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South-west of feng shui

South-west of feng shui

Southwest on the theory of feng shui - a sector of love and marriage, the element - Earth.Trigram Kun is matriarchal.Picture respected, wise woman in the area is considered a strong symbol of energy contributing to strengthening of good luck.Southwest is responsible for relations between spouses, love, romance, friendship.Adversely, if the south-western sector of the front door is an apartment, bedroom, toilet, bathroom.

If you can not avoid a failed plan apartment or house, it is recommended to hang a mirror on the closet door or activate energy Southwest with the symbol of the character "double happiness", try not to be used for harmonization of space no metal objects.Bright lights and a lot of vegetation will contribute to meeting their loved ones, it is important for prospective brides and grooms.Poor in the living room when such a zone is absent.

In this case, there is the presence of female energy is not the best effect on the fate of children.If possible, better to finish a few square meters.

In the area of ​​love, as well, and the whole house has to reign purity, in any case should not be the old, broken items.Well, when towards the love sector of a bedroom.Two lamp and two candles here will increase the positive impact of energy and help to find a new love or strengthen existing relationships.

paintings or photographs couples, two doves, a pair of dolphins, two mandarin ducks, and other paired symbols help strengthen liaisons.If family relationships difficult to line up or threatened with separation, then place in the area of ​​love and marriage any crystals, such as pink quartz in the form of a pair of hearts.Suit and ceramic products, vase with candy and chocolate.It does not hurt a bit yellow, light terracotta, sand color.

should not be in the zone of Love aquarium or fountain, white and blue colors. powerful symbol are red Chinese lanterns, in addition, that they enliven the interior, they are characterized by a priceless feature - to return the lost passion.Excellent assistant by the desire for fame mascot Dzaoshen.Wish your loved ones health, happiness, wealth and prosperity and a conductor of positive energy will fulfill whatever you wish.

guarding the family home, helps to overcome all the difficulties of family life, gives peace of mind and hope for the best.Activate sector Love can be only when you want to attract love into your life, improve existing relationships and to learn to understand their desires and be in harmony with itself.The deepest idea that there is a positive measure that takes an exceptionally important place in the practice of feng shui.

Remember, furnished the sector, requires the presence of a sense of proportion, a lot of character does not contribute to the achievement of harmony, find a happy medium, show imagination and intuition connect.Before attempting to create the ideal relationship between a man and a woman should think about what this means for them.It is not only fun, it's a number of duties and are not always easily feasible.Therefore, feng shui advises to work on themselves, constantly evolve.

patience, and everything good is sure to come in your life.In Feng Shui, there are special techniques to enhance the romantic luck.This can help, such as fresh flowers in their own sector, is determined by year of birth.Try three days to put flowers if you Zodiac sign:

  • Monkey, Rat, Dragon - the north

  • Tiger, Horse and Dog - in the east;

  • Snake, Rooster and Ox - in the south.

  • Pig, Rabbit, Goat - in northern