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Tree of feng shui

Tree of feng shui

Money Tree of feng shui

wonderful money tree represents one of the most important talismans that lures huge material wealth.Jade has a strong trunk, strong stems and fleshy leaves a rounded shape.To effect this extraordinary charms was more pronounced in the pot should be buried a few Chinese coins with square holes and place the plant itself in the southeastern area of ​​the room.Besides, you can also purchase an artificial tree money.

abundance of water and regular cleaning of dust allows to strengthen the magical properties of the mascot.In addition, in the vicinity of the money tree is recommended to install a small indoor fountain, waterfall or rounded aquarium.

Tangerine tree in feng shui

unique tangerine tree has magical powers, since the ability to update the feelings between partners and to revive the former passion.It should be located in the north-eastern zone of love.In addition to its main purpose, elegant tangerine tree is capable of absorbing large quantities of any negative energ

y, instead giving a positive atmosphere and giving good mood.

If your house will be a magnificent tree with incomparable citrus quiet friendly atmosphere in your home is assured.If you want to enhance the inflow of cash, which is located pot with a plant in the south-eastern sector.

Tree of Happiness Feng Shui

special tree of happiness will bring into your home comfort and success.Depending on its position, it is able to stimulate different types of positive energy.Putting a tree of happiness in the east, you will be able to draw in home health.In addition, this area is helping to carry out without any effort planned activities.For the acquisition of wealth, it is recommended to install the mascot in the northeastern area of ​​the room in which most of the whole family.

Typically, tree of happiness is made of precious and semiprecious materials - aventurine, crystal and carnelian.Leaves of trees can be made of amethyst, whereby a symbol of happiness looks very impressive.It is believed that in addition to its main functions is the tree of happiness will serve as original decor of your home.

peach tree in feng shui

exquisite peach tree occupy an important place in attracting abundance.Such mascot may need to store on the east side, so that together with the wealth you can gain health.To enhance the flow of positive energy, place it in the center of the room.

Thus, it will begin to attract wealth into the house.If you want the replenishment of the family, the peach tree is essential to you.However, do not forget to give him signs of attention and care on a regular basis.To enhance its magical properties, near the peach tree, place the frame with pictures of family members.And it is necessary to mention that such a talisman is very fussy to good lighting.

Tree of Life Feng Shui

To create a mythical tree of life, you must stand in the center of your apartment, close your eyes and stand quietly.Earth will send you images and symbols, giving a unique energy through bare feet.Create a kind of visual energy of the barrel, which will connect your body to the depth of the earth.Such magic tree of life will bring not only stability and strength but also fill the lack of spirituality and wealth in the house.In addition, it will serve as a powerful curtain against the negative impact of detractors.Such a tree embodies the magical relationship between man and earth.

Coffee tree in feng shui

mystical coffee tree symbolizes infinity, abundance and health.The fruits of this tree with incredibly delicate aroma represent the wealth and prosperity.It is no coincidence, it is a very popular mascot.It can bring prosperity, success and harmony.Coffee tree attracts exceptional energy money luck to the house to protect the family from the negative manifestations and quarrels.Place it in the area of ​​love, to change lives for the better, filling it with stability and strong bonds.

Lemon tree in feng shui

Since lemon tree promotes curiosity and thirst for knowledge enhancement, it should be placed in children's rooms.In addition, a tree significantly increases independence and activity.Such unusual houseplant considered the strongest talisman, which has a unique magical effect on the energy of the home.Fruiting or flowering tree releases a huge amount of positive energy.The larger the fruit, the more protection home from adverse environmental factors.It is worth mentioning that the soft lush foliage lemon tree also emits positive energy.

Dollar Tree of feng shui

Zamioculcas rightfully received the status of the incomparable dollar tree.It has the fantastic ability to attract the cash.This ornamental plant has shiny pinnate leaves a nice dark green color.Adult plants often reaches a height of one meter.Such a plant is considered to undemanding of care, but it does not like direct sunlight and frequent watering.

Zamioculcas combination with Jade will help not only to attract dollar capital, but also to raise additional income easy.Zamioculcas not necessarily be located in the south-eastern sector.To enhance the effect of such a tree, hang a few dollar bills in his branches.Some create interesting pyramid of the same notes on the plant, which is conducive to the inflow of finance in the family.

under the pot, you can put a coin - a penny, so he fueled Zamioculcas active monetary energy.And Jade and Zamioculcas recommended to water the special monetary water for cooking which should be in plain water to put any small coin for 20 minutes.

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