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The smell of pregnancy

The smell of pregnancy

childbearing period is rich in all sorts of surprises for both the expectant mother and father separately and put together for the pair.Over the first nine months of the creation of new life wife experiencing a lot of new emotions, experiences, feelings and all sorts of surprises.

At a certain stage of this exciting magic effect suddenly found the woman or her husband, a certain smell coming from the body.We hasten to reassure you the assurance that almost every case it is absolutely normal, due to the nature and condition of pregnant women.This phenomenon is temporary and runs almost immediately after the birth of the baby and the end of the natural breastfeeding."Pregnant" smell - this is what a woman should just put up for a while.

Nor should we worry in the opposite situation, when there is no smell at all.The majority of pregnant women is absolutely no smell, if the smell and the catch, it is usually different from what was before pregnancy.

In nature, there is no smell, which would be common

to all women, brooding.Every pregnant has its own unique flavor, but in some cases it can be the same.

As a rule, women and their partners in life catch the smell of milk, often describing it as "boiled", "fresh", etc.Apparently, the smell involve husbands of women in the position to notice that their wife smells "childhood", "pregnancy", "something sweet", "tasty".

No wonder these observations, because it smells delicious sweet milk every nursing mother.During the childbearing woman's body is fully configurable to ensure that produce nutritious milk for the baby.In general, this smell of natural pregnancy.Much worse, if starts to smell something else.

Not every woman smelling in an interesting position exudes milky flavor.Occasionally there was a smell is not delicious and enjoyable.Some women say that they begin to smell of vinegar, chips and other food, urine, semen, or strong then (even if the sweat does not lack).In this case, consult a doctor - is the best way to solve problems.Rather, the expert will say that this hormonal "surprises."

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What smell during pregnancy should be cause for concern?

woman during pregnancy may notice some abnormalities that should alert, and which should tell your doctor:

  • breath, which sometimes occurs during pregnancy, can talk about the problems with the gums and teeth diseasesstomach or upper respiratory disease.

  • extremely rare during pregnancy appear discharge with an unpleasant odor.But if they are still there, began to differ yellowish or greenish tinge, acquired form of white cheese, or started to foam, you must be examined by a doctor immediately.

  • The resultant ammonia smell in pregnancy may be caused by the body's protein starvation.He says that women need to eat, even if you do not have any appetite.

  • Very often in pregnant women changes the smell of urine, the cause of which is receiving multivitamin preparations.Urine is in fact starting to smell "Vitaminka".The sharp, strong, unpleasant odor from the discharge may also signal an infection of the urinary tract.In this case it is necessary to pass a urine test unscheduled.However, in most cases, nothing bad for the unusual smell of urine is not necessary, the cause may again be hormonal changes.The sweet scent of rotten observed in many expectant mothers, which has no relation to the disease.

Anyway, should be wary because a suspicious odor may signal that occur in the female body are bad processes.So when a breath is required to pay a visit to a gastroenterologist and dentist to exclude gastrointestinal disease, teeth and gums.Strange odor from the vagina that causes discomfort may occur with thrush or other inflammatory infectious disease of the genitals.In this situation, you must consult a gynecologist and to hand over smears from the cervix and vagina.

If examinations and tests show that you have everything is normal, there is no cause for worry and anxiety.It is worth remembering that the main culprits of the smell from the body of a pregnant woman are the hormones, or rather the change in their ratios and levels in the body during the period of gestation.

How does the smell of pregnancy?

throughout pregnancy expectant mother need to adhere to the maximum standards of personal hygiene.It is recommended several times a day to take a shower, to choose in the store without deodorant fragrances and other chemicals, try to use only natural cosmetics, which do not exude a pungent smells and do not clog pores.

If the cause of the smell from the body are "pregnant" hormones, it has no choice as to endure.In this uneasy feeling completely out of place, who does not like the smell - can not smell.

This is the lowest price that can be paid only for the happiness of being the mother of a beautiful, healthy baby.So rasstantes easy with this board.The most important thing during pregnancy - is to feel the support and understanding of her husband.Share with them the information that makes you uncomfortable, and let the spouse with you makes it worthy of a small test.By the way, a good test of relationships and feelings.