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Feng Shui southeast

Feng Shui southeast

We live in a big, diverse world, every second falling under the influence of natural forces.Even centuries ago the wise Chinese could already give a characterization of the electromagnetic field, opened its value to humans and all that we can learn with the help of feng shui.The combination of the unique teachings of the ancient Councils, intuition and mind work wonders.We can change any life situation, control all the capabilities that gives us the universe.

Following the principles of Feng Shui is not easily miss the chance to achieve success in any field, to achieve prosperity.South-east direction - is luck, wealth and prosperity.It refers to the element of Wood.Activation of this sector is necessary for those who want to follow the path of prosperity.Fantastic, if the front door is located in the Wealth sector, special efforts to attract positive chi energy is not needed, the possibility of improving the financial situation and so high.

business meetings in this area ensures better deals and a f

avorable outcome of any case.The greatest success in the sector of the south-east brings constant movement, well, if there is activity.Organize it all fit in any room of office or apartment, where the zone (except bedrooms) aquarium with fish or a turtle, a small fountain, a wind chime.If the bedroom is the same with the sector

Wealth is a very good feng shui, water characters here will be superfluous, as the owners and expect success and prosperity.To enhance the positive energy in the house and attract financial flows and favorable energy, you can use a money tree Crassula live or artificial copy on twigs that grow Chinese gold coins.A popular symbol of prosperity, stimulating revenue growth, are trehlapy toad with a coin in the mouth and Hotei (Laughing Buddha).

Good enclose them under a mat at the front door and dig into the soil under the track towards the house.To attract abundance and wealth need to awaken the energy element of Fire, so pay attention to this sector in the light, bright light accelerates the inflow of beneficial energy, dark corners contribute to the accumulation of negative sha.Many successful businesses use in this sector round the Chinese coin with a hole in the middle, tied with red ribbon.

most powerful, embodies masculine energy is the Dragon mascot, holding in the paws of a pearl.It means material prosperity, success in business, adding activity.Jade dragon figurine green and all its shades are the most potent activators of space.Talisman Feng Shui - Crystal can dissipate the negative energy to transform it.

To correct energy flow suspended Pagoda, another one is the most effective talisman.Pagoda with the figure of a turtle will increase the possibility of attracting good luck and success in their work and to obtain material goods.Traditionally used in feng shui wealth Bowl - a symbol of prosperity and greatness.It is a box in the form of gold bullion, it is recommended to fill the ornaments of precious metal or cameos and have to hide from prying eyes.

Forms sector Abundance should be square, the color green and with proper activation, you can add a little bit of red and purple.In the southeast, it is best to have the kitchen, filling the interior with golden or bronze shades.How would you have not issued a momentous place in the home, the main thing that the desire to achieve a high quality, it was strong and if luck is not long to wait.

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