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Rapid pregnancy test

Rapid pregnancy test

Modern society has received significant opportunities for convenient and accurate determination of the ensuing pregnancy at a delay menstruation, mood swings and other symptoms.One of the most effective tools in this area became a special rapid tests that can be used at home.Just buy the appropriate test at the pharmacy.

Express pregnancy tests - ease of use and accuracy

probably about pregnancy tests have heard all the women, and the majority of them have already had the opportunity to use these devices.To explain this popularity is easy enough to ease of use rapid test, its high efficiency (within 92-99%) without the need for special arrangements to be implemented.Simply buy the actual test and follow his instructions.

rapid test result is determined, like litmus paper - human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) changes its color.Note that hCG is a special hormone of the human body.In the normal state the amount of the female body is very small.But after fertilization, when an embryo implantation in the

uterus, begins intensive development of hCG the chorionic villi, and later by the placenta.Accordingly, during pregnancy will be a constant increase in the level of hCG.That is an increase of this indicator and takes into account all the tests to determine pregnancy.

to determine the ensuing pregnancy, women can take advantage of the rapid tests, which were created by experts in the field of modern medicine.Such adaptations may be different - from the simplest strips to test electronic models.Regardless of the chosen method for the diagnosis, it is recommended to use the test only 3-5 delaying the onset of menses.In particular, the increased production of human chorionic gonadotropin starts only from the moment when the embryo attaches to the uterine wall - 6-8 days after conception.Depending on the type of test, a positive result can be determined within a week from the time of conception.

Although much will depend on following instructions and regulations for the use of the test, the quality of the test itself and the characteristics of the organism to the development of HCG.Quite often, after the application of the rapid test is obtained by "implicit" result: the emergence of diffuse bands, or they are ill-painted, or does not change color.To confirm the results the next day we repeat a pregnancy test.If the result was again positive - it's time to consult a gynecologist.

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What to consider when buying a rapid test for pregnancy?

appropriate option depends on the financial possibilities and personal wishes.Note that almost all rapid tests can effectively diagnose the onset of early pregnancy.The differences may basically only of cost and ease of use of the test.

simplest rapid tests carried out in the form of strips.Test in a thin strip on which a special reagent.For the dough enough to collect the first morning urine portion (characterized by greater concentration chorionic gonadotropin), which omit the strip and keep for some time.The test result will be noticeable after 2-5 minutes.

There tablet (cassette) rapid test.According to its principle of operation is similar to the previous it.A simple test is a special tablet for the procedure is not required urine sample - enough to drop.Application of urine produced in a special window, the second indicates the test result.

peculiarity jet test becomes a possibility to use it anywhere with no time limits.Advantages supplemented extremely high accuracy.Based on a fairly simple principle of use - simply substituted a stream of urine, the result will appear.

Among the latest developments should be made use of an electronic pregnancy test.But its value goes much more.The test result is displayed on the screen of his specialty - in the form of "+/-" any relevant inscriptions.

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