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Vinegar in pregnancy

Vinegar in pregnancy

One of the common problems among pregnant women consistently refers to drawing up a balanced and healthy diet.Including natural question becomes effects on the body and the pregnancy of all food consumed.This often subject to doubts and pretty woman he loved foods that previously consumed literally every day and in considerable quantity.In his articles, we aim to respond to such urgent questions now choose to focus on the consumption of vinegar.This product has become an integral component for preparation of various salads, widely used for seasoning your favorite dishes.It is therefore important to understand the recommendations on its use during pregnancy, there are limitations and other nuances in the preparation of the daily diet.

permissible to vinegar during pregnancy?

Each doctor can confirm that with the onset of pregnancy, women have to give up many previously favorite foods, which until recently seemed an integral part of their diet.Including pregnant women will give up the consumption of c

affeine, raw eggs, shellfish and other seafood.

deserves special attention traditionally cooking with the addition of the usual 9% vinegar - from him and will be abandoned.When pregnancy vinegar is prohibited.Since it is a synthetic product that is desirable to use all the healthy people, not to mention pregnant women.The consequence of vinegar consumption during pregnancy may be anemia, resulting in acute food craving arises, provoking an increased load on the kidneys.Therefore, we can talk about a definite answer - during pregnancy should be avoided in the diet of foods that are filled with vinegar.

cider vinegar in the diet of pregnant women

However, a variety of synthetic vinegar is not limited.Suffice it to recall the presence of apple cider vinegar, which is safe for women during pregnancy.Therefore, it can be used to prepare various dishes.Apple cider vinegar - the result of fermentation of apple wine, made from sweet apples.As part of this product is not acetic acid that destroys red blood cells and facilitates the development of anemia.It should also be added that in some clinics in Japan and America, the practice of using apple cider vinegar for the effective treatment of gastritis.

However, the importance given to the correct choice - because the supermarkets are now offering a specialized synthetic vinegar, which is sold under the guise of apple.It features a synthetic vinegar relative cheapness and high strength.It is important to understand that the cost of apple cider vinegar may not be lower table.

With its relative safety still cider vinegar during pregnancy should be consumed in moderation.Since the abuse of apple cider vinegar may cause negative impacts to the tooth enamel, helping to increase the acidity in the stomach and irritate the esophagus.

Sometimes pregnant women have resorted to the use of apple cider vinegar to get rid of heartburn or nausea.In this case, they are diluted apple vinegar water.But it is necessary to understand that this recipe is one of folk remedies, as there is no proven clinical studies of the effect of the composition of the pregnancy and the development of the hearth.Therefore it is possible to recommend mandatory consultation with your doctor before using this tool.

known that with the onset of pregnancy culinary habits of women are undergoing significant changes.Often they want to supplement their daily diets with lemon or pickles.This desire for vinegar usually does not manifest itself.Although, if there is a need for something sour, with quite a long time, we can talk about a lack of nutrients in the female body.Therefore, you should think about your diet.It is likely that previously held enough balanced nutrition.You can think about a lot of vitamins, carbohydrates in the diet.

Rubbing vinegar during pregnancy

fairly common use of vinegar as folk remedies for treating colds.Most often it spreads its use as an antipyretic.For women during pregnancy is strongly discouraged the use of medicines, antibiotics and other means of chemical origin, so they think about the use of vinegar.To bring down the fever, maybe vodka or rubbing the body with vinegar, which is half-diluted with water.Sometimes it is enough to put the gauze to his forehead - pre-moistened her divorced bite.If we talk about body rub using vinegar to bring the temperature down, it is possible to confirm the effectiveness of such funds without harm to the body of a pregnant.Practice proves that these funds do allow to bring down the temperature - but still recommended to consult with your doctor.