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Feng Shui northeast

Feng Shui northeast

qi energy energizes all living beings and objects surrounding them.This life-giving source of prosperity, abundance, wealth, fame and fortune.Natural qi is not subject to the will of man, but in man's power to create favorable conditions in order to get the proper circulation of qi energy.North-east direction in the building sector covers education, knowledge and wisdom.Large stock of knowledge is a priceless treasure to anyone.

Therefore, we must continually learn something new, take every opportunity to learn, improve their professional skills, develop spiritually.Since ancient times, China's north and east were considered favorable direction.From the east comes wealth, the source of life.North carries the wisdom, knowledge and spirituality.Ideal conditions for the free movement of positive energy, when front door of the house is oriented to the east or northeast.This area is well to meditate, work and reading books.

neutralize the negative impact in this sector can be a sheet of red paper, painti

ngs with a predominance of red, bright red curtains and bright lighting.If the sector is a kitchen, fire boards easily eliminate possible trouble.If you have a window, use the metal bells, wrought iron items, fragments of wallpaper with red color.

in the bedroom or in the living room in this area put the statue of the laughing Buddha, colorful floor lamp.It is not recommended to argue, resulting in dull intuition, weakened memory and disturbed the harmony.Powerful talismans northeast considered a globe or crystal ball.Their place on the desktop.Natural crystal causes children to school activity.

According to feng shui, the northeast is associated with the earth element, which has the effect of stability, reliability, resistance to various adverse situations.In the north-eastern sector of the welcome square or rectangular geometric shapes.There will be appropriate books, reference books on the desk.This is especially true for the space arrangement office.

called Gen trigram sector, which means - the mountain, so the paintings of mountains on the wall behind the north-east of the room in an apartment or office will draw new knowledge and wisdom fill.In such an atmosphere, there is the support of positive energy in education.It is advisable in addition to characters embody knowledge in the sector to place the deities, symbolizing the money luck.

suitable for this three star elders, Hott, God Ganesha, they will ensure victory in business and material prosperity.The symbol of learning and wisdom - the owl assists in the affairs of those who learn and those who have already graduated and seeks to put into practice the knowledge acquired.To obtain a corner Wisdom choose beige colors and all shades of brown.This is especially important for those who are still in school or in college.To activate the northeastern harmonious space are any statues symbolizing the ceramic or natural stone.

It's no secret that education brings people to a new level of life, they become significant in the social sphere.In China, knowledge is compared with a pearl, a picture of her on the table helps to concentrate efforts to achieve the goals.Remarkable is the mascot of a crystal egg, a symbol of help to gain confidence, peace of mind, freedom from doubt, firmness and determination in action.

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