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During pregnancy, a woman will find really quite a lot of new terms and effects for your body.Carrying a child accompanies many different nuances and terms that are at times quite disturbing and not entirely clear.Pregnant woman gets after passing the US report, which confirmed fetal presentation.At the same time US in 95-97% of cases it proves cephalic.

What does it mean cephalic presentation fetus during pregnancy

First of all, you should understand the meaning of cephalic presentation fetus during pregnancy.First of all, you need to understand - cephalic presentation is considered to be the best option for the location of the child in the womb.For this previa tend to appeal to the inner child's head zevu cervix.The largest part of the baby's body, his head with such a previa will be the first to move through the birth canal of women.Because of this after her birth without difficulties appear shoulders of the child, torso and legs.

It is also important to understand that for up to 30 weeks of pr

egnancy may change the position of the fetus in the mother's womb.However, gradually approaching the presumptive date of childbirth child the absolute majority of women (approximately 97%) takes cephalic presentation.As a rule, the position of the child in the period after 34 weeks of pregnancy becomes a constant, fully stable.

Types cephalic pregnancy

Immediately it should be borne in mind that there are several types of cephalic presentation of the child, depending on the position of the head of the baby.Including cephalic presentation can be frontal, perednegolovnym, occipital or facial.According to obstetrician-gynecologists, the most favorable - occipital previa.In this case, the promotion of the child through the birth canal mother bent neck of the child so that the light appears first baby neck, facing forward.

95% of births take place in this way - ideal previa and delivery.Although options are also possible extensor insertion head.First-degree extension of the head is perednegolovnoe previa.If expulsion of the fetus in this case the point is wired anterior fontanelle on the head of a child.

In such situaii increases the risk of injury compared to the occipital goal.For this case characterized by prolonged labor, there is a need for prevention of fetal hypoxia.

second degree extension of the head is a frontal presentation.In this case, wired point of the birth canal - the forehead, dropped lower than other parts of the baby's head.This option cephalic presentation leads to the impossibility of natural birth.Therefore, it is necessary cesarean section.

Exterior previa - the third degree of head extension.The leading point in this version - the baby's chin.From the birth canal the baby's head goes back neck.It is still possible in this case, natural childbirth, if the pelvis allows mothers or provided small child.But in most cases, facial presentation becomes an indication for cesarean section.

reasons different presentation of the fetus during pregnancy

Among the possible causes of the different presentation of the fetus during pregnancy should be noted narrow pelvis in women, uterine fibroids, abnormalities in the structure of the uterus, polyhydramnios or placenta previa.

exercises cephalic pregnancy

experts developed a set of exercises needed to cephalic.Perform these exercises should be 32 weeks of gestation.

First of all, it should lie flat sideways on the sofa.This provision is maintained for 10 minutes.The following roll over to the other side, while remaining on the second side the same amount of time.Pretty simple exercise that should be done three times a day.Women are advised to sleep on your side, to which the baby's head is tilted.

should kneel, leaning on his elbows.Being in the knee-elbow position is necessary for 15-20 minutes.This position is recommended twice a day.

recommended to pay special attention to swimming.Because this sport is perfectly capable of stimulating a child turn his head down.Suspended position baby at swimming women provides a positive effect on the health of the child.

completion of the exercise promotes the effective stimulation of the motor activity of the child.As a result, the baby increase the chances for employment cerebral occipital position.It is also important to consider other serious moment - a ban on the performance of these exercises in the case of placenta previa, uterine scars or late toxicosis.It is strongly recommended that a consultation with the attending gynecologist before performing these activities.

When they say about the cephalic pregnancy

This name really means a lot in obstetric terminology.In particular it involves the location of the child's head in front of the pelvis.Consequently, the first in the birth canal during cephalic presentation fetus will go head baby.Option standards in this case - occipital cephalic presentation.The baby is born with such a disposition neck forward.As the specialists say, the method of birth - the most secure for the child and pregnant woman.This is due to the size, which begins to erupt head - the baby is born without injury, but the woman would pass attempts without breaks.

Pathological options cephalic pregnancy

  • Perednegolovnoe previa.In this case, there is little head in the position of extension.Teething vain attempts at the result will be a large size compared to the occipital previa.Therefore, it is increasing the risk of injury for the child and for the mother breaks.

  • Skull fetal presentation.It increases the size of the presenting part as compared with the two previous types of previa.

  • Exterior fetal presentation.This option is the location of the baby's head - the most dangerous, the most straighten head.As a result, it begins to be born in the maximum amount.

Obstetricians under all kinds of pathological previa insist on caesarean section.Such surgery under similar conditions is fully justified, since the adoption of such a complicated childbirth naturally need to be very experienced obstetrician and a real virtuoso.

Methods for determining cephalic pregnancy

gynecologists tend to independently establish the position of the fetus during pregnancy.To cope with this task can and the woman during pregnancy.To do this, lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, his hand resting on the abdomen.Under the fingers when pressing a mild head palpable is her child.Things are much more complicated with a certain type of cephalic presentation.To accurately determine the experts recommend to perform an ultrasound.If you suspect disease, according to the doctor, it is recommended to pass the designated study - for the timely understanding of the potential problem.