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Cal during pregnancy

Cal during pregnancy

Cal during pregnancy - is a topic that is not very pleasant to talk to, but it is useful to discuss it.Many women hesitate to ask what should be normal feces during gestation baby, bypassing such conversations with her husband, friends, doctors, and even his own mother.On this basis, born unnecessary fear, anxiety and mistrust.

Normal feces during pregnancy

stool color plays an important role while waiting for the baby, because the liver signals experiencing increased load.The liver is responsible for the preservation of feces, and their color, odor and thickness may vary because almost every expectant mother is taking a multivitamin that contains iron necessarily, coloring stool in a dark color.

When the body of excess iron out, feces may acquire black shade.Necessary material body can absorb, and the extra prints with stool, giving it a particular color.It could also indicate a high quality multivitamin complex.

woman must constantly monitor their health, and at the first suspicion of a problem

, tell your doctor.To make sure that the stool color changes because of the intake of vitamins, conduct an experiment: just a few days, limit their intake.Most likely, the colors of feces becomes normal.

dyes contained in food, will also affect the color of feces.Enough intense colors cal currants, blueberries, beets, liver and blood sausage.If you notice that the color of fecal secretions changed, but the diet otsutsvuyut coloring foods and multivitamin preparations, it is necessary to secure and deliver the blood chemistry.

Earlier doctors diagnosed you duodenal ulcer or stomach, the doctor can prescribe a test on a hidden blood stool, because of its dark color may indicate gastric bleeding.The truth in this case, the discharge becomes watery and resemble coffee grounds, they become visible blood, the woman begins to turn pale and sweating.This situation requires immediate treatment to the doctor.

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Black stool in pregnancy

Most pregnant during the whole period of gestation experiencing the shortage of trace elements and vitamins.It is absolutely natural, as Vitamin supply is consumed simultaneously on two organisms.For this reason it becomes so important vitamins.In addition, 90% of mothers hemoglobin level in the blood is greatly reduced, as a consequence, the doctor appoints iron supplements.

Normally gynecologists warn pregnant women about what vitamins and iron supplementation leads to discoloration of feces, as well as its consistency and flavor.If the doctor is not informed about this, that the future mother is still important to be aware, to not worry about nothing.About food dye we mentioned above, they will not stop.

Another cause black stool in pregnancy may be a medication, especially activated carbon.This drug is quite often administered to pregnant colic or flatulence, since it is not absorbed into the blood and does not pass through the placenta.

If your stool has got a black color, but you feel OK, then there is no reason to worry.However, if at the same time having pain in the stomach or intestines, it makes sense to deliver the biochemical analysis of blood, in order to exclude or confirm the internal bleeding.

In case of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract cal gets dark tar color.Such bleeding is rare and primarily reflected not on the color of feces, and state of health of the pregnant woman.

Green feces during pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, the digestive organs become more sensitive, so any food eaten, especially in a large portion of which is primarily absorbed by the body normally, can now cause an inadequate response.During childbearing feces with mucus or green color is most common when a woman eats large quantities of vegetables and fruits.Many believe that these products are a larger volume can make up for the lack of vitamins in the body, but it is not.This behavior causes a pregnant woman to a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by a change in color of stool.

As a rule, gastrointestinal disorders due to use of large amounts of fruits and vegetables, the first couple of days in pregnant women get a black chair that did not initially accompanied by mucus and pain.Only on the third or fourth day stool color becomes green, it formed the mucus that serve as a signal for an immediate visit to the doctor.

Grey stool in pregnancy

During pregnancy cal gray similar to green feces may occur as a result of eating certain foods in bulk.This applies especially to fruits.In the case where the change in color of the chair is not accompanied by the formation of mucus and pain in the lower abdomen, there is no cause for alarm.In this case, restore the intestines and stool color helps reduce the amount of product consumed, causing such changes.

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bright calories during pregnancy

During physiological pregnancy color of feces from the expectant mother should be brown because of the presence of yellow pigments.Bright feces during pregnancy speaks of pathological conditions involving a violation of the digestive process, as well as the evacuation of stool.

most often those diseases, which shows light or green stools in pregnant women, caused by the problem of dysbiosis - a violation of intestinal microflora.In the normal state, it regulates digestion, inhibit the body from colonization of alien bacteria, promotes detoxification of harmful substances, and the formation of vitamins.When dysbacteriosis disrupted the normal operation of the bowel, leading to constipation or diarrhea.

such unpleasant phenomenon of diarrhea is the body's response to external stimuli, as which can act as a mild poisoning due to poor hygiene, and any intestinal infections (dysentery, typhoid, etc.).during gestation diarrhea may occur due to food allergies or eating disorders.

happens that in pregnancy there is blood in the stool.This happens because diarrhea often alternate constipation in women, which is a sure sign of chronic gastrointestinal diseases, sharpened against the background of pregnancy.In this situation, the expectant mother requires mandatory treatment drugs, reducing the intestines and stomach.As a prophylactic agent used dairy products.

