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Feng Shui Northwest

Feng Shui Northwest

Northwest grid according to Bagua used in Feng Shui is considered to be the territory of the element Metal, white, metallic, gold and silver.In the part of the building, which coincides with this direction, it is the sector of the Masters and travel.First of all, keep this area as though the whole house clean, it is desirable that there were spacious and bright.It is necessary to harmonize

space northwest, as the various offers of help from friends, co-workers, influential people just come upon you.The best mascots area Assistants may be portraits of people whom you consider to be your protectors.Place the image in this sector, or figurines of angels and saints, icons, photo chief and so on. D. From the Chinese deities GASIS suitable - time keeper.

He can entrust their dreams, and they will certainly come true.To protect select powerful and good God Ganesha or Dzhankuya - fighter, helping poor people, it is always ready to help.In the difficult times of life Feng Shui recommends that you use a pict

ure with the image of the mountain - a symbol of protection, stability, or with dolphins, good creatures that help overcome any adversity.Element of metal support element of the Earth, and therefore, everything that belongs to the earth element, can also be used in this zone.

Effectively work natural stones, bells, ornaments of precious metals.A wonderful way to activate the positive energy in the region with the help of assistants wealth bucket filled to the brim with coins.Recommended New Year's Eve to put in this area a large number of items with a golden coloring.According to Chinese imitations of gold can be modeled in a real object, it helps to ensure that you can suddenly get the support of persons with significant authority in society.

known that crystals tend to accumulate and retain energy.Crystal amethyst, rock crystal or natural quartz in the north-eastern area will fill the space of the energy of kindness and grace.In feng shui, this area associated with higher powers, so there are appropriate round shapes, for example, marble balls or rounded vases, crystal, and other metal and stone objects.Fragrances are also important in Feng Shuya northwestern sector.

fragrant jasmine and geranium are excellent for harmonization of space.North-west workspace in the home office and in the office have a big impact on a computer network.With proper activation of this area you will be carried out all the plans, projects will be addressed important issues.You will receive the necessary information from the sources on the site or via email, who suddenly find yourself at the post office.

therefore safely be placed on the desktop computer.The metal sector is not suitable for food as cooker reduces the authority of the head of the family.Also, if the room in which this area is significantly smaller than all the others, it is also a negative impact on a man.It is possible that the apartment is no north-western sector, in this case may be adversely affected relations between spouses.Women and men in this house will experience loneliness.

What to do?You can finish the room, put a mirror in front of the missing space.Hang luminaire, direct light in the direction of the intended sector.And the most radical way to the emergence of this sector could be moving.Well-chosen new residence will be of great support in everything that happens in your life.