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Electronic pregnancy test

Electronic pregnancy test

For many years, the test strips are popular product among women worldwide.They do not lose their relevance for determining the pregnancy, though, and are among the first generation of tests.These pregnancy tests are easy to use, it is a democratic value and sufficiently accurate results.However, in some situations, such quality for a pregnancy test is insufficient.It is therefore necessary to take care of more sophisticated tools.

new electronic pregnancy test - the best accuracy of the result

Hardly hypersensitive electronic tests will surpass the popularity of its cheap, simple precursors in the form of strips.But their difference becomes greater precision - similar results in conventional strip tests are not possible.Electronic pregnancy tests make it possible to achieve high accuracy of the result, differing and additional functionality - including show the approximate duration of a woman's pregnancy.

Pros and cons of electronic pregnancy test

Among the obvious advantages of electronic tests

should be noted the uniqueness of the result.Manufacturers of such tests assure buyers - there are no intermediate options can not be.In this test, the digital display shows only one possible result of the test - the "plus", confirming the beginning of pregnancy, or "minus", speaking about the opposite.

If pregnancy is confirmed, electronic test and is able to display information on the approximate dates.It should also be taken into account in any case, that test indicated period, less than two weeks midwifery.

Personally, I do not think such a rational waste.Is it worth it to pay ten times only to obtain this additional information.A more rational approach - routine pregnancy test using strips.If there are any errors, it will be possible to re-launch after a 1-2 week.But every person is different, and the situation is different.Therefore, a suitable choice for a woman may be different.

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sensitivity and speed of results

a lot of very important high sensitivity of electronic test.Advertising stresses that the accuracy of the results on the first day of pregnancy exceeds 99%.Although electronic test can also cause a positive result, four days before the expected menstruation.

Such urgency is important, not for all.But sometimes, every day is important.If it is important to get an answer as early as possible, the best option becomes an electronic pregnancy test.Price

electronic pregnancy test

The main disadvantage of an electronic test is the high purchase price - more than 10 euros.At any electronic systems can be certain failures and problems.In particular, the possible emergence of various glitches - so sometimes the device indicates the approximate duration of the pregnancy, even if the test result is negative.

but comfortable presence on the board of the electronic test hourglass.They confirm the serviceability of the device, which will be suitable for use.Bred on the display device the result will not change after a certain time, what often sinned test strips with drying time.But after the test result will disappear after 24 hours.

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Features of electronic pregnancy test

The basis of electronic test standard version: the reaction to the hormone hCG in the urine.Inside the device is a strip of absorbent, activation occurs after monitor any liquid.

However, certain electronic pregnancy tests can be with additional functionality: determine the most appropriate day for conception (when the test result was negative) indicates the estimated gestational age, the ability to connect the device to a computer for data processing, multiple applications, and so forth.

The use of electronic pregnancy tests similar to the string - is inserted under the urine stream.

modern market offers a large variety of electronic devices available for a pregnancy test.Among the most sought after electronic tests on the domestic market is to provide products under well-known brand Slearblue.

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