic drugs (brikanil, partusisten etc.).It is also possible to receive non-drug funds, including acupuncture, etc. electroanalgesia.

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