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Feng Shui South

Feng Shui South

South home on the grid Bagua - the territory of the element of Fire, feeding on trees and weakens Water.This area is Brainwave and Glory . color red. uniqueness of each person is associated with the expression of his personality, with the manifestation of the features that make doing something unique in life.This sector needs to be clean and spacious, which contributes to the high reputation and popularity.Good energy here will provide the enthusiasm, inspiration and creativity.

If you do not have enough popularity, position in society, authority, then to draw it all fit charms symbolizing the open fire.Be there a fireplace, candles and a bright light bulb.On the south wall would be appropriate to portrait depicting your person, you can hang the diplomas, awards and diplomas.The beneficial energy has a horse, getting up on his hind legs, a symbol of commitment, perseverance and generosity.Flying Eagle will bring the energy of freedom, a strong will and determination.

for this sector is ideal mascot

in the form of a large coin, and popular in China, a symbol of protection and long life - a fan, a fan Placed up.Before this attribute hang on the wall, remember that too much fan in a small room can cause turbulence fluxes of energy that will make your life into chaos.Too small - does not contribute to the accumulation of positive energy in sufficient quantities.The image of the Phoenix traditionally in the zone of Fame.Magic bird is considered the king of all winged creatures.It will open many talents and abilities, and, hence, the path to success.

With powerful energy force that helps people rise above all adversities and will inevitably lead to prosperity and success.The royal bird peacock or peacock feathers in a vase, is also a good conductor of luck and success.It is also important how we use color in this zone.According to feng shui knowledge of the characteristics of the five elements can open up great prospects for a bright future.Each element is represented by a certain color and shape, so the easiest way to achieve harmony is to make these elements into your space.

In the southern side of the house to achieve fame and recognition in the interior design and furniture in handy red, yellow, purple and pink colors.You can not use blue and black shades.With regard to the geometric shapes, then you can apply a triangular shape and conical shape of concern to its rising energy flow positive.

door facing south, you can paint it red or green paint.If the bathroom is located in the zone of Fame, you can use the wooden elements of bamboo, green color, so the water will nourish the tree, and the tree to maintain the fire.Taking an active part in the construction of their own destiny, as is well known, "a rolling stone gathers no moss", you will feel that self-confidence is growing every day.Constantly evolving, improving their skills and professionalism, you will surely come to the glory to give unlimited possibilities.

This will get rid of fears and doubts and easily let success in life.Great if you will appreciate and respect the employees and bosses.You will be surprise to receive support for their projects.Perhaps making a profit as a result of certain achievements.Feng Shui recommends to write invented statement that fits their targets, and place in the sector, imagining that everything is already present in your life.When you purchase a special event mascot created taking into account the number of Gua, it will help to solve the problems associated with the southern sector.

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