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Discharge from the mammary glands during pregnancy

Discharge from the mammary glands during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body begins to undergo significant changes at almost all levels.Including the first days of a woman carrying a child begins to notice certain changes in the breast.Such changes are recognized experts in the category of one of the first signs of pregnancy.Quite often, women's breasts become more sensitive and painful, with marked changes in the size.During this period, it is also possible darkening of the nipple and areola of a female breast.It may draw the attention of the emergence of the venous network.Among other possible changes that a woman's breast undergoes during pregnancy can also be called the beginning of the discharge from the nipple colostrum.Such allocation are pregnant for quite a natural process of the body, as he prepared for breastfeeding a child in the future.

features and reasons of discharge from the breast during pregnancy

Discharge of colostrum are the first mother "milk".Discharges occur in the form of yellowish liquid with a sweet aftertaste and

a watery texture.Initially colostrum isolated as a yellow and thick consistency, but gradually to the approximation of births starts to discolour and become more rare.

As a rule, the allocation of colostrum begins in the second trimester.But it is considered normal to start such discharge at earlier dates.The most common are in the process of selection of massage or when a woman's breast stimulation during sex.

is noteworthy that in some women, such separation does not occur during the entire period of pregnancy.But in this case, experience is not necessary - the colostrum should appear after the upcoming birth.After all, every woman's body is strictly individual.Therefore, the norm can be considered not only the data selection, but also the lack of colostrum during pregnancy.

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However, there may be some situations in which it is strongly recommended to visit the doctor mammalogy for competent advice.During the 6-7 months of carrying a child can be released from the chest watery consistency with bloody patches.It should be understood that during this time, significantly increases the level of production of the hormone prolactin, from which depends the lactation.Also heavily produced hormone oxytocin, which is required for admission to the milk ducts.During this period, the emergence of such discharges can be considered normal.However, we recommend a visit of mammalogy in any case not to worry about the possible presence of disease of the breast.

When the discharge from the breast during pregnancy cause to worry?

Seeking professional advice can be recommended and in some other cases:

  • appearance of the chest regular aching pain.

  • yellow or bloody discharge from the nipple chest.

  • Uneven increase in breast size, notably the emergence of pits or knolls.

of itching breast skin at this time is not one of the symptoms of anxiety.Scratching the skin is due to the growth of the glands that continue to prepare for the forthcoming milk production, so it may cause itching of the skin under tension.You can ease the situation through the use of special creams against stretch marks.

If there is no alarming and disturbing changes in a woman's breast, then the experience once again is not necessary.It is worth remembering that it is not necessary to pump the liquid released in this period of his chest.A prerequisite is also becoming observance of appropriate hygiene chest.Including required twice a day to wash the nipples in the shower and wipe them dry.You will need to think about buying a comfortable bra that will not hesitate to peredavlivat breasts.

summary, convincing - like discharge from the breasts could be considered a physiological phenomenon, which may occur not only during pregnancy.It is interesting that such separation is possible, even in men or female infanticide.In the latter case, they are explained by increased levels of female hormones in the mother's blood during pregnancy.So do not give in to such undesirable at this time experiences and excitement.If any suspicious changes to make sure you can always consult a doctor.