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Missed abortion

Missed abortion

woman of any age can face this problem as a missed abortion.It is preceded by numerous factors and circumstances.Taking care of their own health is still at the planning stage of pregnancy, and clearly following the advice of the attending gynecologist can prevent missed abortion.

Any woman who plans to become a mother, you need to know about all the theoretical sign of fading fetus.Needless to say, it makes no sense to think about a potential problem and, especially, to try to look at its symptoms.But, anyway, the knowledge of which sometimes depends on life, no one hurt.

According to medical statistics, this pathology is rare - in one out of 176 pregnancies.Even if your pregnancy is proceeding normally, you need to know the symptoms fade fetus in order to fully control their condition.

missed abortion - what is it?

In fact it is the pathology of pregnancy, the risk of which is outside the conduct of most pregnant women.When developing pregnancy terminated the development and growth of the fetus,

is its complete destruction.In most cases, fading occurs pregnancy in the first trimester.The development of events in a negative way can cause inflammation of the track in the female body, as well as other unpleasant consequences.

Despite the fact that the causes of this disease may carry an implicit character, developing pregnancy is to some extent a threat to the well-being of future offspring.Signs of a troubled pregnancy may appear in the early and the later stages, and in each period they have fundamental differences.

Article topic: reasons for missed abortion in the early stages

Timely identification of missed abortion

proper growth and normal development of the fetus at each stage of gestation depends on a huge number of explicit and implicit factors.Sometimes the confluence of unfortunate circumstances leads to stop the development of the embryo and its subsequent destruction.Diagnosis symptoms developing pregnancy usually causes no doctors any difficulty.

main symptom missed abortion - is the disappearance of signs of developing pregnancy.In no case can not be independently set themselves such a diagnosis.If you have any suspicions should immediately contact your doctor, whose mission - to assign a mandatory ultrasound that shows a clear picture of the course of pregnancy.

Having a clear idea about how can manifest itself missed abortion, the woman has the potential, if necessary, timely start immediate treatment, giving the chance to rescue the child.As a rule, fading pregnant woman feels great, it does not have discomfort or pain, immediately stop torturing toxicosis, there is good appetite.To the doctor should contact immediately as soon as you were gone explicit usual pregnancy symptoms.

Article topic: Signs missed abortion in the early stages

Symptoms missed abortion

Often, the first signs of developing pregnancy in the early stages is obtained to find out only at the next scheduled inspection in the office of a gynecologist, which could happen as early as a few weeks after emergencesituation.Usually, the doctor registers the absence of fetal heart rate and stop its development.Any woman perceives this news as a tragedy, disaster struck overwhelms consciousness and failed mothers mandatory to help close friends and a psychologist.

The trouble is that in the early stages of missed abortion is not accompanied by visible and tangible signs of a woman.On the occurrence of the problem in the first place may signal a sudden cessation of toxicity, if it has manifested.Parallel to this, stop overt symptoms of normal pregnancy such as breast pain and decreased basal temperature.Experience shows that women in early pregnancy rarely give importance to these symptoms.

developing pregnancy at a later date may be manifested in different ways.A pregnant can appear pains in the lower abdomen and bleeding.Such symptoms may signal a risk of miscarriage due to detachment of the ovum.Symptoms of missed birth abortion are rarely left unattended future mother as a child when all this ceases to move.

Sometimes it is difficult even for experienced gynecologists are more likely to identify the home of missed abortion.A woman can, as before growing belly, and the results of blood tests show pregnancy.Unfortunately, this is accompanied by the development vnutriplodnoy shell and not the fruit itself.

Article topic: consequences of missed abortion

reasons for developing pregnancy at different stages

reasons for the fading of pregnancy may be different from chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus and hormonal disorders in the female body, and ending with acute infectious diseases and chronic infections.The highest percentage of missed abortion account for the case when the expectant mother is using drugs, tobacco and alcohol.In second place are diseases such as toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, herpes, etc.

woman who knows what threat carries missed abortion, certainly will try to eliminate all possible reasons for it before conception and in early pregnancy.It should also be very attentive to any changes in the process of carrying a baby.This approach allows the attentive woman clearly see signs of a possible anomaly, for example, weak pain in the lower abdomen, spotting rare or cessation of fetal movements.

second trimester missed abortion is expressed more clearly, and it rarely mistaken diagnosis.At the slightest suspicion of anomaly must be without any delay to pass a thorough medical examination.Experts in the hospital will be able to provide not only professional assistance if necessary emergency delivery, but also to establish the true reasons for developing pregnancy in the later stages, which will help in the future to avoid a repetition of such a situation.

