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Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes a special time in the life of every woman.However, this time accompanied not only positive emotions, but also a variety of concerns, experiences.To care for the child from the first days of pregnancy it is important to define the ensuing pregnancy as early as possible.So a woman can eliminate the various problems and to ensure optimum preparation of the body for the upcoming birth.With the onset of pregnancy, any woman's life is undergoing major changes.After all, you need to think about their health, nutrition, use of vitamins, giving up bad habits and certain medications.

How to identify the early signs of pregnancy

If you know the date of conception, a week later you can begin to monitor changes in your body.It is possible that nothing will not be revealed until the delay period.In the early stages there will be nothing externally visible.

There may be only acne on his face.However, the body undergoes significant changes with hormonal changes that affect human behavior.Pregnan

t woman tries to imagine yourself worrying, vulnerable and sensitive.Pregnancy may be accompanied by regular changes of mood.Laughter or tears on his face, women often can occur even without a specific reason.

change in basal body temperature during pregnancy

During the first week of childbearing increases the temperature - it is a normal process.This is especially true for the basal body temperature.Its measurement is performed early in the morning in the rectum, even without getting out of bed.It is also important that before at least 6 hours are in a horizontal position.If you recently got up out of bed, expect to receive reliable data is not necessary.After all, this situation will lead to the exact temperature rise, without having to do with the pregnancy.

imbalance appetite during pregnancy

sign of pregnancy may be an imbalance of appetite.For example, a woman may significantly increase or decrease appetite.There is a desire to enjoy a variety of products that previously could not stand at all.Or earlier favorite foods simply cause disgust.A similar situation arises also from the sense of smell.Favorite spirits are simply intolerable, pleasant smells before a woman can not endure.Due to the acute intuition for various odors can and nausea.It increases the level of salivary flow with a salty taste in the mouth.The reasons for this situation are chemical changes in the body.They also lead to delamination and artificial nails, if applicable.

frequent urination during pregnancy

In the event of pregnancy may increase the frequency of trips to the toilet.As a result of increasing the size and weight of the uterus occurs mochevik pressure.Possible emergence and constipation.To eliminate this problem is to supplement your diet foods rich in fiber, increase fluid intake.Sometimes even a small increase in the size of the uterus during the early results in terms of increasing the sense of roundness abdomen.This results in flatulence.Since the intestines during digestion gases are produced.Especially such a situation is typical for a pregnant woman.The signs are complemented by a slight swelling of the intestines.

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strange, but a sign of pregnancy can be a stuffy nose, snoring during sleep, frequent sneezing.The sign can hardly be considered significant, but together with other symptoms increases confidence in the pregnancy.There may be spasms in the limbs - due to lack of the female body of magnesium and calcium.

Blood and urine tests to determine pregnancy

Pregnancy with high reliability confirms the analysis of blood and urine.According to the results of a blood test to determine pregnancy can be much more precisely and at an earlier timing.Since the early stages of pregnancy the blood contains the "pregnancy hormone."Signs of pregnancy often even a week after conception, is the appearance of toxicity.It is widely believed that morning sickness is manifested in the form of nausea and vomiting.However, morning sickness may not be accompanied by symptoms - in their place come headache, aversion to certain foods, fatigue the body.

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

possible increase in the number of colorless vaginal discharge during pregnancy.Usually there is no smell of excreta.There may be discharge from the nipple - colostrum.Also increases the feeling of pain and the sensitivity of the mammary glands.These changes are the result of the preparation of the body for breastfeeding a child.In the days of the estimated monthly in pregnant women may be pain in the abdomen aching.You can alleviate these feelings, if you lie down for a couple of minutes.

But not all of the above symptoms can be a sign of pregnancy.For example, the reason for the delay menstruation can become psychogenic factors.Therefore it is necessary to approach to evaluating not each factor separately, but only in the complex.In order to reliably determine the ensuing pregnancy should consult a doctor.

important way to determine the ensuing pregnancy becomes palpation of the uterus and carrying out inspection of the vagina.Upon the occurrence and further development of the pregnancy there is an increase in uterine size.Within three months, the uterus will remain in the pelvic cavity, with the results of probing a vaginal examination.She then because of the increased size will not fit into the pelvic cavity and out of it, because of what and increases the size of the stomach.In this case, perhaps probing of the uterus from the abdominal wall.The uterus is a pear-shaped instead of spherical accepts, then again becomes asymmetric and spherical.Toward the end of pregnancy, the uterus becomes ovoid shape.

Pregnancy entails softening of the uterus.The reason becomes increased number and size of the muscle fibers.They enrich the blood, especially at the site of the uterine isthmus.To determine the pregnancy is monitored as changes in the uterine consistency as a result of a long investigation.Toward the end of the study the density of the consistency of the uterus increases.Especially characteristic symptom of pregnancy.

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But the main tangible signs of pregnancy are only a period of 1-1.5 months.Until then, changes in the uterus will not be as noticeable.For later dates may auscultation of fetal heart tones, with a sense of the body of the child with the feeling of the uterus.When these signs provide 100% guarantee of pregnancy.But they may occur only on the period from the end of the 4th - beginning of the 5th month of pregnancy.

therefore widely for earlier periods has received rapid diagnosis, which used to perform system testing.The basis of diagnosis - chromatography.Due to the sensitivity of pregnancy tests can be detected with the first day of the delay period.In some cases, diagnosis is possible, even for 3-5 days before menstruation.With the help of this test can be detected and ectopic pregnancy, although distinguish it from uterine pregnancy diagnosis can not.

With many modern tests possible yourself, just come pregnancy diagnosis at home.This usually provided the use of indicator was placed in the urine within 1-2 minutes.Pregnancy occurs in the number of colored stripes.For more reliable results of the test must be carried out strictly according to instructions of the product.

fairly widespread in recent years had come pregnancy diagnosis using ultrasound.Using this method allows you to detect early pregnancy - 5-6 day delay period.Pregnancy can be detected 1-3 days before the introduction into the vagina transvaginal probe.Those skilled in these terms will be able to identify fertilized egg in the uterus.Usually at this point the diameter of the ovum is 4-6 mm.

why modern medicine has a wealth of different ways to detect pregnancy in early pregnancy.At the slightest suspicion of pregnancy Think about consulting a doctor.He will be able to offer reliable results for the survey.