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Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

Determination toxoplasmosis

Too many women during pregnancy is ill with toxoplasmosis.In general, the term of future mothers is a very big fright, though, in fact, they do not even realize it.Now we try to explain what is the disease really is and it is dangerous as people think about it.

Toxoplasmosis stands for "parasitic disease" - Toxoplasma (protozoa).Carriers of this disease are primarily dogs, have substantiated that these parasites in the body.Woman during pregnancy is only a temporary owner of these creatures.It follows that toxoplasmosis may be ill after contact with an infected animal.Less common, but still have the opportunity to catch, if you eat is not fully-cooked or roasted meat, badly washed fruit, vegetables or fruit.There are other ways to rare, but they are virtually impossible to protect themselves.

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The terrible toxoplasmosis during pregnancy?

There are many cases when a woman is before pregnancy endured this disease without

even knowing about it.If this happens, then it has formed an immunity to this infection.But if you are sick with toxoplasmosis for the first time, the risk of infection of the fetus will be the lowest - about 15% in the first trimester of pregnancy.In the second trimester, the risk will be doubled and will amount to 30%, and in the latter - will increase to 60%.Despite the fact that the percentage probability of infection of a fetus with each term increases, the severity of the disease will be reduced.To diagnose the disease can only be a doctor, conducted the necessary tests.

Here are a few tips to prevent toxoplasmosis:

  • before eating, wash your hands;

  • berries, fruits and vegetables thoroughly rinse;

  • try not to eat undercooked meat and underdone.

If your pet is a cat, you need to constantly monitor her toilet, try as often as possible to disinfect it or even just to wash.If it frequently goes out, then try to make your pregnancy with her communication to a minimum.

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analysis for toxoplasmosis during pregnancy (toxoplasmosis IgG)

In order to identify the doctor could have an infection, you have to be tested for toxoplasmosis.It is advisable to do so as soon as possible, better than before pregnancy or immediately after conception.

In today's medicine is well developed, so the surgical diagnosis of this disease can be cured without any consequences for your unborn baby.

To the doctor was able to see, there you have antibodies to toxoplasmosis, you will need to take a blood test.In this examination the expert will look at you in blood immunoglobulins belonging to the class IgM and IgG .. With them, he also finds out how long you have this infection.For more accurate results doctor will prescribe a blood test again in 2-3 weeks.

Norma toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

If you have a blood test found the bodies of class M, then it means that you will no doubt infected.This is due to the fact that the antibodies of this class appear only during prosperous infection.

If the survey were identified antibody classes G, then this result means that the next 10 years you've had toxoplasmosis.

good result for you will be the absence of antibodies of both classes.Although it is quite voidable fact: the absence of immunoglobulin class G says that the infection you have never been, and hence immunity to it has not been formed.In this case, you will be better warned to avoid contamination.

But the best news for you should be a situation where the doctor detects antibodies to Class G, since it would mean that the infection at the moment you are not afraid.

The worst option is to stay in the blood only immunoglobulin class M. This means that you have recently contracted the infection and you have to fight against this disease.

There are situations when a doctor discovers both antibodies together.This result is a consequence of the fact that you have an infection for about a year.In this case, the specialist will direct you to repeat the blood test.

Treatment of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

Naturally, when detecting infection in a pregnant woman will need to immediately begin her treatment.Proper treatment you will be able to appoint a doctor.

only thing better not to do - is to begin treatment of toxoplasmosis to 12-16 weeks of gestation, because medications can greatly affect the future development of the fetus.Moreover, in some cases, for the treatment of this disease are assigned antibiotics.To be treated as it is not necessary for those who have endured before pregnancy infection.

The most commonly used drugs for the treatment of toxoplasmosis is "Rovamycinum" (spiramycin).This drug is most easily compared with analogues tolerated during pregnancy.

alongside "Rovamycinum" is the drug "Fansidar", which is too often experts prescribe to their patients during the disease.This drug pyrimethamine to treat group.To avoid dysfunction of hematopoiesis in conjunction with this drug should be used as folic acid.For greater effect, your doctor may prescribe you immunomodulatory agents.

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