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Music wind feng shui

Music wind feng shui

Music Wind is a small objects that vibrations from the air hurt each other and emit a delightful rustling or ringing.Such a composition of the hollow tubes suspended vertically, is fairly universal sign, because it is used to attract and luck, and wealth, and mutual feelings.This original pendulum becomes chic design element of any interior.

hollow tube wind chimes are considered to be a kind of passage for positive energy.They point to the correct path of a particular energy movement from the bottom up.At the sound of the mysterious amulet activated positive flows forcibly pushed through the tubes.This effect is particularly required in places where the energy from stagnating.And Windchimes needed in those areas where it is necessary to dissipate the energy of the shotgun.

Even if flows are favorable, however, it is desirable to distribute evenly throughout the room.Such mascot cope with this task perfectly.These facilities include a narrow corridor.Outside Music wind will act as a protective symbo

l of neutralizing the negative flows hidden arrows.

jingle of this symbol are often used on the front door.Any part of the energy is automatically cleared, and entering the house of a positive flow is significantly enhanced.The hollow tube may be made of aluminum, brass, copper, ceramics, glass, wood or bamboo.Their amount generally ranges from three to seven.

If you want to strengthen any particular zone, then select the music of the wind out of the materials that are inherent in this area.Metallic sound perfect for the west, northwest and north.In the south-west and north-east will be an excellent option clay characters.Wooden bells bring good luck if placed in the south-east and east.And the north is better to use ceramic or glass items.This helps to prevent the emergence of conflicts elements.

Do you want to become popular in the community and attract into your life friends?Choose ceramic wind chimes with 8 or 9 tube and place the symbol in the south-western sector of the apartment.For assistance of influential patrons, it is recommended to buy the metal pendulum with 5 or 6 tubes to be hanged in the north-west of the house.

To get a new position, place a metal bells in the northern area of ​​the apartment.In order to effectively improve knowledge and excellent exam choose ceramic chime.This wind chime should be hung in the north-eastern sector.To accelerate the implementation of its major creative plans and improve the relationship with the children identify the talisman with 7 tubes in the western part of the apartment.

Wooden chime approach to improve relations with the authorities and parents.The best choice in this situation would be a symbol with four hollow tubes, which are recommended to hang on to the east.To improve the material conditions, higher wages, hang a wind chime with wooden tubes in the southeast.Summing up, it may be noted that the right choice of location of wind chimes would be beneficial for attracting good luck and prosperity in any area.

water on Feng Shui

The Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui water is considered to be a powerful source of vital life energy Chi.A small waterfall or fountain room and rounded aquarium will serve as a source of chic, attracting happiness, health and well-being.Calming sound of water improves the atmosphere in the house and produces a calming effect.Watch the water in all its forms is very useful after a hard day.

aquariums, fountains and waterfalls will help eliminate prevailed in the flat energy imbalance.Do not forget that indoor fountain jet should always be directed upwards, and their height can be absolutely anyone.Often, there are outdoor decorative fountains in the form of bowls and columns.The choice of such a magical character should be based on your own preferences and tastes.

waterfall with crystal water and a strong flow of water will stimulate activity and energy.Opposite a small waterfall will fill the apartment of peace and tranquility.The mirror surface of the water gives the interior a special elegance and perfectly moisturizes the air.Waterfalls in the form of rain will give your flat notes of originality.However, it is not necessary to install a small apartment large waterfalls, they may upset the balance of power.

aquarium with fish is often installed in the south-eastern sector.As a rule, it is recommended to put in a corridor or passage, where it is clearly visible.The aquarium is considered to be a strong magnet for wealth, prosperity and well-being.Fish symbolize commitment and perseverance.Of great importance is the color and the number of fish.The best option would be a combination of eight goldfish and one black.

forms aquarium preferably round, but the fit and the usual rectangular.Do not worry if one of the fish will die.There is a sign that the way the heavens taken from your home real trouble.Replace the water in the aquarium, the fish change and continue to enjoy the sounds and the beauty of water.

However, it should be mentioned that if your element is fire, do not abuse the different elements of water.In this case it will be enough to hang small paintings depicting the sea.If you have a household plot, it can be divided into a small pond and grow delicious and enchanting lotus lilies.Thus, for a short time you will attract into your home good luck and prosperity.

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