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Signs of preterm labor

Signs of preterm labor

The category includes premature birth, when the baby comes into the world weighing 1-2.5 kg at 28-37 weeks of gestation.When a child born before that time will be considered premature labor, provided that the child was able to survive longer than 7 days.

Experts point out - in each case of premature birth implies a certain danger.At the same time with a smaller period such threats arise.In particular, in preterm labor at 27 weeks likely tragic outcome of labor.Because the child is still not fully formed respiratory, immune system and internal organs for the full implementation of its tasks.

gradually approaching the date the terms are reduced and the potential hazards.Yet every expert confirms - even in the 36th week of pregnancy, preterm birth is better to try to prevent as much as possible.

Modern medicine has a wealth of different ways and solutions aimed at prolongation of pregnancy to prevent preterm birth.However, it should be understood - the possibility of extending the duration of pregnanc

y is possible only under the condition that they themselves have not yet started childbirth.

Hence, the importance given to awareness of the pregnant woman.It needs the ability to recognize possible symptoms of preterm labor beginning that in this case, rushed to the hospital.

Possible signs of preterm labor

testify to the danger of premature birth may be the following symptoms:

  • frequent appearance of painful uterine contractions.

  • Abdominal pain during menstruation or diarrhea (during the movement will grow).

  • disorder chair.

  • Sometimes signs are complemented by vomiting.

  • Feeling dull pain or changes in pain in the area of ​​the waist, back, thighs, rump.

  • strong pressure on the coccyx and the perineum.

  • vaginal discharge change their character - take the form of transparent watery, bloody smearing.

Even one of the above symptoms or a combination of them require urgent treatment consult your doctor.

But we have to recognize that often the woman does not even have the ability to recognize preterm labor - as they begin fairly rapidly and suddenly.In this case, labor began to stop it would be impossible - such a probability increases when a woman is not the first pregnancy.

incipient birth may be the following phenomena:

  • contractions become more frequent and intensified the character - more than 8 times per hour.

  • Passage of mucus plug.

  • Send amniotic fluid.

Births during discharge of amniotic fluid will begin mandatory.Indeed, in this case, the child is already in a pretty dangerous situation - has no nutritional former living environment.It is important in this situation given to the timely administration of the hospital for the confinement experienced professionals who will help your child need to adapt to the birth.

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sure to be understood - in the case of preterm birth for babies require special, meticulous care and specialized care, without significantly increasing the threat to the newborn.

What doctors may notice premature labor?

should immediately reassure our readers - to worry about on this occasion should not be.Because even with the occurrence of premature birth, doctors have the necessary experience and knowledge to make the best possible decisions in the moment.

also need to understand - if a woman is scheduled scans and examinations by a doctor does not pass, then do not have to worry.Since the likelihood of premature birth revealed the results of examination by a doctor of the patient and the delivery of the necessary laboratory tests.

Among these symptoms your doctor may identify the characteristics and location of the behavior of the fruit softening and shortening of the cervix (noticeable when viewed on a gynecological chair and during the US).

hope to be a doctor, but also the need to consider the possible pregnant signs of preterm labor, attentive to their feelings.When some alarms in their own state, should once again ask a question to the doctor.

Sensations women are the main guarantee.Because even necessarily strict medical supervision possible start of premature birth.

Women often face training bout, which they seem premature birth.In this case, we can recommend 0.5 liters of juice or water, to calm down and take a nap on the left side.When a false alarm - the fight gradually cease.In this case, cramps when changing the status of women cease.If it goes into labor, they will only increase.Also, when the training battles child moves - in the process of beginning delivery that does not happen.

must also consider the importance of attitude and positive thinking woman.It should stick to just a positive attitude, it is important to be able to respond to any changes, and the situation is calm and balanced.After all the panic and anxiety interfere with normal enhanced thinking and decision-optimal solutions.Do not panic - make sure everything will be fine.After all, faced with preterm birth, many women who have managed to give birth to the light completely healthy and happy children.