Occasionally during pregnancy there is a liquid feces, which usually signals an allergic reaction to certain foods.This allergy can not immediately occur, and to identify the allergen in this case - not an easy task.It is required to analyze the whole food diet for the last week and eliminate a product that is under suspicion.According to the observations of doctors, the body often reacts to those products which before pregnancy a woman's body bore adequately.For this reason, to make any conclusions Napara should check with your doctor.

If necessary, the doctor prescribes a pregnant laboratory study, on the basis of the results put a more accurate diagnosis.Fecal bacteria overgrowth helps to identify the species and quantitative composition of intestinal microflora.These friendly bacteria like bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, in the order of 87% of the normal intestinal microflora.The remaining 13% consists of Bacteroides, pentokokki, staphylococci, streptococci, clostridia, eubacteria, pathogenic enteric bacteria, yeast-like fungi, as well as E. coli.

Permissible quantitative standards set for each type of bacteria.The analysis gives an indication of the number and the availability of normal microflora, as well as the presence or absence of pathogenic organisms in the intestinal microflora.

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How to restore the intestines and feces during pregnancy?

When dysbacteriosis the doctor based on the results of analyzes of pregnant assigns the optimal course of treatment, during which tests should be submitted at least another two.The treatment usually consists of antibiotics, which helps rid the body of toxins:

  • Activated carbon - a carbon absorber with a porous structure.As a rule, it is indicated for liquid black stool.Activated charcoal absorbs all unwanted harmful substances, settled in the digestive tract and removes them from the body naturally.The drug does not irritate the intestine and is within 8 hours after administration.In addition, it is perfectly removes heartburn, which often torments future mothers.

  • Smekta- powdery substance on the basis of natural dioktaedricheskogosmektita.This drug helps perfectly when in a dark stool appears constipated.Smecta well soothes and regenerates irritation of the stomach and intestines.The powder collects the toxins, gases and pathogens, gently envelops the gastrointestinal mucosa, providing it with protection from negative factors, as well as neutralizing the action of bile and hydrochloric acid.Smecta is safe for pregnant women, because it works exclusively within the stomach and intestines, not soaked in blood.In addition, Smecta like activated carbon saving from heartburn.

  • Regidron - powdered medicament, restores the acid-alkaline balance, impaired due to loss of electrolytes during diarrhea or vomiting.This medication is useful if there is dark stools with mucus.This preparation contains glucose which absorbs the citrate and salts, and thereby maintains acid-base balance.Regidron may be freely used during pregnancy, since the kid he does not have any negative impact.

  • Imodium - antidiarrheal medication.Appointed during pregnancy loose stools green, dark or light color.It consists of loperamide, which selectively blocks opoidnye receptors, affecting solely on enterocytes and intramural neurons - the cells of the intestinal wall, as well as their smooth muscles of circular and longitudinal fibers.Loperamide also blocks the release of acetylcholine and prostogladinov in the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, which is very beneficial effect on his work.Imodium is easier absorbed from the intestine and rapidly produces a therapeutic effect.It is metabolized in the liver is remarkable, so for 9-12 hours excreted with feces and bile.If pregnancy occurs in the stool mucus Imodium prescribed in tandem with the smectite or rehydron.

addition to drugs expectant mother appoint an individual diet (which is especially important in the green chair), which includes a large amount of fluid to facilitate the introduction of toxins.The liquid woman can drink green or black tea, herbal infusions, or St. John's wort and chamomile.In

nutritious diet required to add low-fat dairy products and fresh oatmeal, boiled in water.It is strictly forbidden the use of fatty, fried, spicy and smoked food for the entire treatment period, ideally throughout pregnancy and lactation to maximize facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

danger of disruption of the gastrointestinal tract during pregnancy

During pregnancy should take prevention of dysbiosis, since its appearance can lead to:

  • intoxication, harmful effects of pathogens and emissions of toxins in the body is not only the mother but alsobaby.Severe intoxication can cause miscarriage or disrupt fetal development.

  • dehydration due to the loss of a large fluid volume and its constituent salts during diarrhea and vomiting.Throughout prenatal period is a cause of increased risk of violations of water-Molev balance in the female body in a straight line depending on which is the work of all tissues and organs.Severe dehydration can cause fetal death.

  • reflexive increased motor activity of muscles of the uterus due to increased motor activity of the intestine.This can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

Under the prevention of dysbiosis, first of all, assumes that the right diet throughout pregnancy.If the chair is starting to change color, thus there is diarrhea, constipation or abdominal pain, you should immediately inform the doctor.

very useful for prenatal Izyumova regularly drink the broth, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.This broth is especially useful for darkening the chair during pregnancy and the first formation of constipation.To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, it is enough to drink one glass of broth in the morning and evening.

To prepare the broth will need 250 ml of water and 100 grams of raisins, which are boiled for 10-15 minutes, then infuse for 2-3 hours.Ready broth should be stored in the refrigerator.

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