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Feng Shui Orchid

Feng Shui Orchid

Fresh flowers on Feng Shui not only give us positive emotions and elevate mood, they also improve the power house, create an atmosphere of good luck and happiness, ennobling interiors.One of these plants are favorable for a man in all respects, it is an exotic beauty orchid.

This exquisite flower used in feng shui to achieve inner harmony and reconciliation with himself, he has become a symbol of excellence in every area of ​​human life.Confucius, enchanted by the beauty of the wondrous plant, said that to enter the room with a lot of orchids is like to meet friendly people.In China, the orchid embody elegance, luxury and patronage.If

near you blooming orchids, you can escape from everyday problems and fill your life with spiritual content.Orchids will save you from depression, stimulate the creative process.Flowers dark red get rid of laziness and apathy.There is no better gift for your lover than an orchid as a symbol of love, beauty and sincerity.

grown in the home or office, it regulates the p

ower of people so that all the negativity is gone and people have learned to perceive the world not through reason, but through the experience.However, this flower is very delicate and sensitive, the atmosphere of hatred and animosity fatal to him.Where is constantly quarreling and hate each other, orchid can not live, she dies.

If you want to in a specific area of ​​your life you have been significant improvements, the plant in a flowerpot should be put in the right sector of the house:

  • if the north-west, then your relationships with business partners and friends is significantly improved,
  • if north, then your business will start to make a good income, career will be more successful
  • the east of Orchid help improve your health
  • in the southwest will return to its former passion relationship
  • in the southeast will bring good luck and success


orchid - tropical plant, so it is very important for a warm, humid climate.She just needs a lot of sunlight and a constant flow of fresh air (but not drafts).Orchid afraid of the cold, and take care of it quite difficult, this plant is not for the lazy.

However, there is a way out of any situation.You can easily hang the photo or image orchid framed in any suitable for you home sector.Just remember that the image of a flower is not desirable to place in the bedroom.The best place for this - your living room.

According to feng shui every shade of this wondrous creation of nature refers to something concrete.So, white orchid epitomizes clean, pristine love and femininity, mottled - energy, passion, and sometimes fatal love.Flower dark red color will benefit those who for too long considering a plan of action before proceeding to their actual implementation.There are other shades of orchids, you can choose at their discretion, given the state of your soul.

If you have never grown orchid, start with Phalaenopsis.This type of plant is best suited to the content in the home and with proper care blooms for at least 5 months a year.Since plants are epiphytes, i.e. under natural conditions it lives mainly on trees, it should be planted in a special substrate.

Pot to select an orchid and a transparent plastic, while the roots of the plants will not overheat in the sun and not prirastut to the walls of the pot.It must also be openings, because one of the conditions for the proper cultivation of orchids - good ventilation.

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