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The pressure during pregnancy

The pressure during pregnancy

Whenever a pregnant woman visits a gynecologist consultation, her blood pressure was measured.The measurement is performed substantially every two to three weeks, but the child-bearing is desirable to do daily.Why is this necessary?With this procedure, you can track stable readings, and if indicators high or too low, to take appropriate measures.Problems with blood pressure during pregnancy is a threat both for the woman and for her future baby.

normal pressure during pregnancy

When pregnancy rate of the pressure may be different.Indicators do not have to leave the framework of at least 90/60 or above 140/90.For the convenience of measurement can buy a modern electronic sphygmomanometer.This unit will be measured not only blood pressure, but also to measure the pulse.You should not use the obsolete model of the device, because if you do not know how to use them, you might do something wrong.

Low (low) pressure during pregnancy

Once a woman finds out she is pregnant, she immediately realizes that

she needs to provide everything necessary for the child to properly formed and developed.At the beginning of pregnancy due to pressure reduction can occur dizziness, headaches, nausea or fainting.

If a woman is before pregnancy suffered hypotension, she is still serious about nurturing your baby.But even the presence of hypotension is not a contraindication to pregnancy.And for women who have these illnesses have not previously suffered low blood pressure during the gestation of the child to the first trimester, it is becoming commonplace.To this effect a change in hormone levels.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy carries a great danger for the future of the child, since it is a violation of the normal circulation of placental blood flow.Thus, before the embryo does not reach the required amount of nutrients and oxygen, and this leads to an undeveloped fetus.This phenomenon is known as fetal hypoxia and may even lead to miscarriage.Also, the constant low pressure during childbearing may be accompanied rapid fatigue and drowsiness, and in some cases, because of this, there toxicosis.

How to raise the pressure during pregnancy?

To avoid such unpleasant and dangerous symptoms such as low blood pressure, a pregnant woman should properly plan their schedule and be sure to go for a healthy lifestyle.

for the treatment of low pressure is necessary to pay special attention to food, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy: pregnant women eat with hypotension must be very fractional way.This method involves the use of a food in small portions to 4 - 6 times a day, and the obligatory inclusion in the diet of foods high in protein.

the morning and in the afternoon you can make yourself strong black or green tea, and coffee, but try not to consume these drinks too often.It is necessary to ensure that all the conditions for a good sleep, which should last at least ten hours.Also it is necessary to make long walks in the fresh air, try not is a long time in stuffy rooms, hot tubs decision also good impact on your health and well-being.

under reduced pressure should be given a bit of time for physical training - it can be a yoga for pregnant women, swimming in the pool or the various gymnastic exercises.Especially useful for pregnant women during hypotension take a cold shower, contrast baths for arms and legs, and can resort to pouring cold.

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treatment reduced (low) pressure during pregnancy

under reduced pressure during pregnancy should be treated not only to a gynecologist, but also to a cardiologist.Specialist you will have to examine and conclude whether you need to use medicines or herbal remedies to normalize pressure.In any case, when a child-bearing possible better to avoid the use of any drugs.In some cases, treatment of women, which occurs during pregnancy, low blood pressure occurs in a hospital.

High (high) pressure during pregnancy

Each examination by a gynecologist is granted by the blood pressure can help the doctor identify you different kinds of deviations, and in case of a specialist of any concerns about your health - appropriate treatment, andthus prevent the development of complications for you or your unborn baby.

Blood pressure denoted as two numbers, for example: 110/80.The first digit (in this case 110) - shows us the systolic pressure and the second (which we equal to 80) - diastolic.High blood pressure during pregnancy is recognized when the first indicator rises above one hundred and forty.

pressure at beremennosti.jpg If you during gestation increased pressure, which means that your body is a narrowing of the vessel wall, and this in turn impedes the flow of essential substances to the child.Under the influence of these factors, the development of the fetus can be very slow.Another danger at high pressure is premature detachment of the placenta, and as a result, severe bleeding.

High blood pressure during pregnancy may be a harbinger of preeclampsia - a very dangerous condition of the woman.Where it occurs, still do not understand, but there are several theories about this.Some believe that pre-eclampsia - a reaction to the body's production of a very large substances expand or narrow blood vessels.

Of course, there are other reasons, such as the small number of women in the diet of foods containing protein.One thing we know for sure: pre-eclampsia requires special attention on the part of doctors.You can not understand that this is pre-eclampsia, if it will occur in a mild form, as the pressure increases not much about 140/90, and slightly swollen face and hands.If it will proceed in a more rigid form, then you will begin immediately severe headache, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, and disturbed vision.It should be treated immediately, otherwise preekmplasiya can move in a very dangerous disease - eclampsia.This disease is very threatening to the health of both mother and child, and it manifests itself in the form of seizures, and coma.

How to reduce the pressure in pregnancy?

to high blood pressure during pregnancy you visit often, you should regularly visit the doctor.If you during the childbearing observed uncharacteristic have high blood pressure, in order to relieve the pressure, the expert primarily advise you diet, the foundation which includes getting rid of fatty, salty and sugary foods.

But this is applicable only when a mild form of the disease.In other cases, the treatment will have to use medications.There are a number of drugs that stabilize the pressure, without causing any dangerous consequences for the pregnant woman and her unborn child.These medicines are - Papazol, dopegit, metoprolol, nifedipine.The choice of a drug that is right for you, and deal with your doctor-specialist, after a detailed review your situation.

If suddenly this complex medical treatment does not help, but only worsens the situation, you will need to go to hospital under constant supervision of doctors.Those skilled in the medical field will monitor your condition by continuously measuring blood pressure and protein in the urine, thereby will try to avoid potential complications.

Medicines pills (drugs) on the pressure for pregnant

When a mild increase in pressure can take the drug "Papazol", it is almost completely safe for the body.The deadline for these tablets should not be more than 10 days.During this period, it is recommended to brew myself valerian or motherwort.Gynecologists for lowering blood pressure generally recommend taking "dopegit."Not so often they prescribed to pregnant "Metoprolol" and "Egilok."If you want to planned treatment, then come to the aid of "Nifedipine."For better effect to these drugs generally are advised to attach diuretics.

Usually the list to determine the stage of your disease doctors include studies such as urinalysis and blood, blood pressure monitoring, electrocardiogram, ultrasound of the heart.In order to achieve a normal and stable pressure is necessary, first, to get rid of bad habits, and secondly, to balance your diet so that it consisted of as many fruits, vegetables, boiled meat, dairy products origin, containing a low percentage of fat.

In the diet should include spicy, fried, sweet, salty and smoked.And most importantly, strictly for yourself, remember that if you simple methods do not help, a medication can be accessed only after direct consultation with a physician.