Diagnosis of missed abortion

Pregnancy, which ceased to develop, can be diagnosed by examination by a gynecologist, who consulted at each visit makes measurements of the uterus, and on the basis of the data in the dynamics can be accurately diagnosed.

The normal size of the uterus must comply with the current pregnancy.Using ultrasound can detect the absence of heartbeat of the fetus.In addition to the US is clearly visible anembrioniya possible, ie a physiological disorder in which there is no egg to embryo fetal.

This pathology is also good is diagnosed with hormonal blood test in which the doctor notes the decrease in the level of hormones of pregnancy relative to the norm corresponding term gestation.Thus, an obstetrician-gynecologist finds a deviation from the parameters of those figures, which are characteristic of safe pregnancy.

Consequences stagnate pregnancy

Virtually every woman who survived an abortion due to stop its development, wondering whether they will have children in the future.Missed abortion is not in every case suggests that a woman is not able to bear a child.In many situations, stopping the development of early pregnancy is incomprehensible even for professionals.The vast majority of women give birth in a subsequent healthy and full of kids.In

if repeated often missed abortion, both spouses must undergo a full medical examination and the necessary inspections.It is possible that this pair is incapable of normal childbearing.One can certainly say that missed abortion carries great physiological and psychological stress, and a woman in such a situation certainly needs the full support of their environment.

After completing the assigned treatment woman needs a certain amount of time to restore the body and mind.Plans for the re-birth can begin after 3-6 months.Before that, it is extremely important for a complete examination by a doctor in a timely manner and to identify possible deviations to avoid another missed abortion.

whole rehabilitation period should be devoted to caring for the health of both spouses.Pare planning to beget children after failing to bear a child, it is strongly recommended to give up smoking and alcohol in any dose and any form, as well as to take multivitamin preparations.It is worth remembering also the psychological factor: a woman who suffered this complication is likely to require specialized care to overcome the anxiety and fears, so that in the future, carry and give birth a full, healthy crumbs.

Actions detection missed abortion

Once the doctor will put a definitive diagnosis, it is necessary to begin treatment.As a rule, the final diagnosis is the inevitable precursor of miscarriage.Typically, detection of missed abortion doctor chooses as a strategy the following procedure:

  • necessary to wait until a miscarriage, which is a natural consequence of the disease due to decreased levels of placental hormones.

  • If the period is less than 8 weeks, the doctor prescribes specific pharmacological agents that cause a miscarriage.

  • If necessary, appointed by surgery, which is scraping the uterine cavity, which is carried out after therapy with antibiotics.After a couple weeks mandatory ultrasound is performed to evaluate the post-operative condition of the woman.

Many women wonder how long you can go with a pathology?Experts do not give this issue a clear answer.In each case, the terms may be very different.This could be one week, maybe a month, and even every two.For this reason, so it is important to regularly attend antenatal clinics.

Treatment and recovery

missed abortion After a miscarriage or scraping was made, it must be both mother and father to undergo a full examination, in order to prevent a repetition of a difficult situation.At the same time, both spouses must pass the mandatory tests for thyroid hormones and sex hormones.The results of a comprehensive survey allow us to establish and eliminate the reasons due to which there was a pathology.Then, as a preventive measure women should carefully protect themselves from pregnancy and fully fed.Additionally, during the rehabilitation period should take multivitamin complex recommended by your doctor.The measures in the complex will strengthen the female body and prepare it for a future successful pregnancy.

Measures for prevention of the development of pathology

Those mothers who had transferred missed abortion, at an early stage of planning the next pregnancy seek by all means to avoid the development of pathology.Missed abortion must necessarily result in the individual complete examination by a specialist, the plan is drawn up on the basis of the characteristics of the female body and medical history.Absolutely every woman in the recovery period shows a number of standard diagnostic tests necessary to facilitate optimal planning conception in the future:

  • a blood test, the result of which will show the level of homocysteine ​​and autoantibodies;

  • ultrasound of the pelvic organs;

  • determination of thyroid hormone levels in the blood and the study of the body;

  • possible diagnosis of urogenital diseases with smears;

  • identify infections that are dangerous to the body of a pregnant woman (ToRHC-complex).

these measures should not be underestimated, since the quality of missed abortion prevention would greatly prevent the threat of a repetition of the tragedy, as well as increase the chances to experience the joy of motherhood.

In summary, it is worth noting that the couple, who wish to become mother and father must have an idea of ​​what a missed abortion, how can avoid the sad outcome and how to treat the disease.Knowledge gives you the opportunity, if necessary, in a timely manner to eliminate the causes of threats to notice the symptoms of the disease and to take adequate measures.

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