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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy

symptoms of pregnancy - a process taking place even in the early stages of pregnancy.But you can not say that "pregnancy symptoms" - this is a good concept.Symptoms related to the disease, and pregnancy - is not a disease but a natural process in the life of the expectant mother.Despite this, all the women, and even specialized doctors still refer to these signs of "symptoms".We will stay with them in solidarity and shall also adhere to these already established concepts - "pregnancy symptoms" and "pregnancy symptoms in the early or later stages."

Having knowledge about the symptoms of pregnancy, the woman is able to almost immediately realize that she is pregnant, and, of course, maybe it is too late, to determine the prolongation (preservation, continuation).

symptoms of pregnancy after conception

Physiologically, all women are different, and pregnancy, of course, too, will be different for everyone.Based on this, the symptoms of pregnancy, the expectant mother feels that in the beginning, may b

e different.

initial symptom of pregnancy - a missed period.If pregnancy occurs correctly, this symptom will in any case.But it does happen that during pregnancy bleeding occurs.Bleeding - is not just monthly.During pregnancy, they signal about the danger of its cessation.Consequently, once a symptom of manifest, should immediately go to the antenatal clinic gynecologist or call an ambulance.If we turn right, then there is a high percentage of probability to continue the pregnancy.

most volatile periods are the weeks that previously, before pregnancy, a woman has come monthly, ie 4,8,12 ... weeks of pregnancy.Once you have developed symptoms of pregnancy, you pass the necessary tests and passed the doctor's advice, be sure to stay alert during those weeks.Also, do not be physical stress and nervous breakdowns.

Symptom absence of menstruation continues throughout pregnancy and tend over time breastfeeding.

Fever as a symptom

Increased body temperature is an integral part of pregnancy.At the beginning of pregnancy basal temperature (measured in the rectum) is 37 degrees.In the case where you measure the basal temperature every day and you have symptoms of pregnancy and the confirmation of the doctor, but the basal temperature began to decrease, it is necessary to be surveyed at the gynecologist: it can be a symptom of a miscarriage.

But mostly the reduction of basal body temperature - a measurement error, for example, when the temperature is measured incorrectly or broken thermometer.You can call the basal temperature symptom of pregnancy in the early period, and you need to perform a few simple rules for its measurement.It is necessary to measure the temperature in the rectum, just after waking up.If you observe these rules, it will be more accurate readings.

symptoms in the first month of pregnancy

Basically that's all there were already listed, plus, of course, the highlight.Immediately we can say that this is not spotting.In healthy women, vaginal discharge, which are colorless and odorless - completely normal.And their number increases during ovulation and pregnancy.When there are symptoms such as a missed period, the increase in basal body temperature every day and you have to use the seal, you can be sure of 90% - a pregnancy.But not all women think, seeing the presence of such symptoms.This is due to the fact that prior to the onset of menses appear virtually the same separation.

If suddenly with secretions you start itching in the vagina, it is probably not a symptom of pregnancy, and progressive disease of the sexual sphere.This is possible and pregnancy.Protective function of women weakens, it becomes more exposed to infectious diseases.These moments are not only bad for health, but in some cases, lead to termination of pregnancy, the development of pathologies and infection of the child.

Article topic: first symptoms of pregnancy

Sometimes it happens that an infection is present, but the girl does not notice it.So if you have these symptoms appeared immediately pass examination by a doctor.A large number of infections that are sexually transmitted, are treated during pregnancy.After checking the analyzes handed over by you, such as regular gynecological smear, the doctor immediately establish a positive or negative result.

first symptoms of pregnancy

Most pregnant women at an early stage feel all of the above symptoms.Immediately it affects the body's hormonal changes.Often, these symptoms are a woman does not pay much attention.Now many women can suffer migraine attacks.Of course, if we add the nervous or physical work, these symptoms are noticed at all.

Article topic: Symptoms of pregnancy in the first days

In general, you should always notice such symptoms, and even more so during pregnancy, after physical or psychological wearing down of the body can lead to problems during childbearing.On any pain during pregnancy should pay attention.Headaches are not worth treat themselves as everyday use drugs are not allowed to eat during pregnancy, and especially at the early stages of her.

symptoms of pregnancy to delay

Many girls say that supposedly before the start of the menstrual cycle to know about her pregnancy - to explain - as a rule, the majority finds itself after the delay.And, indeed, as can be!Such delicate girl sometimes come across.For many women, the first symptom is nausea and vomiting in the morning.

Also, one of the most prominent symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness, which in addition to nausea, involves intolerance to certain foods and smells, irritability, and constant desire to sleep, general malaise.He is also associated with the change of views on taste.His example can be any situation related to the favorite food.For example, if you are just ahead and did what they ate dairy products, but now you just can not smell them, as there is an aversion to him, when the manifestation of a more significant symptoms, it may mean that you are pregnant.It is also a symptom for a short time and can be very tired during the day.

toxicosis not everyone can handle.If you have not expressed it strongly, you can turn to folk remedies.If morning sickness is manifested in the form of a rigid, namely, when you do have a very strong and frequent vomiting, should seek professional help, otherwise there is a chance of dehydration, as well as and beriberi.

To the delight of all the girls, toxemia generally lasts 12-14 weeks of gestation.His complete lack of pregnancy is not possible in principle, but for some it continues for a longer time.

Another symptom of pregnancy is a delay before: during any stage of pregnancy can appear constipation.Many mature women who claim that constipation can occur only in the third trimester, is very much mistaken.During pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body observed.As the uterus expands, it greatly compresses the bladder and intestines, and stretch it starts from the beginning of pregnancy.So those who believe that it is wrong - very wrong.

digestive tract as a result becomes unstable.This applies especially to girls who eat "dry rations".

always have to pay attention to the occurrence of constipation during pregnancy.The most important thing - you need to change the diet and start an active lifestyle.Intestinal function can improve the daily morning exercises.To eat is fruits and vegetables, as they contain large amounts of fiber.Can relieve constipation kiwis, prunes, raisins and dried apricots.You can also use dried fruit, but it is better to cook from them compote.If you want to avoid this symptom, you should raise the level of water in the body, that is to drink every day about 1.5-2 liters of fluid.

Remember that during pregnancy a lot of laxatives to use prohibited.Provide a bad effect on the pregnancy can also glycerin suppositories and enemas, as will result in the tone of the uterus.

To none of the symptoms of pregnancy did not cause you discomfort and did not violate the general condition of the body, it is necessary to comply with the treatment, which is appointed to you by your doctor.

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