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Elements of water on Feng Shui

Elements of water on Feng Shui

water on Feng Shui

There is no doubt that water - the source of life on Earth, it gives rise to all living things.The body also composed of water (70-80%) and we can not live without it for more than three days.Water influence us not only when we drink it, and hear the murmur of her, feel her touch.No wonder someone very aptly that man can look endlessly at three things - and one of them - it is flowing water.The Chinese are credited with the magical power of the water, because of natural materials only in it you can see your reflection.

ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui just teach us how to use the energy of the water that people consume on a daily basis for their own purposes.The water on Feng Shui - one of the five elements, the five driving forces to ensure our well-being.Even the name of this eastern practice is translated as "wind and water", which confirms that the two most important forces constantly affect all life on the part of nature.

water, according to the ancient doctrine, is the

element of wealth and material prosperity.However, to use this life-giving water and its characters with caution.Many believe that the larger aquariums and artificial reservoirs are erected, the better.But it is not.Aquarium, disproportionate to the area of ​​the room to be profitable, and the water from the stream flowing in the direction of the house will take your wealth and riches.

Do not forget that the water in the bathroom, located in the south-eastern sector, while constantly open the door and the toilet seat, also washes away your fortune from home.Watch for serviceability of all cranes and tightly cover the door to the toilet.

As you can see, the mere presence of water in the house and next to it does not ensure human well-being.Water should be a "right" not to flow rapid flow and help us.According to feng shui, the best example of the organization of the body of water is calm, gently twisting flow in the garden or a small, soft babbling fountain in the house.

If your home is located at the quiet, calm river, but still flowing in his direction, then consider yourself lucky.Water, "coming" to us, brings with it a wealth of new opportunities.However, do not be upset if near house no natural water reservoirs or for any reason you can not install in rooms aquarium or fountain.Just use this principle symbolically.

Hang in the room poster or a big picture with the image of a waterfall, stream or fountain, but they need to be sure to "flow", that is, bring the water to the house.On a subconscious level, these characters will show you that "something is coming", namely - luck, opportunities, prosperity and wealth.Just do not overdo it!Painting in the style of "The Ninth Wave" or the Niagara Falls can wash away everything that you have already achieved.

Element water feng shui element of water

increases energy flow, facilitates communication between people, helps to gain wisdom and experience, unleash your inner potential.It gives people the power and ability to take any form.Water can be calm and gentle, radiating gentleness and peace, and may boil and boil, generating pulsating energy.

element of water helps us to easily communicate your thoughts to other, often do not even need to choose your words much - we just say what we think, and we understand.It gives us a sense of dignity and courage, makes it possible to learn from past failures and mistakes, to learn something new.

forms associated with the element of water flowing and flowing, it is definitely not a triangle, not a circle, not a square.The colors that embody this element - black, blue and light blue.First of all, this element represents the water itself, and all that is associated with insight and depth perception.This is primarily glass, mirrors, transparent crystals processed.

water emits invigorating qi, so in those places where a lot of it, the energy level will be increased.And bubbling fountains jets generate more Qi than a fixed surface of the pond or aquarium.If the water table is well lit sunlight, its energy is increased by several times.

If the room there is a lack of water in the elements, then you find it difficult to reach an understanding with people.You can constantly repeat the same thing, but hardly anyone hears you.At home you will argue with the family, at work and you have difficulty in communicating with employees or subordinates.Your point of view is unacceptable for them, and no one will carry out your instructions.With a lack of the element of water every time you can step on the same rake, but did not fully understand their past mistakes.

predominance of the element of water is able to instill in you the uncertainty, anxiety, feelings of inferiority.You often afraid to make a mistake or feel themselves enough smart and talented.If this happens often, it is likely in your home or in the workplace are too many elements of water, and preferably some of them are removed to restore harmony.

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